Did Apple Buy Beats For The Headphones?

Apple Beats

The dust from yesterday's rumored acquisition hasn't settled, but it's already set off a bit of a firestorm on Twitter and elsewhere. Apple buying a company, by itself, isn't big news. Over the past year, they've acquired 18 companies. This one is different. For one, if it is for $3.2 billion, it will represent the biggest acquisition to date for Apple. While 3D mapping companies aren't sexy, Beats is just that. It's co-founders, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, are magnetic personalities that are well known in the music industry. The two launched Beats Music, a competitor to Spotify and Rdio that launched earlier this year. Their company is known for their popular Beats headphones, which cater to a younger demographic. Did Apple buy Beats for the … [Read more...]

How to turn off alert and banner notifications on iPhone and iPad

Alert notification

As you start to amass a huge library of apps, many of which ask for permission to send you push notifications, you can find yourself with an iPhone or iPad that is constantly pushing notifications.  When first installing an app, I tend to make the mistake of letting apps push notifications, without first thinking it through. As a result of my mismanagement of notifications, I'm rewarded with a steady stream of pop-up banners, alerts and a Notification Center that looks like Grand Central Station. It's easy to find yourself with too much information, some of which is not exactly mission critical. Do I really need SpeakZoo letting me know when new animals are available? The persistent connections, sounds and the screen turning on can also … [Read more...]

iOS Basics: How to dismiss notifications on iOS

Dismiss notifications on iOS 7

Today we're covering some iOS basics. Specifically, how you can deal with annoying iOS banner notifications. Notifications can be super-helpful, letting you know when you've received new email, a Facebook message, a direct message in Twitter or some other app that you've permitted to interrupt your daily workflow. Having said that, when you are working in an app, the banner notifications at the top can get in the way. If you wait a few seconds, they'll disappear. Those don't help in instances where you are in a public place and the notification contains information that's better left private. If you're like me, you've undoubtedly hit them by mistake and jumped to a different app. Today's tip is easy and fun. Here's how to dismiss … [Read more...]

Should Apple Let You Change Default Apps In iOS 8?

cheapest iPhone 5s deals

It's been almost two years since Apple took over the Maps app. It's been a bumpy road and at times, the wrong road. If operating systems had resumes, iOS wouldn't include this among its bullet point list of achievements. Great companies make bad choices and thankfully, iOS users had plenty of choices when it came to third party map applications, as pointed out by Apple's CEO Tim Cook. The iPhone has always come with a select group of stock apps and the app creep could continue with iOS 8. Instead of a pure UI makeover with iOS 7, some of stock apps were 'improved' and that didn't sit well with some folks. At times, even the most well intentioned developers can go off in a terribly wrong direction. People have always been able to use … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Star Wars Journeys, Bicolor, You and Me and more!

Apps of the week

We say goodbye to April showers and welcome May, with the flowering of some great new apps in the App Store. Just in time for the fourth, the Star Wars franchise brings us a new type of game with Star Wars Journeys: Phantom Menace. Games continue to dominate our weekly roundup, with Stickman Basketball, the fresh new Bicolor puzzler and Dwarven Den rounding out the group. But it's not all fun and games this week, Crystalline can help you make beautiful music and You&Me makes a case for couples adding yet another messaging app to their iPhones. Welcome to another edition of the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week, for the week ending May 3rd, 2014. … [Read more...]

Reasons Why You Might Not Upgrade to iPhone 6

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is coming. That we know and based on various sources, it will be available in two sizes, both drastically bigger than either the 3.5-inch or 4.0-inch displays found on existing iPhones. According to Apple's own internal slides, big phones are driving sales. When you add up the persistant rumors and Apple's own data, it seems to be a fair conclusion that this fall will represent the birth of the big iPhone. Big changes often results in big upgrade cycles. One analyst have said it will be the 'mother lode of iPhone upgrades'. The iPhone is seven years old and in 2014, it will see its biggest change. Before you start camping out at our local Apple Store, there are a few reasons why you might not want to upgrade to the iPhone … [Read more...]

Stolen and Lost iPhones Continue To Flood eBay Despite iCloud Lock

iPhone iCloud lock

Despite Apple's persistent efforts to curtail incentives for stealing iOS devices, there continues to be a steady stream of iPhones making their way to eBay. These devices have likely been lost or stolen. When Apple introduced iOS 7, they added a much sought after feature to the Find My iPhone service. iPhones and any iOS device that supported iOS 7 could now render a lost or stolen device useless, provided Find My iPhone was enabled. With used iPhones being sold at premiums, they had become attractive targets for thieves. In previous versions of iOS, an iPhone could be restored to its factory default state, making it easy to find a buyer. Despite changes in iOS 7, online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist continue to allow sales of … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Leo’s Fortune, Up Next, Wayward Souls and more!

Apps of the week

Welcome to another edition of the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week. It was a particularly strong week for game titles, flanked by an attractive new productivity app. This week we help Leo find his fortune, get a ride with Lyft, keep track of what's next on our to-do list and take on some epic battles. It is time for the Apps of the Week, for the week ending April 26th, 2014. … [Read more...]

How to disable iMessage when switching to Android

Read receipts iMessage

If you are an iPhone user that has decided to switch to Android, the transition can be an exercise in frustration if you have used Apple's iMessage service. Heck, sometimes iOS users have a love–hate relationship with Apple's SMS replacement. And herein lies the problem, iMessage essentially takes over the role of sending and receiving SMS messages. If you are on a limited texting plan, this makes for a great feature, since it does not count as a text. As long as you have unlimited data, you're good. For those who decide to test the waters with another platform, it's not that easy to break free from the clutches of iMessage. As a result, the first experience for folks switching from iPhone to Android has not been stellar. Imagine moving to … [Read more...]