iOS 8 May Bring Minor Changes To Notification Center, Messages, Removal of Game Center


While still months away from even a beta release, sources have told 9to5Mac that Apple is reportedly considering making a few minor changes to Notification Center and the Messages application in iOS 8.  A number of reports this week from Mark Gurman tip us on possible new apps in iOS 8, which include Healthbook, Preview, Text Edit and moving iTunes Radio to a standalone app. The stock app creep is increasing, but users may get some relief with the removal of the Game Center app. These changes are still under consideration, meaning it's not a sure thing. … [Read more...]

Plex for iOS Adds Support for Chromecast, Music Shuffle and Camera Upload

Plex Chromecast

The developers of Plex, our favorite media manager and playback software, have announced a significant update to their iOS app. Version 3.4 of Plex for iOS, available now in the App Store, now includes Chromecast support, at no additional charge. This extends the usefulness of Google's inexpensive media streamer, allowing users to stream photos, music and videos to their Chromecast.The new version also supports content mirroring, so you can display the media details. Plex libraries do a fantastic job of pulling all the metadata from online sources including movie poster art, snippets detailing the overall plot along with actors and directors. For more on this, be sure to check out our guide on creating the ultimate Mac mini HTPC, … [Read more...]

iOS 8 Screenshots Leak, Provide Glimpse At New Preview, Text Edit and Healthbook Icons

iOS 8 screenshots

Screenshots from iOS 8 have reportedly leaked on a Weibo account, with sources telling 9toMac that they are indeed actual images. They provide us with a first look at a few new apps and their respective icons. The heavily rumored Healthbook icon takes its design cues from Apple's Passbook icon. The three individual icons representing some of the capabilities of Apple's new health monitoring app, which may interact with their move into wearable devices.A new Tips app is a relative unknown, but you can safely expect this to be some sort of app-based user guide providing owners with assorted iPhone and iPad tips. Now that we're officially starting to move into the next big software update from Apple, we've opened up the new iOS 8 … [Read more...]

The iOS 7.1 Shift Key Couldn’t Be More Confusing

Shift key iOS 7.1

If you've recently updated to iOS 7.1, you may have found yourself doing a double-take or three or four when brushing up against the shift key in iOS 7.1. By default, the iOS 7.1 shift key ( represented by an up arrow) is white set against a gray background. From a UI perspective, one would think it would be the same as every other key, black set against a white key.When you first encounter the shift key, it looks as if it's on. That would be the assumption most right-minded individuals. Tap on it once and the arrow is black, set against white. Caps lock, achieved by a double-tap, retains the same colors, but is recognizable by the familiar line under the arrow. If this sounds backwards, you are not alone in your thinking. It's even … [Read more...]

Apple Changes iPhone Return Policy from 30 to 14 Days

How to return an iPad

Apple's policy for iPhones has up until now, allowed customers to return an iPhone within 30 days of purchase, but that is about to change to 14 days. Customers who purchased an iPhone from either the Apple Store online or a retail location, were able to return their iPhones for any reason, up to a month without a restocking fee. While customers would be responsible for any carrier related charges, they would recieve a full refund on their iPhone purchase. The only real stipulation was that the iPhone was not damaged and was being returned with all of the cords, adapters and documentation. This still holds true, but the window for returns will now be limited to 14 days. … [Read more...]

iTunes Radio Might Become Standalone App in iOS 8

iTunes Radio

Apple is reportedly looking into a dedicated, standlone iTunes Radio app, in an effort to increase awareness and usage of the fledgling streaming radio service aimed at Pandora and others. Introduced as part of iOS 7, iTunes Radio is somewhat hidden within the stock Music app, despite occupying one of the first tab. Sources have told 9tot5Mac's Mark Gurman that a dedicated iTunes Radio app is being tested in iOS 8. Apple has a vested interest in growing an audience for iTunes Radio, as it would result in greater ad revenue. iTunes Radio is ad-supported, provided users don't subscribed to iTunes Match. … [Read more...]

How to use manual control to make Siri faster and more accurate


One of the smaller features in iOS 7.1 is the ability to manually control when Siri listens. In previous versions of iOS, you would press and hold the home button to summon Siri. Once you hear the familiar chime, you'd let go of the home button and speak your request. What followed was either a quick recognition that you were finished with your request or a slight delay, which could result in extraneous sounds muddling your question. Sure you can edit your Siri questions, but in many ways, that defeats the purpose of a voice activated assistant. So in iOS 7.1, Apple has introduced manual control, which should help make for faster and more accurate voice recognition, improving your chances of getting an accurate answer from Siri. … [Read more...]

How to add iOS 6 buttons in iOS 7.1

Button shapes iOS 7.1

A new features in iOS 7.1 allows you to modify the user interface of your entire phone, bringing back iOS 6-like buttons in Apple's new operating system. When Apple released iOS 7, there were mixed responses to the new clean and positively stark interface. The abundance of white space coupled with a new text-based UI made it difficult to distinguish between navigation elements and on-screen content. With the release of iOS 7.1, Apple now offers an option to set a background to the text elements, which creates buttons in most of your apps, including third party applications.Apple has once again relied on the 'Accessibility' settings to provide users with a way to customize the UI of iOS 7. You'll want to navigate to Settings > General > … [Read more...]