Beats Music Preview

Beats Music Preview

The crowded streaming music service market that includes Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, iTunes Radio and others can add Beats Music among the available options to consumers. After pre-launch marketing that included the 49ers Colin Kaepernick and the infamous Richard Sherman, timing could not have been better for the Tuesday launch of the new service. Beats Music hopes they can wedge themselves in between the other services by being different. For one, there is no ad-supported version of Beats Music. It's a pay to play service, priced at $9.99, which is in line with the others. A partnership with AT&T lets their customers sign up for a discounted family plan, which costs $15 per month. AT&T customers can also take advantage of a rather … [Read more...]

Spark Camera Is Your App of the Week, Get It Free

Spark Camera

The App Store highlights some of the best and brightest apps in the App of the Week. Best of all, they offer you an opportunity to grab some fantastic paid titles for free. This week, the distinction goes to Spark Camera, fresh off their being listed among among the App Store Best of 2013 and an Apple Editors' Choice recipient. Spark Camera lets you shoot, edit and share beautiful movies, all in a matter of seconds. … [Read more...]

LG Rumored To Produce OLED Displays for iWatch


According to a new report from Korean site DDaily, LG has been tagged for the production of the display panel to be used in the oft-rumored iWatch from Apple. The website in question has pulled the story, leading to either two conclusions. It was factual and the company received a takedown request or the opposite, the publication did not trust the reporting. GFGames provides us with a cached version, providing details of the reporting, which alledges that LG will be the sole manufacturer of iWatch panels. … [Read more...]

The Crashing of iOS 7

31 flavors

From the inception of iOS 7, Apple's polarizing operating system has had its fair share of critics. The initial blowback from developers, early adopters and journalists subsided by the time it was launched. The public release brought a second wave of criticism, which for the most part was in response to the exceedingly bright icons, a stark interface and for some, a removal of some key features affecting productivity apps. Change is hard, but over time, you'll appreciate iOS 7, finding it impossible to even think about going back iOS 6. That was the general feedback offered by those who had spent months using iOS 7. I count myself among those who was critical at first. At some point, it clicked and it all made sense. That's what I told … [Read more...]

Are Safari Push Notifications Too Invasive?

Safari Push Notifications

Apple's Mavericks update released earlier this year saw a host of new features, including an update price (free) that couldn't be beat. As the iOS-ification of Apple's desktop operating system continues, one feature is starting to draw the ire of users. Safari notifications is a new feature that can have desktop notifications appear when a website has updated their content. It's sorta, kinda like an RSS update, but via notifications that appear in the right hand slide-out column on your Mac. For this to work, a website must enable Safari notifications. In doing so, they are required to push a pop-up asking for permission and it's these pop-ups that are generating their fair share of criticism. … [Read more...]

Free App Friday With Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam

We are bringing back an old favorite, Free App Friday, where we kickoff giveaways for some of the best iPhone and iPad apps. Starting things off in grand fashion, we are offering up (3) copies of Slow Shutter Cam, which currently sits atop the number one paid app list in the App Store. It's a wickedly cool app that allows you to create stunning motion blur effects, typically reserved for high end DSLRs, right from your iPhone.  To enter, simply stop by the contest thread and let us know what you typically photograph with your iPhone. Is it your child, landscapes, cars, food or selfies?. We'll announce the winners next Thursday. Not a member, join today. Not only can you take part in awesome contests, but you'll also enjoy a completely … [Read more...]

Rdio Goes Free, On The Web

Rdio iPhone

The imminent launch of Beats Music has caused a bit of stir amongst the streaming music market. Last month,  Spotify began offering free music on tablets and smartphones. Not looking to get left behind, Rdio has expanded their free offering to include free music streaming on the web. Now you can enjoy their service completely free from any web browser, provided you don't mind the occassional ad. … [Read more...]

How To Create the Ultimate Mac mini HTPC (Home Theater PC)

Watch Plex

Do you own a stack of DVDs or worse yet, a big media shelf hidden in your basement filled with movies you purchased throughout the years. With the advent of Netflix, content is at our fingertips, in just a few clicks. Netflix is a terrific service, but let's be honest, the library is far from complete and won't rival your personal library. And while your library of DVDs and Blu-Rays make up your favorite movies and TV shows, sitting down to watch a program can be time consuming and frustrating. DVDs are filled with advertising and trailers. There's also the hassle of getting up, locating your disc and waiting for your DVD to power-on. As a PS3 owner, that's usually followed by some sort of required software update. You own your movies and … [Read more...]

Google Play Movies and TV Released for iOS

Google Music and TV

The Google Play Store has long offered movies and TV shows as part of their store. While this worked perfectly well for those with an Android device, computer or Chromecast, there was no way to watch your purchased content on iOS devices. Today a new Google Play Movies and TV app for iOS is available in the App Store. There are a few key limitations, namely support for streaming is limited to Wi-Fi connections only. Google Music and TV is a free download in the App Store. I see this as being advantageous to those who are switching from Android to iOS and have invested in content in the Google Play Store ecosystem. Now that content is available on iOS. This app is also yet another sign of Google's commitment to providing … [Read more...]