iBooks App Updated for iOS 7

iBooks for iOS 7

Apple has released a major update to their iBooks app for iPhone and iPad. The new version available now in the App Store features a completely redesigned look and feel, more in keeping with the design style of iOS 7. From the minimal changelog, it appears little else has changed when it comes to new features. You can download iBooks (free) from the App Store. … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger Updated for iOS 7

Facebook Messenger

Released today, the new Facebook Messenger app is out and offers a completely new iOS 7 design. The redesign is impressive, vivid blue icon and all. The new update allows users to message people in your contacts. Previously, Facebook Messenger would only work with your Facebook friends. Using the new Messenger, you can add new contacts by entering their phone number. So how does this all work? People can add you as a contact if they already have your phone number, but only friends can see this number on Facebook. When you launch the new app, you'll be asked if you would like to 'Text Anyone in Your Phone'. At that point, you can opt to have your contacts continuously synced, so that you can see who else is on Messenger. If you see a … [Read more...]

Retina iPad mini Unboxing Video, Photo Gallery and First Impressions

retina ipad mini unboxing

In what's been a wild day, Apple proved they are still capable of surprises, releasing the retina iPad mini last night. Initially available for purchase online only, the option for personal pickup started to become a reality sometime around mid-day, forcing many into a scramble in the mad dash to acquire a launch day retina iPad mini. I was caught up in that dash, traveling to the 5th Avenue store in NYC to pick-up a 16GB iPad mini. As you'll see in the unboxing video, my first impressions were that it is very much like the first generation iPad mini. It's thin, light and can easily be held with one hand. Comparing directly to the first generation iPad mini, the addition of retina adds an ever so slight amount of weight. It weighs … [Read more...]

Target Offering $100 Gift Card With iPad Air Purchase on Black Friday

Target iPad Air Black Friday deal

We're still weeks away from Black Friday, but that has not stopped some retailers from providing previews of their upcoming sales. Target, fresh off their stupendous iPad trade-in offer, will offer customers a $100 Gift Card when you buy any full-size iPad. This offer includes both the iPad Air and iPad 2. If stock is available of the iPad mini with retina, that might be eligible, but we've yet to see clarification on either availability or whether Target will offer any incentive. Judging by Apple's sudden retina iPad mini launch today, it doesn't appear likely that retailers will have any significant levels of stock. This could also be the reasoning behind its absence from the circular. … [Read more...]

Limited Apple Stores Show iPad Mini Retina Personal Pickup for Today

iPad mini personal pickup

Apple's online store is now showing today as an option for personal pickup, but availability seems to be limited by your location. There are several locations in the NY area that now show an option to order and pickup today. We've also seen a few reports of customers ordering and picking up their retina iPad mini today. In what was a bit of a surprise, Apple announced the iPad mini with retina would be available today. Orders have been limited to online purchases only, but Apple did mention that personal pickup would be an option. Nothing about today's announcement is normal, so the fact that some stores have these today is in keeping with what has been a bizarre product launch. If you want to grab an retina iPad mini today, use … [Read more...]

Retina iPad Mini Available For Sale From Apple Store Online

retina iPad mini

In a surprising move, with little fan-fare, Apple last night put the retina iPad mini for sale at 12:00 PST, 2:00 EST. While these are standard release times for a new Apple product, this release is everything but normal. Late last night, Macrumors reported that a screenshot from Apple service support site indicated a November 12th release in a number of countries including Australia, where it was already the 12th and nothing was updated. At around midnight eastern time, the Apple Store went down, coming up a few hours later with the iPad mini for sale. The retina iPad mini shows shipping times of 1-3 days for the WiFi-only models. Cellular + WiFi models ship in 5-10 days. Apple has issued a press release regarding availability of … [Read more...]

Tweetbot 3 Updated, Brings With It Resize Text & List As Timeline

Tweetbot 3.1

A welcome and quite frankly, speedy release to Tweetbot is out today from Tapbots and addresses a number of what amount to minor complaints. Address most of them and you have version 3.1 of Tweetbots, available as an update from the App Store. At the top of the list has to be the ability to resize text. For many, this allows you to reduce the size of the typeface in your timeline and maximizing your real estate. The previous version required you make adjustments to the size of typeface globally, within your iOS 7 settings. You no longer have to disrupt your global settings to change the size of text. Within Tweetbot 3.1, navigate to Settings > Display to set your preferred size. … [Read more...]

Twitterrific 5 Updated, Offers New Layout For User Profiles

Twitterrific 5 update

Twitterrific 5, one of the premier Twitter apps for iPhone and iPad, has been updated to include a new layout for user profiles. Also included in this release is a new pull-to-refresh animation. If you tap on a profile banner, from within a user profile, you can view as a pop-up image. When you view an image either in timeline or a user profile, swiping up now dismisses the image. For most of you, you'll use this feature in the timeline. It's quick and no-nonsense and allows you to get back to the business of reading your tweets. … [Read more...]

Apple Reportedly Testing Curved iPhone Screens, Enhanced Sensors

curved iphone screens

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is testing several new iPhone designs, some of which employ a curved screen. The displays being tested are also said to have enhanced sensors that can detect different levels of pressure. The new iPhone prototypes are also said to include bigger screens, which we have heard on more than one occasion. … [Read more...]

Google Drive for iPhone and iPad Updated, Supports Multiple Accounts

google drive update

Google today announced an update to their Google Drive for iPhone and iPad app. The release offers a number of key features, most notably the added support for multiple accounts. If you have one for work and one for home, both are not easily accessible from within the Google Drive app. Users can switch between them without having to sign out. Also part of this release is an option to print your documents. You can select between either Google Cloud Print or Apple's AirPrint, the latter requires you have an AirPrint compatible printer. … [Read more...]