Windows 8.1 Developer Preview Working With Apple Passbook Data

Passbook Windows Phone

Microsoft today introduced the developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1, the next major update for the line of smartphones. One surprising feature that surfaced was support for Apple's Passbook data, which was uncovered by The Verge's Tom Warren. It allowed Warren to display a boarding pass for Virgin America using Microsoft's Wallet app. "Windows Phone 8.1 supports Apple's Passbook natively. I've been using it for flights. Works perfectly," tweeted Warren. Rene Ritchie at iMore explains that the current implementation of Passbook involves rendering what ultimately is a web page consisting of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Apple processes this information in the Passbook app, but ultimately it's no more than a browser, specific to boarding … [Read more...]

How to fix Touch ID when your fingerprint cannot be read

Setup Touch ID on iPhone 5s

When it works, Touch ID is transformative technology that leaves many wondering how they ever went without it. There are no shortage of iPhone 5S owners who look to the 2nd generation iPad Air or iPad mini with retina, so they can gain the convenience and security that comes with a Touch ID enabled device. Like all good things, technology can is great, when it works. It can also be incredibly frustrating when it doesn't work, even more so in the case of Touch ID, which is the gatekeeper to accessing your iPhone. Over time, have you seen Touch ID lose its luster. Have you seen a decline in accuracy? Here are a few tried and true tips on how to fix Touch ID when your fingerpints cannot be read. … [Read more...]

Apple Reportedly Considering Big Changes to iTunes, Offering High Resolution Music

iTunes Radio

Apple's iTunes Radio has not gotten off to the fast start many had expected when it was introduced as one of the bigger features in iOS 7. It was heralded as an opportunity for Apple to reverse the fortunes of iTunes, which has seen a steady decline in sales over the past decade. Instead it has seen little in the way of sales, with industry sources saying only under 2 percent of users buy music as a result of using the Apple's free streaming radio service. When faced with declines of 15 percent yearly, Billboard reports that Apple is considering a major overhaul of iTunes and some rumors indicate a move to HD tracks could be part of it. … [Read more...]

How to use HDR auto on the iPhone for better pictures

HDR auto photos iPhone

One of the options that's not used hardly enough on the iPhone is HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range imaging. In photography, an expansive dynamic range (light to dark in a photo) can help you capture shadows and highlights, changing the entire perspective of the resulting image. Rich, vivid imagery can often be the result of HDR photography, which uses three images to capture an image at different exposure levels. These are blended together to create a single image. When Apple introduced HDR as an option in the Camera app, it was disabled by default. Those who enabled it were met with multiple copies of a photo in their camera rolls, which can impact your storage by filling up your iPhone. It's not always the case that HDR will have … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Offering WiFi Pricing On LTE Enabled iPads With Plan

T-Mobile tablet savings

T-Mobile is on a self-imposed three day tear of initiatives related to their 'un-carrier' program intended to distance themselves from what consumers expect from a carrier. Today they have announced an interesting program specific to tablets and the iPad. T-Mobile wants your business and they are willing to offer new customers an LTE capable iPad at the price of WiFi only models. Apple's iPad pricing requires a $129 up-charge for LTE compatibility, which leaves many customers wondering if it's worth it. T-Mobile is hoping this new pricing structure removes that hurdle, but does require a customer activate a 1GB or more mobile plan. As we've come to expect from T-Mobile, the Internet plans for tablets don't require an annual service … [Read more...]

Analyst Speculates On 2014 Apple Roadmap: iWatch, All New iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and Macs

Apple 2014 Product Roadmap

As was 2013, when it comes to product launches, Apple has been relatively quiet this year. If KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo is correct, Apple is preparing an extensive product rollout, primarily in the third quarter of 2014. His lengthy research note provides his expectations for what we'll see from Apple and when. … [Read more...]

Dropbox Announces Carousel Gallery App, Mailbox Coming To Mac OS X

Carousel for iOS

The fine folks at Dropbox held a press conference today to announce some big things happening for iOS and Mac users. Heck, even Android users were able to get in on the fun. The big news for iPhone users was the introduction of Carousel, a new gallery app that works in conjunction with photos stored on Dropbox. The Mailbox app, which was among our favorite email apps for iPhone, will be made available for Mac users. Fans of Google's Android also have reason to celebrate, with Mailbox for Android is now available for download in the Google Play Store. … [Read more...]