Amazon Fire Phone Introduced With Bevy Of Services

Amazon Fire Phone video

Rumored for years, Amazon today announced their first smartphone, aptly titled the Amazon Fire Phone. The black slab design looks familiar, but also follows the design cues of the Fire TV which launched earlier this year. Taking place in Seattle, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos took the stage and focused on services, more so than specifications. With their massive online retail store, cloud services, streaming video and music services, Amazon is looking at their own hardware to help users leverage those services. … [Read more...]

MagiCam Promises Amazing Photos, Minimal Fuss


For over four years, Camera+ has been one of the most popular photography apps among iPhone users. It combined a camera app with powerful editing and sharing tools that has seen it become a fixture in the Top Paid Apps for Photo & Video. The developers at Tap Tap Tap are back with MagiCam, a camera app that promises great photos with minimal fuss. … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Slingshot Brings Forced Interaction To Messaging

Facebook Slingshot

After a false start out of the gate, Facebook has officially launched Slingshot, which many bill as an app intended to compete with Snapchat. At its core, Slingshot is about sharing photos and videos. That's where is differs somewhat from Facebook, the official app and Facebook Messenger. In what seems like a bit of a risky move, Slingshot has an interesting twist that will either drive user engagement or drive people away. … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 8 Beta 2

iOS 8 beta 5

Apple has released iOS 8 beta 2. The developer only release is the first major update to iOS 8. The changelog, available after the break, is one of the most extensive we've seen. Developers can access the new iOS 8 beta 2 either over the air or by downloading directly from Apple's developer portal. If you've yet to install iOS 8, we've outlined the process in our short guide on how to download and install iOS 8. You can discuss changes in this forum thread. … [Read more...]

How to view timestamp on iPhone messages

view timestamp on iPhone messages

It's not uncommon to go back through messages and find a time when you sent a specific message. By default, the Messages app on your iPhone will group your conversations. So while you'll have timestamps for the group of messages between you and a friend, family member or work contact, you will not have specifics as to when a specific message was sent or received. Let me clarify, that information is available, but it's not immediately visible within the thread. Here's how to view the timestamp on iPhone messages inĀ iOS 7. … [Read more...]

How to delete multiple or individual text messages on iOS 7

Delete individual messages iOS 7

As we discussed in our article on maintaining privacy when text messaging, one sure fire way to keep messages private is to delete them. In iOS 7, deleting messages on a thread level is easy and somewhat obvious. It's not always practical to delete an entire thread, when there might be just one message you'd like to remove from your iPhone. Thankfully, there are options for both, which we'll cover. Here's how to deleted entire message thread and delete individual messages on iOS 7 on your iPhone. … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Unread, Angry Birds Epic, FIFA and more!

Angry Birds Epic

Summer is on the horizon and things are heating up in the App Store. This week, we join our favorite birds in an adventure, delight in the simplicity of RSS, follow our favorite football soccer team and celebrate the rebirth of click and point adventure. It's time for the the apps of the week for June 14th, 2014. … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Photos Of 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch models

iPhone 6 gold

The steady stream of photos alledgedly depicting the iPhone 6, continued today with images shared by Sonny Dickson. These show both the 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch models of the iPhone 6, side by side. Unfortunately, we don't get a comparison of the current iPhone 5s with these new models, which would provide a better perspective of the increase in size. … [Read more...]

Target Offering 25 Percent Off Beats Music Gift Cards

Beats Music Target deal

Target is running a sale on Beats Music gift cards, offering 25 percent off either the $50 or $25 gift cards. If you are a Target REDcard holder, you can save an additional 5 percent. Shortly after Apple acquired Beats, they lowered the yearly subscription to $99 per year. You can purchase (2) $50 gift cards for $75 (or less) and enjoy a year of Beats Music. … [Read more...]

How to maintain privacy when text messaging on iPhone

Privacy Text Messaging iPhone

When it comes to apps that get regular use, the Messages app might very well trump even the Phone app. We've increasingly become a text message culture. Why call, when I just send a quick text? It's faster than sending an email and messages seem to have an immediacy that you don't get with mail. Whether it's for business or personal, it's easy to see the appeal of text messaging as compared to other forms of communication. When information flows so freely, the unintended consequences could be revealing information you would have preferred to keep private. Information about a merger in a business setting, a friendly message from an ex which not not be so popular with your significant other. These are types of messages that can have a severe … [Read more...]