Apple Watch: Perspective from a former Pebble user

Apple Watch vs Pebble

As I take off my Pebble Watch and slip on my new Apple Watch, I can't help but feel like I'm betraying a newer friend to stay loyal to an older one.  I remind myself that I need to stay objective - after all, the Pebble Watch has been my go to wrist tech for quite a while now.  As far as I'm concerned, they were also first to market with a viable, widely adopted solution for wearable technology.  That has to count for something, right?  This isn't a review of the Apple Watch.  Think of it as perspective from an avid Pebble user, having owned both the original and the Pebble Steel.  I'll preface this write-up by letting everyone know that the Pebble Time, Pebble's new offering, is on the horizon.  Because it's in no one's hands yet, and I … [Read more...]

Reports of Apple Watch not charging, overheating

apple watch charge

There have been a number of reports on Apple's forums with people having problems with charging their Apple Watch. The issue was first brought to our attention from developer Eduardo Scoz. According to Scoz, the watch refuses to charge. Despite battery levels reaching past 50 percent, the watch will turn off when leaving the charger. His issues were followed by the watch continously trying to reboot. … [Read more...]

Apple Watch and Armageddon


Prior to its arrival, I likened the Apple Watch as the flaming asteroid from Armageddon, an unstoppable force that would put a major dent in my digital ecosystem. My experience with smartwatches was limited, only having spent a few weeks with the Moto 360. It too pairs with it's sibling, the Moto X, a phone I still like a lot. But this was the Apple Watch and this going to work with my iPhone, which is my daily driver. And the build quality, design and sense of fashion would be unparalleled. It was going to be the modern remote for my home automation, take over the heavy lifting of handling a steady stream of notifications. This was going to be the wearable device that would have me leaving my iPhone in my pocket or on my desk. As we head … [Read more...]

How to transfer music to Apple Watch and listen without your iPhone

Transfer music to Apple Watch

The Apple Watch relies on the iPhone for much of its functionality. With storage capacities ranging up to 128GB, that's a lot of music, all accessible with a flick of the wrist or by asking Siri. If you're going for a run or to the gym, sometimes you might not want to carry your iPhone. This is particularly true if you own one of the larger iPhones. You're in luck if you have an Apple Watch. Not only is it a fantastic activity tracker, it can also become a modern day iPod shuffle. It comes with 8GB of internal storage. Between the operating system, apps, photos and more, you shouldn't expect to carry a decade of music. Think more in the line of around 250 or so high quality tracks or a maximum of 2GB of storage space. Here's how to create a … [Read more...]

10 Key Takeaways From A Week With Apple Watch

week with Apple Watch

Tomorrow will be the end of my first week with the Apple Watch. During that time, I've struggled to come to grips with becoming someone who wears a watch on a daily basis. My original purchase was made without the benefit of a try-on. I'm not sold on the model I selected, so the result has been further time spent gazing at the watch options on the Apple Store coupled with a second try-on at the Huntington, NY location, which was markedly better than the first at a different store. The sheer number of choices when it comes to sizes, bands and materials makes for an incredibly complex purchase. The last week has been fun. It started with an unboxing on Periscope and since then, the experience has been filled with ups, downs and a few … [Read more...]

The Difficult Transition From Not Wearing A Watch To Apple Watch

No watch to Apple Watch

After weeks of deliberation, I ordered the 38mm Apple Watch with sport band, in black. My reasoning for the 38mm Apple Watch was to go for the black sport band, which wasn't an option with the aluminum Sport Watch in silver. While Apple can't estimate popularity of specific models, it seems like this is the second glaring omission from the product line. The other being the lack of anything resembling gold that doesn't cost the price of a Honda Civic. One would think that years of day one sellouts of gold iPhones would translate to a gold finish, even it were in aluminum. As for black, unless you get the Space Gray, you need to upgrade to the stainless steel model in order to get black. I can talk myself into pretty much any technology … [Read more...]

Apple Watch Early Impressions: Impressed at How Much Work Still Needed

Apple Watch first impressions

The Apple Watch is now on the wrists of the users who were quick enough to order some of the cheaper and non-black models when the pre-orders went live a few weeks ago. Is it a winner? Not yet. But it is certainly trying hard. At least that’s what my three-day first impressions tell me. Don’t think of this as a review, think of it as a series of “glances” at one user’s impressions after spending three days with this new and indeed very personal device. After waffling back and forth I decided to pick up one of these new gadgets and give it a try. I’ve been tempted by other smartwatches in the past. But in a surprising display of discipline I’ve resisted those earlier temptations. This time I did pull the trigger on a purchase of a … [Read more...]

Apple Watch Notifications Master Class: Take control of your notifications

Apple Watch notifications tutorial

One of the key attributes of the Apple Watch is its ability to not only display notifications, but to also give you a slight tap on the wrist when something of importance arrives, either to your Apple Watch or iPhone. Here's where things can get a bit muddled. When you transition from iPhone to Apple Watch, what you define as important can also change. How you manage notifications on both devices can have a major impact. Now that you're wearing a notification system, dialing in your preferences should have a profound effect on not only the usefulness of the watch, while also reducing any unwanted nag factor. How to access your notifications How to read and dismiss a notification How to enable the notifications indicator How … [Read more...]

How to set up and pair your Apple Watch with iPhone

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If you just got your Apple Watch, congratulations on owning a truly awesome device that will have your traditional timepiece cowering in fear. Before we start the setup process, I hope you've taken some of our recommendations on what to do before you get your watch. If not, it's still worth checking out, as some of the tips might improve your overall experience with Apple Watch. Once you've finished unboxing your precious, it's time to setup and pair Apple Watch with your iPhone. While it isn't necessary to have a full charge, you should consider charging it prior to beginning this process. If you can't wait, that's understandable. It ships with plenty of juice for setup and beyond, so let's get started. What You'll Need: The … [Read more...]

10 Things To Do Before Getting A New Apple Watch

new Apple Watch

The Apple Watch sold out within minutes and now those lucky enough to get orders in are waiting with baited breath, in hopes for a shipment confirmation. Gone are hopes of any April 24th in-store availability, with the earliest availability now pushed to June. That can feel a bit like, forever. If you're getting your Apple Watch on launch day, you can thank your good fortunes and your local UPS driver. Those waiting for eternity, you've got the specter of spring weather to dull the pains of gadget lust, gone unfulfilled. And if you're still undecided, our Apple Watch Buyer's Guide has got your back. For those firmly in the wearable tech camp, there are things you can and should do before getting your new Apple Watch. 1. Update iOS … [Read more...]