Bizarre Australian Hack Has iPhone Users Held Hostage

Oleg Piss

There are reports throughout Australia of iOS and Mac owners who have received a message through Find My iPhone that their devices were hacked and are instructed to pay $50 to unlock it. The message is being sent through the "Lost iPhone" feature in Find My iPhone. Owners are seeing the following message, "Device hacked by Oleg Pliss. For unlock device". The owners are instructed to may a PayPal payment to have their devices unlocked. … [Read more...]

Report: Apple To Debut Smart Home Platform At WWDC

Vera Lite z-wave

Apple is planning to unveil a platform at WWDC next wee that would make a big move into home automation, according to a new report from the Financial Times. iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, would effectively be the controllers for smart home automation. The platform would be built into iOS and not require multiple third party apps. While the focus of late has been on iOS in the Car, this would effectively mean iOS in the Home. It would allow for control of lights, security systems and connected appliances using the iPhone, iPad and at some point, the Apple TV. … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Bounden, Uncanny X-Men, Elevate and more!

Apps of the week

It's Memorial Day Weekend in the US, which means an extra day off to take advantage of some of the great new apps in the App Store. This week, we'll try to stay focused, dance like Mila Kunis in Black Swan and bring out the claws when it's time to get our game on. So fire up the BBQ, enjoy a cold one on me and check out the the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week for May 24th, 2014. … [Read more...]

Best Alternative Browser Apps for iPhone and iPad

Alternative browsers to Safari

Apple's iOS ships with Safari, which is an excellent browser that renders webpages fast and generally provides for a good web surfing experience. It's bolstered by tie-ins with Apple's iCloud, making it easy to sync bookmarks between your computer and iPhone or iPad. The core of any good app is reliability and Apple's Safari web browser has had bouts with instability since release of iOS 7. While recent updates have improved things and that's expected to continue with iOS 8, it has left some folks looking at their options. Here's a look at the best alternative browser apps for iPhone and iPad. … [Read more...]

Apple Responds To iMessage Flap Promising Future Software Fix


Following a number of online complaints and the filing of a class action lawsuit, Apple has commented on customer concerns over not receiving text messages when switching to phones, other than the iPhone. The problem presents itself when a user decides to leave the iPhone and disable iMessage. Despite taking the proper steps to disable iMessage, customers often find themselves unable to receive text messages from users with iPhones. The issue has been perculating for years, with Apple's customer support offering a myriad of fixes that have mixed results. A recent server glitch accentuated the problem for some users. An Apple support document notes a 45-day waiting period for a phone number to be completely deactivated by the iMessage … [Read more...]

How to use Siri to find, view, update or take notes on iPhone

Siri take notes iPhone

If you've used Apple's Notes app or just getting started using notes, you'll quickly realize the immense utility in what is a basic app. Notes can help keep you organized, productive and lets you access information when you need it most. On the go using your iPhone, on the couch with your iPad or on your laptop, Notes are always at your fingertips. With Siri, they can also be at your beckoned call. Here's how to use Siri to find, view, read, update or take notes on iPhone. … [Read more...]

Facebook Will Listen For TV, Music and Update Your Status With Content Previews, Links

Facebook TV Music

Facebook is about to get some serious Shazam functionality built-in to their mobile apps. An update to Facebook for iOS will let users enable a new listening mode. Now when you got to post a status update, a visualizer will let you know that Facebook is commandeering the microphone on your device to listen for TV and music. When it can identify content, it will tag the content in your news feed. Ulitimately, you do remain in control and can choose not to share it. Your friends can listen to a preview of the tagged music or click on a link to a page for the TV show. The new features will be part of updates coming to both iOS and Android. … [Read more...]

Apple Confirms Date, Time For 2014 WWDC Keynote, Releases Update To Companion App

WWDC 2014

Apple today released the 2014 update to their companion app for the yearly WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) taking place in San Francisco starting on June 2nd. Version 2.0 of the 2014 WWDC app reveals 10:00 am PST as the time for the all important keynote, currently scheduled for two hours. Apple is likely to introduce iOS 8 and Mac OS 10.10, with some suggesting the desktop software will see increased exposure during the introductory event. … [Read more...]

Basics: How to use Notes app on iPhone and iPad

How to use Notes app iPhone

A simple, yet extremely useful stock application that ships with every iPhone or iPad is the Notes app. It's a useful app for keeping recipes, information you might want to 'jot down', while students may use it for homework assignments. Its application is broad, a notebook for all of your thoughts that can easily backup and access on your computer. Say goodbye to pen and paper. Here's everything you need to know about how to get starting using the Notes app on iPhone and iPad. … [Read more...]