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Apps of the week

We are hours away from the big special event where Apple is expected to introduce the new iPhone 6. You are going to need some great new apps to run on those big iPhones and the App Store delivers, once again. This week, we find the best interviews, bend our minds with math puzzles, animate our adventures and catch coins like we're gaming in the eighties. It's time for the everythingiCafe apps of the week for September 7th, 2014. … [Read more...]

Purported Photos of Working iPhone 6 With New Passport Icon

working iphone 6

New photos have surfaced that are purportedly a functioning 4.7-inch iPhone 6 running a new build of iOS 8. The images come via Chinese social networking website Weibo, where the user highlights the differences between the iPhone 5s and the forthcoming iPhone 6.The larger 4.7-inch display is showing with 18 stock apps on the home screen, plus Settings and the four stock apps in the dock. The new larger iPhone display will accomodate another row of icons, allowing users to keep more apps on their first and subsequent home screens.The most notable change is to the Passbook app. If you look at the icon up close, it reveals a credit card. In the past week, news that Apple had made deals with American Express, MasterCard and … [Read more...]

Lowering the bar for iWatch


Years of speculation, rumors and conjecture surrounding Apple's wearable device should come to an end on Tuesday. One of the biggest concerns facing competitor smartwatches has been insufficient battery life and new reports suggest Apple's iWatch may face similar issues. According to The Information (paywall), "people who have talked to Apple employees have set low expectations." The Loop, run by Apple insider Jim Dalrymple, published an editorial (written by Dave Mark) suggesting the market is "mature and well-funded", suggesting it would be difficult for Apple's iWatch to "turn the smart-watch industry on its ear."The Moto 360 works with a partnering smartphone running Android Wear, connected via Bluetooth. I've been using one … [Read more...]

Tim Cook Says Alerts Will Bolster Security of iCloud Accounts

Tim Cook

Apple's CEO Tim Cook took time out from preparations for next week's special event to discuss the companies plans for dealing with recent hacks of customer iCloud accounts. During a week that should have been nothing more than a week of increasing hype surrounding upcoming products, Apple has been dealt with a public relations crisis surrounding nude photos which were illegally obtained from A-list celebrities. As a result, Cook announced that new efforts were underway to rollout iCloud security alerts in the next two weeks. … [Read more...]

NY Times Details iPhone 6 Expectations, New One-Handed Mode

iPhone 6 detailed

A new report from the New York Times details features of the new, larger iPhones and Apple's smartwatch. The new iPhones are expected to come in two sizes, the smallest being 4.7-inches and the larger model, a sizable 5.5-inch display. For customers who have grown accustomed to 4.0-inch and smaller displays, the transition could be difficult. On larger phones, some interface elements are difficult to reach with one hands. Apple has reportedly developed a new one-handed mode that can be enabled or disabled based on customer preference. … [Read more...]

Apple’s New Wearable To Allow For Payments Using NFC

iWatch payments

Apple is planning to introduce a new wearable device at their September 9th event, alongside the much anticipated debut of the iPhone 6. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, it will be among a new class of Apple devices that allow consumers to pay for goods and services using their phones or in this case, a watch. To enable a new mobile payment system, the devices are said to include NFC (near field communications) technology. The new wearable will also feature a curved display, though it's not clear if it'll be similar to the screen showcased on Samsung's new Galaxy Gear S smartwatch. … [Read more...]

Apple to live stream September 9th iPhone, iWatch event

iPhone 6 live stream

Apple is hosting a special event on September 9th, where they are expected to introduce the new iPhone and their new wearable. There has even been talk of  an updated iPad line making an appearance. When you sprinkle in changes coming to iOS 8 and a much anticipated release date, the event could go down as one of the biggest in recent history. If you don't have an invitation, and I count myself among that group, you can follow along live, as it happens. Apple today updated their event page with a countdown, advising folks that they every moment. There's an option to add to your calendar, but who needs reminders? The live stream will take place at … [Read more...]

How to add and view iCloud calendars in Google Calendar

iCloud calendar in Google Calendar

Using iCloud for your calendars is a no-brainer for those who live and work on Macs, iPhones and iPads. There are times however when you might want to use other popular calendar services, in addition to iCloud. For example, you may use Google Calendar for work and would like access to your home calendar. Sure you could login to iCloud from any Mac or PC to access your calendars, but wouldn't it be easier to have them accessible from Google? There are also the scenarios where a Mac user decides on an Android phone or tablet, where Google services rule the roost. With a few steps, you can access your iCloud calendars through Google Calendar, include real-time updates of any changes. … [Read more...]

How to setup two-factor verification for Apple ID

Apple ID Password and Security

In light of the recent celebrity hacking, folks are rightly concerned about their privacy. So much of lives are routinely uploaded to the cloud, that often security surrounding these accounts can become an afterthought. Based on what Apple has said, the accounts in question were not a breach of iCloud or Find My iPhone. Make no mistake, passwords and account information was compromised, though we don't know exactly how this happened. Apple does provide users with access to an added layer of security which is known as two-factor authentication, in fact their recent statement suggests users concerned with security implement this on their accounts. Here's how to setup two-factor verification for Apple ID and how it all works.Two-step … [Read more...]

Apple: Celebrity Photo Theft Not Result Of iCloud or Find My iPhone Breach


Apple has released a statement regarding their internal investigation into the hacking of celebrity accounts and subsequent unauthorized access to photos belonging to major celebrites that include Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and others. Apple says that after more than 40 hours of investigative work by Apple engineers, none of the cases were a result of a breach of Apple's iCloud or Find My iPhone systems.We wanted to provide an update to our investigation into the theft of photos of certain celebrities. When we learned of the theft, we were outraged and immediately mobilized Apple’s engineers to discover the source. Our customers’ privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. After more than 40 hours of investigation, we … [Read more...]