iOS 8 Uses Peer-To-Peer Connections For AirPlay To Apple TV

Peer-to-peer airplay

iOS 8 changes how you stream content using AirPlay to Apple TV, using peer-to-peer connections. The feature is listed on Apple's website highlighting enterprise functionality. When using AirPlay on previous iOS versions, both devices would need to be on the same WiFi network. That's no longer a requirement, which should add a new level of convenience for AirPlay functionality. … [Read more...]

New Accessibility Options in iOS 8 Include Grayscale, Zoom, Speak Screen

iOS 8 grayscale

Apple has continued their efforts to make iOS more accessible and their efforts can be seen in iOS 8. Many of the features from iOS 7 have been carried over including options to reduce motion, use button shapes, bold text and change to a larger text size. The vision section of Accessibility in iOS 8 have options to will help those who have serious vision impairment. Among those new options are grayscale, assorted new zoom controls and a speech section that enables a new speak screen feature. … [Read more...]

iOS 8 Makes It Easy To Track App Battery Usage

Battery usage by app iOS 8

With each new iOS release, battery life is a common complaint we often see in the forums. It's often difficult to troubleshoot. People have different iOS devices with different processors and this can certainly impact battery life. In iOS 7, like previous versions, usage times offered little if any pertinent information about what might be affecting battery drain. We offered everything from basics to extreme steps to increase battery life. While these will have an impact, it's not how Apple intended us to use our iPhones and iPads, continously worrying about power. From software tweaks to battery cases or accessory packs, these are stop-gap fixes for a larger problem. in iOS 8, Apple has taken a step in the right direction to helping us … [Read more...]

Apple’s iOS 8 Shows Open Can Thrive In A Walled Garden

Third party keyboards

When iOS is referred to as a 'walled garden', it's often derogatory, used to refer to Apple's unwillingness to open up their operating system. Since the first iPhone, software control started and ended with Apple, allowing them to control the iOS experience. More importantly, this has helped provide end users with a safe and secure platform, one that sees the vast majority of its user base upgrading on a yearly basis. As Tim Cook mentioned during the WWDC 14' keynote, Google's Android platform remains incredibly fractured, with only 9% of its users running KitKat, as compared to 89% of iOS owners running iOS 7. Android also owns a staggering 99 percent of the mobile malware market. That's not the market you want to dominate. But Google's … [Read more...]

Messages App in iOS 8 Gains WhatsApp, Snapchat Features And More

Messaging App iOS 8

Among the apps that saw big changes in iOS 8, Messages might be near the top of the list. For one, it will be one of the apps who will benefit greatly from the new interactive notifications. Users will be able to reply to text messages from the lock screen, a feature which sherlocks BiteSMS, one of the more popular apps amongst jailbreakers. But inside the Messages apps is even more exciting, with new features that borrow from popular messaging apps WhatsApp and SnapChat. Whether you are familiar with either of those apps, you will find the new features to be extremely useful. … [Read more...]

18 iOS 8 Features That Were Not Announced During WWDC

iOS 8 features

If you watched the live stream of Apple's WWDC today, you noted the speed at which features were announced. The entire two plus hour event was fast and furious. When you announce major software updates for mobile and desktop, each with hundreds of new features, stuff gets lost in the mix. Luckily, Apple knows this and their yearly inclusion of this slide helps us narrow down some of the iOS 8 features that were not announced today during the keynote. … [Read more...]

How to download and install iOS 8 beta

Install iOS 8 beta

Formally introduced at WWDC, iOS 8 beta was made available to developers immediately following the keynote. It joins Mac OS X Yosemite as two exciting new beta software releases that will transform your desktop and mobile computing experience. Mac OS X Yosemite will be available as a public beta, but what if you want to test drive iOS 8. Apple does not offer a public beta, nor will they anytime soon.  You should know that beta software is still very raw, sometimes buggy and can result in an iOS device that isn't very stable. It can also wreak havoc with third party apps. Remember, the developers attending WWDC have yet to install iOS 8 themselves, let alone do any extensive testing. If you are still brave enough to want to dive into the … [Read more...]

Apple Brings Interactive Notifications to iOS 8

Interactive notifications iOS 8

Apple today announced that iOS 8 would support interactive notifications in iOS 8, one of the most requested features of iOS users. Interactive notifications will offers support beyond stock apps, allowing third party apps to offer a new level of user interaction. During the presentation today, Apple's SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi demonstrated how users can can interact with a notification, without having to open the app. Support for this feature extends to the lock screen. This feature is most familiar to BiteSMS, which has been one of the more popular apps in the jailbreak community. … [Read more...]

iOS 8 Beta Available Today, To Release In The Fall

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.55.00 PM

Apple announced that iOS 8 beta will be available today. Developers can gain access to iOS 8 using the developer portal. Consumers can expect the public release of iOS 8 later this fall. It will be a free software update.iOS 8 Supported DevicesiPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s iPod touch 5th generation iPad 2 iPad with retina display iPad Air iPad mini iPad mini with retinaiOS 8 features a number of new features including support for systemwide keyboard replacement, interactive notifications, mail enhancements, a new Photos app, support for iCloud Drive, changes to Spotlight that allow more in-depth searches, added features to Messages app and a new Continuity feature that lets you easily pick up a task … [Read more...]

iOS 8 Will Let You Install Systemwide Third-Party Keyboards

iOS 8 QuickType

Apple's iOS 8 offers a number of big changes to who you interact with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 8 will now support third party keyboards, which will be available through the App Store. During today's WWDC presentation, Craig Federighi noted that keyboards will be sandboxed unless you explicitly provide access outside of your device. This is particularly useful to keyboards like Swype, which can store your information on their cloud. … [Read more...]