Skype 5.0 for iPhone Redesigned, Available Now In App Store

Skype 5.0 for iPhone

Available today in the App Store, Skype 5.0 is a complete reimagining of the popular messaging, voice and video call app for iPhone. First and foremost, users should enjoy overall performance improvements, including faster start up and fluid animations. Skype claims users will find it five times faster than the current version. Most noticeable should be a redefined user interface, offering a consistent experience with Windows Phone and Android apps. The new iOS version of Skype was built from the ground up, with their design team focused on your conversations. … [Read more...]

U.S. iTunes Store Experiencing Widespread Outages?

Item not available

There are numerous reports on social medai that Apple's iTunes Store is experiencing outages. Users are reporting an error message when trying to access portions of the store. The message reads, "The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store." These messages are typically specific to individual products or apps that have been removed, so it's odd to find this message pushed for entire sections. Apple's System Status reports on various services and outages. As of 2:30PM EST, there is no sign of any issues, despite the reports. Update: Apple has issued a short statement to re/code indicating the issue has been resolved. Have you been able to access the iTunes Store? … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime Music Offers Free Streaming Music To Prime Members

Amazon Prime Music

In a suprising late night announcement, Amazon announced the immediate launch of Prime Music, offering Prime members access to over 1 millions songs. The completely ad-free service is yet another offering to boost the value of their Prime Membership, which offers members free 2-day shipping on select items. Amazon offers thousands of TV shows and movies, in addition to access to over 500,000 books in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library. With books and video as part of the membership, it was only natural to add a music service. Though one million songs songs like an awful lot, Prime Music offers a small percentage of what customers can find through paid services like Apple-owned Beats Music or Spotify. They aren't competing directly … [Read more...]

Starbucks To Offer Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging

Duracell Powermat Starbucks

Starbucks and Duracell today announced the national rollout of Duracell Powermat Wireless charging in all of their locations beginning with the San Francisco Bay Area. Major markets will see Powermat in 2015 with a full rollout expected over time. The company announced pilot programs in Europe and Asia are also taking place this year. Starting today, a number of Starbucks location in Boston and San Jose have Powermats installed. … [Read more...]

Video Shows iPad Split-Screen Multitasking

iPad Split-Screen Multitasking

Prior to WWDC 14', there were rumors that iOS 8 would introduce split-screen multitasking, effectively allowing iPad users to run two programs at once. The feature has been widely popularized by Microsoft's Surface tablet. Though it was not announced, developer Steve Stroughton-Smith has uncovered code that allows for split-screen multi-tasking and provides us with video simulating the feature. … [Read more...]

The Definitive Guide to using the Stocks App on iPhone

Stock info

Whether you are a casual investor or someone who is very active in the stock market, your iPhone can help you keep track of the your investments. The Stocks app for iPhone offers everything you need to track key market indicators, along with the latest financial news specific to your investment properties. Regardless of whether your portfolio is big or small, this guide will help you with every aspect of using the Stocks app on iPhone. … [Read more...]

Best Buy Offering iPad mini for $199

Best Buy iPad mini deal

Nothing like a price drop from one retailer to stoke the fires of competition. This week, we saw Target drop the price of the iPad mini to $199. It was a temporary price cut and the retailer isn't aggressively pushing it as part of their larger Father's Day promotions. The iPad mini with retina and iPad Air are featured, but discounts are minimal with each offering discounts on Microsoft Office Personal 365. That's the yearly subscription that grants access to the entire Office suite for one PC and one tablet. As for the deep discounted deal on the iPad mini, that's unheralded to see a sub-$200 iPad. With the Target price drop getting plenty of attention from bloggers and smart customers who can appreciate good value, Best Buy has price … [Read more...]

Setting Up iCloud Sync and Using Reminders on Mac or PC

using Reminders on Mac

If you a regular user of the Reminders app in iOS, it's only natural that you would want to manage your tasks on either your Mac or PC. While the iPhone and iPad are terrific devices, often we find ourselves behind a desktop or laptop, making it a great place to keep productive. The options vary based on your operating system, but both make it incredibly easy to manage your reminders. I'll cover how to use iCloud to sync reminders and how to use reminders on Mac and PC, along with the differences. … [Read more...]

Kindle Update Lets You Listen To Your Audible Audiobooks

Kindle Audible audiobooks

Amazon today released version 4.3 of their Kindle app for iOS. The software update should a welcome release to Kindle owners who own both Kindle and Audible versions of book titles, who can now listen to their audiobooks directly in the new Kindle app. If you are an avid reader, who switches to the audiobook version during car rides, you can do so all within a single app. This is the keystone feature, but there are numerous improvements with version 4.3. … [Read more...]