How to disable lock screen notifications and today view on iPhone

iPhone lock screen notifications

Apple's Notification Center is plenty useful, allowing for both app alerts and a today view that can include the date, weather, calendar events, stocks, reminders and more. It can include everything, but the kitchen sink, which may come in iOS 8. Having that information accessible can be advantageous. By default, the Notification Center can be accessed when your iPhone is locked or unlocked. In some cases, this presents a privacy problem. Without unlocking an iPhone, someone can swipe down from the lock screen, revealing personal information. For example, someone could view text messages, previews of emails (as shown below) and more. Here's how to disable lock screen notifications and today view on iPhone. … [Read more...]

Sonos Controller for iOS Gets Major Design Overhaul, New Features

Sonos iOS app

The Sonos Controller app that accompanies the superb wireless speaker and audio component system has received a massive design update, in addition to a host of new features. Version 5.0 is now live in the App Store and gives Sonos a much needed UI update that it so desperately needed. The rather extensive changelog is available after the break. … [Read more...]

Split-Screen Multitasking Reportedly Coming to iPad in iOS 8

Apple is reportedly looking to increase the functionality in iOS 8 for iPad users, allowing split-screen multitasking. Sources speaking to Mark Gurman say that iOS 8 will let you run two apps at once, interacting with both. This would be a major departure from the current operating system across all devices, which limits users to a single, full-view. The move would bring a new feature to iPads, but one that we've seen before on Microsoft's Surface. They have positioned the Surface as a productivity tool, aiming to garner attention for enterprise-level functionality, making tablet computing more competitive either a laptop or desktop. If you need to manage simultaenous tasks, being able to work in both without using Apple's current … [Read more...]

Formal Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Executive Announcements May Happen At WWDC

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine

Apple has yet to announce the aquisition of Beats Electronics, which has been widely rumored since Thursday and first reported by The Financial Times. A supposed confirmation from Dr. Dre appeared on Tyrese Gibson's Facebook page, since removed, which has done little to quell continued stories of the aquisition. If Apple does finalize the $3.2 billion dollar buyout of Beats, co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are reportedly going to members of Apple's executive team. The tandem would work on Apple's relationship with publishers and Apple's overarching music strategy. According to Billboard, Apple may use the WWDC event on June 2nd to introduce its newest executives. … [Read more...]

Twitter Now Lets You Mute People, Updates iPad App With New Features

It has been a busy day for Twitter, introducing a new 'mute' option and an update to the iOS app that bundles in a number of new features for iPad users. The big news here is clearly the mute feature, something which had been available, but on third-party apps.  The mute feature has now incorporated within Twitter, with options to mute from desktop, iOS and Android apps. When you mute someone, you completely remove them from your timeline. Here's the official description from Twitter. … [Read more...]

How to remove stocks, weather and customize iPhone notification center

Remove stocks iPhone Notification Center

The Notification Center in iOS 7 presented a new way to show important information in a new 'Today' view. With a single swipe down gesture, you can easily access the date, weather, reminders, stocks and calendar events. This is in addition to all of your notifications. When you rely on your iPhone to provide you with information that matters to you, the default settings in iOS 7 can result in information overload. You can remove weather and stocks from the notification center on iPhone and customize the settings to create the ultimate iPhone Notification Center, personalized just for you. … [Read more...]

How to turn on LED flash notifications on iPhone

LED flash notification on iPhone

In addition to sounds, vibrations, banners and alerts, there is yet another way to ensure you get notified when you miss an important call or text. There are times when sound or standard alerts are just not sufficient enough. Luckily, there are options. One of the hidden features in iOS is the capability to use the camera flash on your iPhone as an alert. If you turn on LED flash notifications, you'll be notified by the flash on your iPhones camera continuously blinking. While auditory alerts aren't enough, visual alerts are great options. … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Cinamatic, Noisli, 2-Bit Cowboy and more!

Apps of the week

Spring is in full swing with a plethora of amazing new apps hitting the App Store. Two well known developers, Adobe and Hipstamatic, show us new ways to edit and create amazing videos. And Then It Rained could be a title for the last week's weather in New York and it's also a cool new game, one that contrasts with the equally cool Nintendo Gameboy-inspired 2-bit Cowboy. When it's time to wind down from video editing and game play, Noisli brings soothing sounds to your iPhone. Those are just a few of the apps featured in this week's edition of the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week, for the week ending May 10th, 2014. … [Read more...]

Apple Stores Kick Off iPhone Upgrade Event

iPhone event

As reported earlier this week, Apple is indeed kicking off an iPhone upgrade event at their stores. Aimed at getting current owners to upgrade to an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, they are looking to target customers who are eligibile for an upgrade. The relatively new trade-in program is also being used to lure consumers who are looking for the convenience and savings associated with walking in with an old iPhone and leaving with a new one. Apple has not been known to offer the highest dollar amount for used iPhones, instead offering convenience of one-stop shopping. However, 9to5Mac sources indicate that staff at Apple's retail stores have been instructed to increase trade-in values to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s users who are interested in … [Read more...]