Apple To Relax Restrictions On iPhone Trade-Ins With Water Damage

Liquid contact

Apple is reportedly changing their trade-in policy as it relates to water damaged iPhones, this news according to Apple retail employees speaking to 9to5Mac. Previously if an iPhone showed any signs of water damage, Apple would effectively refuse to offer any trade-in value on the used phone. Water damage had previously been defined as showing visibile signs or by tripping the liquid contact indicator. … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 7.1 Beta To Developers

iOS 7.1 dark keyboard

Apple has just updated their developer portal with the release of iOS 7.1 beta. We've got a discussion thread started for those who would like to discuss the new update. The release includes a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Some of the visual changes include a new option under Accessibility to select a 'Dark Keyboard'.  9to5Mac points us to a couple of changes with this release. iPhone 5s owners can now set an option to 'Upload Burst Photos'. That might make for an extremely muddled Photo Stream. With the current iOS 7 release, change to 'Bold Text' would require rebooting your iPhone. A restart is no longer required with iOS 7.1. With the recent Yahoo! rebranding, iOS 7.1 now includes the new logo where Yahoo! … [Read more...]

SlingPlayer for iOS 7 Redesigned With Split-Screen, Social and Roku Streaming

SlingPlayer for iOS 7

Sling Media has updated their SlingPlayer for iOS apps today in a big way and they are available only on iOS 7. More than just an iOS 7 refresh, the new SlingPlayer apps feature a complete redesign and rethinking of how customers use their placeshifting app. There is a new emphasis on social and support for sending TV to the big screen using a Roku streamer, this in addition to AirPlay support. Now there are more ways to discover, experience and watch your content. … [Read more...]

Apple Reportedly Purchases PrimeSense, Company Behind Kinect Technology

PrimeSense motion tracking

Apple has reportedly purchased PrimeSense, the company who developed the motion-tracking technology used in Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect. The deal is said to be worth $345 million, this according to Israeli publication Calcalist, who expects an announcement within the next two weeks. The transaction would finalize negotiations that began in July, that were promptly followed by a denial by PrimeSense. This is not an uncommon practice in these sorts of negotiations. Apple currently has three development centers in Israel, with roughly 350-400 employees. In 2012, the acquired Anovit Herzliya for $ 390 million, now responsible for a controller in iPhones and iPads that enhances the activity of flash memory. The new acquisition would … [Read more...]

AT&T Offering 16GB iPhone 5s Deal, $99 With Contract

iPhone 5s deal

Since the new iPhones released in late September, the majority of promotional discounts have been geared towards the 'low-cost' iPhone 5c, some offering the phone for free with a new contract. Similar deep discounts are now hitting the flagship iPhone 5s. AT&T today is offering the 16GB iPhone 5s for $99.99, with a new 2-year contract agreement. A quick check of NY and California markets shows a number of stores with stock. The promotion only applies to the 16GB models, available in Space Gray, Sliver or Gold. This is the lowest price we've seen on the iPhone 5s. Best Buy had a similar promotion, but it required a trade-in of a working smartphone. At the time, Best Buy had limited stock, making it difficult for customers to … [Read more...]

Nest Protect Pre-Orders Begin Shipping

Nest Protect

Earlier today, we noted that Nest had released version 4.0 of Nest Mobile. In addition to adding a completely new design, the company also added support for Nest Protect, the smoke protector that was made available for preorder last month. According to an email being sent to customers, the Nest Protects are now starting to ship. The first Nest Protects are getting boxed up and will be on their way soon. Due to the incredible response, it may be a week or two before your preorder is turned into an order. We’re working as fast as we can and you’ll get an update a few days before we ship yours. … [Read more...]

iPad mini Retina Displays Suffering From Image Retention

retina ipad mini image retention

Concerns over image retention issues following problems which plagued the 15-inch MacBook Pro last year, Instapaper's Marco Arment put his iPad mini retina through a similar test. The process includes allowing the iPad mini to view a checkboard pattern for ten minutes and switching to a solid gray. When Arment ran his test, there were faint, yet clear signs of the checkerboard pattern remaining on the display. This is not a real world example and even if your device fails the test, it might not be anything which would impact your every day usage. Being inside of your 15 day return window and if this is concerning, you could certainly return it. With supplies limited, exchanges could be problematic due to limited supplies. While Apple … [Read more...]

Google Play Music for iOS Released, Includes 30-Day All Access Free Trial

Google Play Music iPhone

Google Play Music made news earlier this year, when they announced a monthly plan that would allow for streaming of their entire catalog for a flat fee of $9.99 per month. Early adopters could get in at $7.99. The service and plans had appeal to Android users primarily, who cold take advantage of a Google developed app. Google announced a forthcoming Google Play Music app for iOS was in the works and today we are finally seeing them come through on that promise, making it available in the App Store. … [Read more...]

Nest App Redesigned, Includes Animated Weather And Support for Protect

Nest app

Nest Mobile, the companion app for the Nest Learning Thermostat has been completely redesigned. It now includes support for the forthcoming Nest Protect smoke detector, which is expected to be released sometime this month. The new app addresses some of the pitfalls of the previous app, which was a very good app. Nest owners are encouraged to use Away and Home settings. You set default temperatures for away, so when you leave home, your thermostat will adjust accordingly. The old method required switching to landscape mode and was a bit clumsy. Given the frequency at which owners use this setting, version 4.0 brings this front and center. Tapping on 'Home' allows you to easily set to 'Away'. The home screen in Nest Mobile … [Read more...]

How to transfer and watch slow motion iPhone 5s videos on your Mac


Apple's iPhone 5s includes the awesome capability of shooting slow-motion video, that can easily be edited and shared from your iPhone. When in Slo-Mo mode, the iPhone will automatically create a segment for your slo-motion capture, which can be edited. When you transfer your video to your Mac, the slow-motion portion appears lost, a common problem that occurs during playback. Thankfully, your video data remains in tact. Here's how to transfer and watch your slow motion iPhone 5s video on your Mac. Okay, so you've shot and edited some wonderful slow motion on your iPhone and share it with friends, family. You've even streamed it over AirPlay to your Apple TV, so you can view your masterpiece on the big screen. Naturally, you'll want … [Read more...]