Apple On Verge Of Acquiring Beats for $3.2 Billion

Beats Music Preview

Apple is on the verge of acquiring Beats Electronics for a reported $3.2 billion, according to the Financial Times (subscription required). While not yet finalized, the deal could be completed by early next week. Beats is known primarily for the high end headphones and the star power that founded the company. Recently, the introduced Beats Music, a new streaming music service that launched earlier this year.  Beats Audio can also be found on select HTC smartphones and has been lauded as one of the best sounding smartphones available today. … [Read more...]

How to turn off alert and banner notifications on iPhone and iPad

Alert notification

As you start to amass a huge library of apps, many of which ask for permission to send you push notifications, you can find yourself with an iPhone or iPad that is constantly pushing notifications.  When first installing an app, I tend to make the mistake of letting apps push notifications, without first thinking it through. As a result of my mismanagement of notifications, I'm rewarded with a steady stream of pop-up banners, alerts and a Notification Center that looks like Grand Central Station. It's easy to find yourself with too much information, some of which is not exactly mission critical. Do I really need SpeakZoo letting me know when new animals are available? The persistent connections, sounds and the screen turning on can also … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Deepens Partnership With Evernote, Sunsetting CardMunch July 11th

Evernote LinkedIn

LinkedIn today announced some big changes to how users can initiate new connections using business cards and Evernote. With the release of the updated Evernote app, users can scan a business card and directly connect with that user on LinkedIn. The synergy between the two services is part of a new effort that will deepen their partnership. Evernote boasts a fast, reliable and popular card scanning service. By partnering with Evernote, users can make use of the better business card scanning solutions and establish a LinkedIn relationship almost immediately. … [Read more...]

Apple’s VP of North American Sales Is Leaving Company

Zane Rowe

There continues to be shuffling at the highest levels of Apple senior management, with word now that Zane Rowe, Apple's VP of North American Sales, leaving the company. Apple issued a statement to the Wall Street Journal, indicating that Doug Beck will assume his duties. Beck, who is currently VP of Sales for Japan and Korea, will be adding North America to his responsibilities. Apple furnished the WSJ with this statement regarding the move: … [Read more...]

Apple PR Vice President Katie Cotton, Retiring After 18 Years

Katie Cotton

Apple's longtime PR head Katie Cotton is retiring after spending 18 years at the company. Her time with the company included some of the tougher years for Apple and helped guide them during their resurgence. She was at Apple during the late nineties (the Performa years) and their triumphant return with the iMac, iPod and of course the iPhone and iPad. Cotton spoke to re/code regarding her decision to leave, explaining that the decision was not easy. … [Read more...]

iOS Basics: How to dismiss notifications on iOS 7

Dismiss notifications on iOS 7

Today we're covering some iOS basics. Specifically, how you can deal with annoying iOS banner notifications. Notifications can be super-helpful, letting you know when you've received new email, a Facebook message, a direct message in Twitter or some other app that you've permitted to interrupt your daily workflow. Having said that, when you are working in an app, the banner notifications at the top can get in the way. If you wait a few seconds, they'll disappear. Those don't help in instances where you are in a public place and the notification contains information that's better left private. If you're like me, you've undoubtedly hit them by mistake and jumped to a different app. Today's tip is easy and fun. Here's how to dismiss … [Read more...]

Google Maps Update Includes Lane Guidance, Offline Maps and More

Google Maps

Available for download in the App Store, version 3.0 of Google Maps for iPhone and iPad is filled with useful new features that help make one of the better navigation apps, even better. When using turn-by-turn navigation, the new version offers lane guidance, making it easier to follow the highlighted route. You also have quick access to the route overview. Two big changes, but there are a few other improvements. … [Read more...]

Should Apple Let You Change Default Apps In iOS 8?

Default apps

It's been almost two years since Apple took over the Maps app. It's been a bumpy road and at times, the wrong road. If operating systems had resumes, iOS wouldn't include this among its bullet point list of achievements. Great companies make bad choices and thankfully, iOS users had plenty of choices when it came to third party map applications, as pointed out by Apple's CEO Tim Cook. The iPhone has always come with a select group of stock apps and the app creep could continue with iOS 8. Instead of a pure UI makeover with iOS 7, some of stock apps were 'improved' and that didn't sit well with some folks. At times, even the most well intentioned developers can go off in a terribly wrong direction. People have always been able to use … [Read more...]

Apple To Make Big Push To Entice iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Upgrades

Apple Store

Despite demand that has continued to be strong for Apple's newest iPhones, the company is reportedly preparing a big retail push this weekend, looking to entice customers to upgrade to the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. According to a source speaking to Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac, the iPhone event will start on May 8th and it will be "enormous". Apple's plans include an email outreach program to upgrade-eligible customers, asking them to come in to a Apple Store and upgrade to either the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. … [Read more...]

Apple Health Push Said To Be Bigger, More Expansive Than Wearables


A new report today from Reuters chronciles recent senior medical technology hires from Apple which span the previous year. The hiring has been predominantly focused on experts in sensor technology and biomedicine. Many of these have been previously reported by Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac, but Reuters adds a major piece of information regarding Apple's plans. While the world is focused on an iWatch device, it appears Apple may have bigger plans in mind. According to mobile health executive, Apple is considering a full health and fitness services platform modeled on its App Store. The source claims to have met with an executive from Apple's iWatch team. … [Read more...]