How to track iPad, iPhone data usage and save money

Track data usage iPhone

Both the iPhone and the latest 4G LTE iPads offer a wide array of applications that allow you to do most anything when you are outside of the home. From streaming live television using Slingbox to more mainstream uses such as checking email, browsing the web or surfing YouTube. All of these and many more have a direct impact on your data usage. It’s important to track your iPhone data usage where possible. Not only to prevent unwanted overage charges, but also to possibly downgrade your plan and save money. … [Read more...]

Guide to understanding iPhone status icons

status icons

There are a number of status icons on the iPhone, each of which provide information. This short overview will provide you with a guide to the common icons and some which are not as familiar. This list has been updated to include the latest icons used in iOS 8. For those running older operating systems, we've kept an archive of some older status icons. The cell signal icon displays your current cellular signal and the strength of the signal. Starting with iOS 7, Apple replaced bars with circles. You want to see more solid circles on this display, which means better service for making and receiving calls. If you are outside of the range of your wireless carrier, the circles are replaced with “No Service”. When airplane mode is … [Read more...]

How to use Reading List in Safari

Reading List Safari

Using the iPhone or the iPad, we often find ourselves in a constant state of feeling connected, with the ability to pull up a webpage in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s by using a locally available WiFi network or your carrier, it’s easy to access information from the Internet with just a few taps. However, there are times when you might find yourself in an area with spotty wireless coverage, no access to WiFi, or you might simply be too busy to read an article you’ve found on the Internet. Learn how to use Reading List in Safari and you will never find yourself without great content on your iOS device. … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Fix an iPhone App That Won’t Stop Crashing

fix crashing apps

If you're careful to only purchase reputable apps on the App Store (always get recommendations or check reviews), you usually won't run into any major problems. But every so often, be it due to an iOS update, an app update or just pure bad luck, you'll find yourself stuck with an app that keeps crashing. If you're lucky, it only crashes once in a while. If you're unlucky, you might not be able to open it. When this happens, many iOS users will simply leave a bad review and then delete it, but that's such a waste of money. Before you go to that extreme, consider a few simple steps that might clear up the problem. … [Read more...]

The ultimate guide to using emoji on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Emoji guide iPhone

Emoji has become such a vital part of our communications. The ability to send small images that help convey our emotions is an extremely powerful feature. Since 2011, Apple's iOS devices have provided native support for emoji. It's a fantastic feature, but often left unused. If you're new to emoji or an old pro, we've got you covered with the latest in Master Class series. Using our table of contents, you'll have quick access to answers to your most pressing questions. It's time to get your thumbs up icon ready. Read on for the ultimate guide to emoji on iPhone, iPad and Mac! What is emoji Emoji etiquette How to enable emoji on iPhone, iPad How to use emoji Best Third Party Emoji Apps How to use emoji on your … [Read more...]

Apple Schedules ‘Spring Forward’ Event on March 9th

Apple Spring Forward

Apple has sent out invites today for a March 9th event. The image on the invitation features a pastel colors behind an Apple logo. It reads 'Spring Forward' just below. With Apple previously promising an April launch for their Watch, it seems likely this event will provide more details and specifics regarding the release. As of now, all we know regarding pricing is that it will start at $349. There has been widespread speculation that prices could reach $10,000 or more for the Apple Watch Edition. … [Read more...]

Here’s to the crazy ones, who would buy a $10k Apple Watch

Apple Watch

There's been plenty of speculation regarding the pricing of the Apple Watch, specifically "Edition". It's the premium model that's available in six different options. The watch case on Edition models are crafted from 18-karat gold. Its display is covering is polished sapphire and there are an assortment of accompanying bands. When you look at some of the most prestigious watch-makers, these sort of materials often command prices that range well above $10,000. People drop what I'd deem an excessive amount of money of brands like Tag Heuer, Breitling and Rolex each and every day. They don't blink when it comes to purchasing what is a luxury item. You can buy a $20 Timex that tells time and a $20k Tag Heuer will do very much the same. When it … [Read more...]

The Best iPad and iPhone Apps for the Oscars

The Oscars

Whether it's a guilty pleasure or a genuine joy, many of us will be settling down on the sofa this Sunday to celebrate the victories and curse the losses of our favorite films. Though Boyhood seems like it might just have the big award sewn up, there's still plenty of room for surprises. If you want to be well-prepared for the 87th Annual Academy Awards, there's no need to settle for just the info you can find on the big screen. Just pull out your iPhone or iPad—you'll have access to all the trailers, history and prediction tools you could want. … [Read more...]

How to turn off those awful Facebook sounds on iPhone

Facebook turn off sounds

Every two weeks, Facebook pushes a new software update. Often these are bug fixes and what they term as improvements. The most recent release introduced a most unwelcome feature, sounds. Every navigation point now includes an audible reminder. More importantly, those in your immediate surroundings, are also privy to the soundtrack of your Facebook activity. Luckily, if you'd prefer to to turn off these sounds, it's easily done. How to turn off Facebook sounds 1. Open Facebook and tap on the 'More' menu. 2. Tap on Settings. 2. Select Sounds. Toggle in-app sounds to off. It's odd that Facebook has committed  to such a bizarre update schedule. Are these updates that vital? Are they improving things? I understand the … [Read more...]

Will the lack of groundbreaking health features impact the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch health

There's been a tremendous amount of fallout after the Wall Street Journal report that Apple scrapped much of its health monitoring features. Wait for the second generation. It's being rushed to market. It's missing a killer feature. These have been some of the reactions on blogs and social media. Are they warranted and does the lack of groundbreaking sensors and health features seriously impact the potential success or failure of the Apple Watch? The timing of this story, which cites unnamed sources, is curious. It's a story that lowers expectations for Apple's first generation wearable. If this was a message Apple wanted to send, the message was received, loud and clear. Prior to release, there had been a number of rumors, most … [Read more...]