Flappy Bird Is Coming Back To App Store, But Not Anytime Soon

Flappy Bird

The well chronicled self-imposed removal of Flappy Bird from the App Store by the game's developer created a fervor for all things flappy. There have been a ton of flappy themed clones, enough to where Apple started rejected games with 'flappy' in the title. For an app that had secured the top spot in the App Store, the decision to remove it from the App Store resulted in all sorts of conspiracy theories. There was a tremendous amount of speculations, with some suggesting that it was all a big marketing ploy or that a lawsuit from Nintendo was behind the developer's decision. How else can someone explain a decision to remove an app that was riding high in the App Store, helping to bring in upwards of $50k in advertising per day? A recent … [Read more...]

Google Introduces Android Wear, Shows Preview of Google Smart Watch

Android wear

Google today announced Android Wear, their software for extending the Android operating system to wearables and specifically smart watches. This project is aimed at helping developers bring software application to wearables. The preview videos showcase how the upcoming software would look and perform on watches. The smartwatch demonstrations show capabilities like sending/recieving SMS messages, music controls and bringing Google Now functionality to your wrist.Source: Google … [Read more...]

Sonos Teases New Controller App for iPhone and iPad

Sonos iOS 7 update

Talk to most Sonos owners and they will chew your ear off about the sonic quality and ease of use of systems that can fill your house with music. Despite an amazing array of hardware and software that works, the design of their apps have lagged behind today's operating systems. Apple's iOS 7 has been out for almost six months, making the current Sonos app for iOS look positively dated. Even in iOS 6, the UI design of the app was never a head turner. It now appears the weak link in the Sonos system is about to get a major refresh. Sonos is showing off a sleek new interface on their website, a preview of what owners can expect in the not so distant future.  Much of the same functionality is retained, but there are … [Read more...]

Apple Re-releases iPad 4 With Retina Display from $399

iPad 4 Review

As rumored yesterday, Apple has re-released the 16GB iPad 4. The new iPad with retina display takes the place of the aging iPad 2, with prices starting at $399 for 16GB model. It is identical to the fourth generation iPad 4 we reviewed in October, 2012. All currently shipping products sold by Apple feature the new Lightning dock connection standard. … [Read more...]

Office for iPad Announcement Coming March 27th

Microsoft Office for iPhone

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's new CEO, is hosting a press event on March 27th where the focus will be on mobile and cloud-based apps. Sources tell The Verge that Nadella will use the event as a platform to discuss Microsoft's "mobile first, cloud first" strategy. More signficantly for iPad owners, Nadella is going to finally announce the upcoming Office for iPad app, which will join the Office for iPhone released in June of last year. … [Read more...]

Apple Might EOL iPad 2 In Favor Of Refreshed iPad 4


Tomorrow might see two changes in Apple's product line. In addition to earlier reports of a new 8GB iPhone 5c, this model might not be joined by a 16GB iPad 4 that includes Apple's new Lightning connector. The move would mean the end of life for the iPad 2, which is currently the only product Apple sells with the older 3o-pin dock connector and has been previously rumored to be discontinued. … [Read more...]

Documents Suggest Apple Set To Release 8GB iPhone 5c

O2 iPhone 5c

According to leaked O2 documents obtained by Engadget via Caschys Blog, Apple is set to release a new 8GB iPhone 5c. The new lower storage capacity iPhone 5c is reportedly launching tomorrow, priced at 509 Euros, slightly lower than the current model which is priced at 569 Euros. The color choices will be limited to blue and white, with all other specifications remaining the same.Shortly after the leaked O2 product information became available online, a bar code from the product's packaging was also leaked.This seems like a curious decision by Apple. If sales of the iPhone 5c are indeed lagging as many have suggested, will a drop in storage and subsequent cost benefit be enough to reverse its fortunes? It's unclear if … [Read more...]

Details of Apple’s Healthbook Emerge, May Not Debut with iOS 8


Apple's Healthbook is the software center of the universe for their ambitious plans for health monitoring and fitness tracking that is currently being tested using iOS 8. Mark Gurman, known for his stellar track record, provides us with details fo the forthcoming app and renderings designed based upon information provided by sources. As with previous years, Apple will likely debut iOS 8 beta early this summer at WWDC, though Apple could push-back the release of Healthbook if required hardware is not yet introduced. … [Read more...]

Suffering From iOS 7.1 Battery Drain, Ways To Improve Battery Life

Fix battery life iOS 7

For the most part, Apple's iOS 7.1 is a welcome software update, bringing with it increased stability and relief from random crashes that plagued earlier versions. What is seemingly a yearly occurrence with either major or point releases, the trade-off appears to come in reduced battery life. Apple's support forums are filled with folks suffering reduced battery life. These typically get resolved with successive releases, but that doesn't help those who recently upgraded. If you're suffering iOS 7.1 battery drain, here a few tips on how to fix it or at a minimum, optimize your current battery life. … [Read more...]