How to setup Touch ID on iPhone or iPad

Setup Touch ID on iPhone 5s

Available on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and the new iPads, Touch ID offers an easy way to secure your iPhone or iPad without the cumbersome process of having to enter a passcode for access. Setup still requires you select a passcode, should you need to use services like Find My iPhone or need to restore your iPhone. In addition to fast, easy and secure access, Touch ID can also be used to purchase apps from the App Store. This might very well be the killer feature on the iPhone 5s, but all too often, I come across friends and family who haven't had much success with it. I attribute it to an incorrect setup, a change in how you typically access your iPhone or both. If you've had trouble setting up your fingerprints or experienced middling … [Read more...]

Apple’s iPad Pricing Reflects Confidence In Products, Customers Willingness To Pay Premiums

Big iPad

Apple's 2013 special event has come and gone, with no real surprises when it comes to iPad hardware. As expected, the focus was bringing the full-sized iPad front and center. The new slimmed down version gets a new name, the iPad Air, in hopes that customers won't immediately dismiss it in favor of the iPad mini. The iPad Air is now closer in weight to the iPad mini than with the iPad 4. Apple had to make big moves with the 9.7-inch iPad or risk it moving further into obscurity. As these events unfold, the focus is almost always on how Apple improved upon the previous generation, be it the iPad or iPad mini. The other major headlines coming out the Yerba Buena Center was the assault on paid software, with iLife and iWork apps now being … [Read more...]

Great Expectations: Looking Forward to the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

iPad mini 2

Nearly one year to the date (last year's event took place on October 23rd), Apple's next big event takes place tomorrow, where the focus once again be on the iPad. It's the time of year where rumors are confirmed or smashed and dreams of next generation technology becomes reality. The invite reads, 'We still have a lot to cover.' While last month's event was all about the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7, this event is expected to reach well beyond iOS devices. Based on everything we've heard, here's what you can expect from tomorrow's event with respect to new iPads. … [Read more...]

Cameo Makes It Easy To Create Awesome Film-Quality Videos on iPhone

Cameo Video

If you've always wanted to create cool short videos on your iPhone, but shied away thinking the hurdles of editing were to big to overcome, Cameo might be the app for you. The free app is reminiscent of Vine or better yet HTC Zoe, but without the still images. Using Cameo, I made a short film about my love of coffee. While the results won't yield any Oscar nominations, it left me impressed with Cameo. I've been able to take a group of short video clips, add wonderful film effects, a title and background music, all in a matter of minutes. When you first launch Cameo, there is a quick sign up process that can be handled with or without Facebook. Once signed up, you'll see a feed of the most popular videos. It has a very Instagram vibe, … [Read more...]

Perfect Weather and Weather Line: Apps That Shine Brightly In iOS 7

Perfect Weather iOS 7

If you have an affinity for gorgeous looking weather apps, there are two new iPhone apps that have been designed specifically for iOS 7. Despite the incredibly large number of apps in this category, these developers have shown that new ideas still rule the App Store and there are opportunities, even in categories that are brimming with apps. Perfect Weather from Contrast and Weather Line from Ryan Jones both excel in providing fresh takes on how you can view your weather, while proving that information-heavy apps can be beautiful. Perfect Weather From the development team behind popular apps like Launch Center Pro and Timer, Perfect Weather strikes a perfect balance between helpful information and design. Perfect Weather uses a tabbed … [Read more...]

Spigen SGP Saturn Case Review: Near Perfect Companion for Gold iPhone


The introduction and subsequent release of the iPhone 5s has seen a renewed interest in all things gold, including cases and accessories. If you managed to secure a gold iPhone 5s, the natural inclination is to find a case that looks good with it. For those with an iPhone 5 and suffering from a bit of gold envy, cases can be a great way to infuse a bit of life or color into an older phone. Looking to capitalize on the gold rush is Spigen/SGP, who have announced all new cases, many of which are available in a champagne gold. I took a look at the Spigen/SGP Saturn case for iPhone 5s to see how it paired with the gold iPhone 5s. Read on for our full review to see if  it's a perfect companion? … [Read more...]

7 on iOS 7: iPhone Tips For Seniors

iOS 7 tips seniors

Having parents that are seniors, I certainly understand the frustrations of technology from their perspective. It's only been in the past few years that they realized the need for a cellphone, let alone an iPhone. Times are changing. More and more seniors are seeing the benefits of technology. I credit the iPad, which often can serve as a replacement for an aging PC or Mac. This helps make for a natural transition for seniors from a cellphone to an iPhone. Everything pretty much works the same way and it can make calls. Many seniors have found a comfort zone with iOS. The major changes in iOS 7 can be a bit disconcerting.  Here are a few iPhone tips for seniors to help you reclaim that comfort zone with iOS 7. … [Read more...]

7 on iOS 7: Music App Tips and Tricks

iOS 7 Music app tips

There are hundreds of new features in iOS 7, not to mention the entirely new interface. We dug deeper into the Music app to see what’s new, what’s improved and how you can get more from your browsing experience. It’s our iOS 7 Music app tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, part of our ongoing 7 on iOS 7 series. 1. Rate Your Songs In iOS 6, the process of rating songs was cumbersome. If you were in now playing, you'd have to click to list view in order to rate a track. Apple has made this infinitely easier in iOS 7. When in now playing, tap on either the artwork or track name and the star fields will come up just above the playback controls. If you are looking to cut down the amount of storage you use on your iPhone, ratings when … [Read more...]

How to use AirDrop on iOS

How to use AirDrop on iOS 7

One of the many new features available in iOS is AirDrop, a remarkably easy and fast way to share content with friends, family and co-workers. For many households or in the workplace, transferring photos, videos or other content can be a lesson in frustration. Email, iMessage and Dropbox are all viable ways to move content between iPhones. These methods can be incredibly inefficient, take too much time and might present challenges for those in our house who are less tech savvy. Apple has made transferring files easy through the magic of Bluetooth and WiFi. Here's how to use AirDrop on iOS. … [Read more...]

How to make FaceTime audio calls in iOS 7

FaceTime audio call iOS 7

For some users, the idea of making a video call using FaceTime or Skype is not a particularly welcome one. Most everyone loves video, but not everyone likes to see themselves on video. Newer iPhones have high quality FaceTime cameras, but the angle never seems to be incredibly flattering. Since it's free (with a data connection), to date it has been a serviceable alternative to using your minutes. But what about those of use who aren't fans of video chat? Good news awaits you in iOS 7. We'll show you how to make FaceTime audio calls in iOS 7 and set it to be your default option in favorites. … [Read more...]