iOS 8 and Mac OS X ‘Yosemite’ Banners Going Up At Moscone


Two huge banners were hung today inside the Moscone Center, a mere two days before Tim Cook and company take the stage for the annual keynote. While we were expecting iOS 8 and Mac OS X, the banners are the first actual confirmation. The two don't provide much in the way of what we expect on Monday. The iOS 8 banner shows the number 8 both below and above water. The Mac OS X banner shows what appears to be Yosemite National Park. Apple started using California landmarks with the last major OS X release, a departure from their use of big cats. Mavericks was named for the popular surfing destination. If it is indeed Yosemite, that will be the second time Apple has used the name. It was a codename for the blue and white Power Macintosh … [Read more...]

How To Use Siri To Add, Find and Update Reminders in iOS

Siri Reminders guide

The Reminders app on your iPhone and iPad is a great way to create all types of lists. Whether you use it to share a grocery list, things you need to do for work or a school project, the Reminders app is a simple and effective way to manage your lists. Regardless of how you use reminders, using Siri with reminders in iOS can make it faster and easier to add, find or update your reminders and lists. So buckle in and let's put Siri to work. … [Read more...]

Concept Video Imagines iOS Widgets

iOS widgets

Widgets have long been a staple on Mac OS X. On mobile, they are a big part of Google's Android OS, which offers plenty in the way of customization. Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 offers 'live tiles', also offering information at a glance, without having to open an app. Widgets act as mini-windows into apps. Music apps can offer player controls, weather offers time and temp and other applications offer primary functions. Information gets pushed to the user in the form of email, song playing and so on. They also act as a gateway to the app, by tapping on the widget. iOS, for its part, makes the iPhone or iPad a single use device. That might be changing on the iPad with multitasking possibly coming with iOS 8.1. As of now, there are no plans for … [Read more...]

Details of Apple’s Smart Home Plans Emerge

In advance of WWDC, details regarding Apple's smart phone plans are starting to emerge. The Financial Times reported earlier this week, that Apple was allegedly looking to make a big move into home automation, creating a platform that would remove the need for third party apps. Sources familiar with the project have provided GigaOM with specifics which are less ambitious. Apple won't be the hub for your smart home, at least not yet. The program is more focused on certifying smart devices under the Made for iPhone program, so consumers will feel comfortable purchasing and knowing they can control it from their iOS devices. … [Read more...]

5 Key Takeaways From Apple’s Cook, Cue and Iovine at Code Conference

Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine

At yesterday's Code/Conference, Apple made their acquisition of Beats Electronics official, with the deal closing sometime later this year. It made for an entertaining afternoon with interviews of CEO Tim Cook, SVP Eddy Cue who heads up Internet Software and Services for Apple and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine. Cook took the stage first, joined later by Iovine who will be a full-time employee with Dre. Iovine later joined Eddy Cue. The trio offered some interesting insight regarding the purchase, Apple's product pipeline and the current state of TV. … [Read more...]

Apple Confirms Purchase of Beats for $3 Billion

Apple Beats

Apple has confirmed their purchase of Beats for $3 billion, ending weeks of rumors regarding the acquisition. Beats is known for their headphones and more recently, their new streaming music service. The co-founders, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, will join Apple as full-time employees. Apple intends to keep the Beats brand in-tact, according to re/code who have quotes from CEO Tim Cook on why Apple thought Beats was a good fit. … [Read more...]

How to sync iOS Notes with Gmail and Yahoo

Yahoo Notes

When you start using the Notes appĀ in iOS, you'll find it to be an incredibly useful app. I personally use Notes for recipes, combinations I would typically forget and as a notepad for brainstorming ideas for the website. When on the go, using Siri to create notes is mobile computing at its very best. As you start to build out your collection of notes, it becomes important that you are backing up and transferring your notes to your computer. By default, setting up accounts will sync to their respective services. Here's how to setup and make sure you are syncing your iOS notes with Gmail or Yahoo. … [Read more...]