Physical Mold Provides Best Look Yet At Alleged iPhone 6 Design

iPhone 6 design

The alleged schematics of the iPhone 6 which surfaced last month have resulted in plenty of speculation regarding Apple's next generation device. We've seen these schematics being used by accessory makers to create early iPhone 6 cases. Using those, designers have created some amazing renders and the cases seem to suggest the newest iPhone could model itself after the iPod touch. Excessively thin and a move to rounded edges and rectangular volume buttons. The cases were manufactured using a physical mold, based on those schematics and these new images give us a first look at the mold. … [Read more...]

iWatch Reportedly In Limited Production For Late 2014 Release


The first half of 2014 has seen little in the way of new products from Apple. Today's introduction of a slightly bumped up MacBook Air and new price cuts aside, not much has come out of Cupertino. Despite many rumors that Apple is looking to make an active play in the wearables market, we've yet to see any parts leaks nor specifics regarding the rumored iWatch. According to the China Times, production of the iWatch has started, but in small quantities. The wearables market has seen a surge in new products. Samsung has already moved to their second generation smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. Their smartwatch is joined by the Gear Fit, which was designed for folks with active lifestyles. Motorola is also making a big play with Moto 360, … [Read more...]

Stolen and Lost iPhones Continue To Flood eBay Despite iCloud Lock

iPhone iCloud lock

Despite Apple's persistent efforts to curtail incentives for stealing iOS devices, there continues to be a steady stream of iPhones making their way to eBay. These devices have likely been lost or stolen. When Apple introduced iOS 7, they added a much sought after feature to the Find My iPhone service. iPhones and any iOS device that supported iOS 7 could now render a lost or stolen device useless, provided Find My iPhone was enabled. With used iPhones being sold at premiums, they had become attractive targets for thieves. In previous versions of iOS, an iPhone could be restored to its factory default state, making it easy to find a buyer. Despite changes in iOS 7, online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist continue to allow sales of … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Camera To See Shift To Software Based Image Stabilization Says Analyst

iPhone 5s camera

As Apple prepares to deliver the new iPhone 6 later this year, recent schematics and ensuing case leaks have caused questions about how the company will handle the camera. As we saw in yesterday's video, moving to a iPod touch inspired thin design for the iPhone 6 would offer Apple one of two options for the camera. They could choose to have the camera protrude from the device or make it flush. From the a design perspective, it would be a first to have camera that isn't flush. If they went in that direction, they would be betting on customers accepting the tradeoff in return for an ultra-thin device. According to Sun Chang Xu, chief analyst at ESM-China, the iPhone 6 will feature a camera that is flush with the body, this according to … [Read more...]

How to delete all photos from iPhone

Select Moments

One of the biggest offenders when it comes to storage space can be your photos and videos. A 16GB iPhone 5s can easily bump up against your storage limits. It can be frustrating not being able to download a new app, software update or even take new videos. While managing storage on your iPhone is often handled best when connecting to iTunes, there are times when you need to tackle problems while on the go. Here's how to delete all photos from iPhone, when you can't get to iTunes. … [Read more...]

Video Shows How iPhone 6 Might Be As Thin As iPod touch

iPhone 6 render

In previous weeks, we've seen case manufacturers who created iPhone 6 cases that were based off alledged schematics which surfaced in March. The schematics were published in a Japanese Mac magazine and if to be believed, the iPhone 6 will be wicked thin. Just how thin? Unbox Therapy was able to secure the case and upon further inspection, it reveals striking similarities to the thinness of the 5th generation iPod touch. If you want an idea of thin Apple will make the iPhone 6, check out the iPod touch at your local Apple Store. … [Read more...]

Apple Has Four Times As Many Credit Cards On File Compared To Amazon

iTunes credit cards on account

You can purchase books, movies, TV shows and apps in the iTunes Store. Amazon offers that and more, offering up everything from electronics to household items. Physical goods that with a Prime membership, get shipped to your home for free in less than two days. It's for this reason that today's chart du jour showing how many credit cards are on file at the respective stores is surprising. … [Read more...]

Comixology Refuses To Give Apple A Cut Of Profits, Drops Support For In-App Purchases


Comixology, the preferred app for comic book fans, are no longer allowing comic book purchases through their iOS app. The move comes on the heels of being acquired by Amazon and is clearly a move to avoid paying Apple a percentage of profits. Comixology released a new app yesterday, which acts as a reader. Users can sync comics purchased elsewhere, but can no longer buy comics through the app. The old app is being retired. The change in policy isn't specific to iOS. Android users will wake up today in a similar situation. No longer can they purchase comics through Google Play. … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Leo’s Fortune, Up Next, Wayward Souls and more!

Apps of the week

Welcome to another edition of the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week. It was a particularly strong week for game titles, flanked by an attractive new productivity app. This week we help Leo find his fortune, get a ride with Lyft, keep track of what's next on our to-do list and take on some epic battles. It is time for the Apps of the Week, for the week ending April 26th, 2014. … [Read more...]

How to disable iMessage when switching to Android

Read receipts iMessage

If you are an iPhone user that has decided to switch to Android, the transition can be an exercise in frustration if you have used Apple's iMessage service. Heck, sometimes iOS users have a love–hate relationship with Apple's SMS replacement. And herein lies the problem, iMessage essentially takes over the role of sending and recieving SMS messages. If you are on a limited texting plan, this makes for a great feature, since it does not count as a text. As long as you have unlimited data, you're good. For those who decide to test the waters with another platform, it's not that easy to break free from the clutches of iMessage. As a result, the first experience for folks switching from iPhone to Android has not been stellar. Imagine moving to … [Read more...]