Spring cleaning: How to hide apps on Apple TV

Apple TV homescreen

What had become a hobby for Apple, there has been an ever-growing interest in the set-top box, with an increasing number of adding channels that include SkyNews, HBO Go, Disney XD, Disney Junior and lesser known channels like KORTV and RedBull TV. With a 2-year old, I've got a great appreciation for those Disney channels, but little interest in Korean news provided by KORTV. Some folks have zero interest in Disney, so it all depends on what's important from your couch. While it's great to see Apple add new channels, it can make for an interface that can be unruly at times. At the end of the day, no one wants to scroll unnecessarily through a number of channels they never watch. Thankfully, Apple makes it relative easy to hide apps on Apple … [Read more...]

What the iPhone 6 might look like

iPhone 6

So far we've heard the iPhone 6 will feature a larger screen, with customers this fall having the option to select between models with either a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display. The news isn't terribly surprising given the Apple presentation slides from 2013 that were released as part of the recent Samsung/Apple trial. This basically pinpoint the high growth area as being phones with screens larger than 4.0-inches that are priced at $300. While you shouldn't expect Apple to give up their high margins, the move to a larger screen iPhone seems inevitable. When alledged schematics showed up in a Japanese Mac magazine last month, our friends at MacRumors commissioned a designer to create a rendering of what the iPhone 6 might look like and it … [Read more...]

Amazon Fire TV Review: Does it beat out the Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast?

Amazon Fire TV

You can add one more to crowded field of media streaming set-top boxes, with online retailer Amazon jumping into the fray with the new Amazon Fire TV. The battle for the living room continues to heat up with incredibly capable sub-$100 boxes that combine support for a large number of content channels, promising an easy-to-use device coupled with simple remotes and in some cases, gaming. Beyond the boxes, all of the major players have either their own stores or partner with providers, hoping you'll spend money renting or purchasing movies or TV shows. In the case of purchases, it's a lock-in to their platform, since content cannot be transferred between platforms. Amazon being one of the largest online retail stores, it's hardly surprising … [Read more...]

Amazon Instant Gets iOS 7 Makeover Treatment

Amazon Instant iOS 7

Amazon today released an update to Amazon Instant Video, the iOS app for streaming purchased or rented videos, in addition to content available free to Prime members. Version 2.5, available free, brings with it a new interface and icon. The update is now optimized for iOS 7 and has a new look in keeping with the design langauge of Apple's new operating system. The app also includes a number of bug fixes and stability improvements. … [Read more...]

Apple Internal Documents Show Customers Want Bigger iPhones

Customers big screen

The ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple has resulted in sharing of internal Apple documents that otherwise would never become public knowledge. The slides, provided by Re/Code via 9to5Mac, were from a presentation that looks to have taken place in April, 2013. The slides reinforce the persistant rumors that the iPhone 6 will come with bigger displays, possibly different models offering either a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display. … [Read more...]

How to setup parental controls on Apple TV

setup parental controls on apple tv

Like many families, our Apple TV is connected to our family room television, accessible to my wife and our daugther. It makes it easy to watch all sorts of free programming (with subscription) including HBO GO, Netflix, assorted Disney channels. If you own an Apple TV, then you know it's also connected to the iTunes Store, making it easy to purchase or rent movies or TV shows. In some cases, it's too easy. Easy for kids who might know how to search, find and buy a program. From personal experience, it's also easy for a toddler to grab the remote and within a few button presses, order a movie rental. As my 24-hour windows to watch a movie that I have no interest in watching concludes, I thought it might be a good idea to setup parental … [Read more...]

How to mirror your Mac to Apple TV using AirPlay

Enable Mirroring to Apple TV

The crowded field of media streamers got even more crowded with the addition of the Amazon Fire TV. While there are a number of good options for streaming media, the Apple TV remains the one that works incredibly well within the Apple ecosystem. One of the many cool things you can do is to mirror the the display on your Mac to Apple TV, letting you wirelessly connect and use your HDTV as a display. While it's not practical for everyday use, there are certainly instances where this can be a useful feature. The Apple TV can serve as full-proof accessory when you need to make a big presentation. And when I say big, I mean 60-inch HDTV big. Here's how to mirror your Mac to Apple TV using AirPlay. … [Read more...]