iOS 8 Boosts Privacy By Using Randomized MAC Addresses

Randomized MAC addresses

When you overhaul your operating system each year, the keynote simply isn't long enough to detail every single change. One of the small, yet notable changes should resonate with privacy features. Developer Federic Jacobs shares this slide regarding MAC Addresses and what's changed in iOS 8. Changes to Wi-Fi scanning behavior will ensure privacy by not sharing your Mac address. … [Read more...]

Apple Shares Video Highlighting Mac OS X Yosemite

Mac OS X Yosemite

Apple today shared a video on YouTube which highlights the major design changes to Mac OS X Yosemite, which made its debut at WWDC 2014. It's a short visual showcase of the new user interface. The visual elements bring an overall flatter design, with a heavy use of transparency throughout. Icons have also undergone a big changes, with Apple borrowing some from the iOS 7. … [Read more...]

How to reorder lists and sort reminders in iOS 7

sort reminders in iOS 7

The handy Reminders app in iOS 7 is simple, yet robust way to manage your to-do lists between your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Heck, with the web based Reminders app, even PC users can manage their busy lives from their desktop computers. It's not uncommon, nor is it difficult, to create ten or more lists. There is tremendous value to having multiple lists, each created with a specific set of tasks in mind. While you can use the search feature to seek out a specific reminder, grouping like-minded reminders is probably the best method from managing your day to day. Taking this one step further, you can reorder your lists and sort your reminders by priority. This should help keep you focused on your most important tasks. … [Read more...]

iOS 8 Maps Improvements Stalled Due To Personnel Issues, Poor Planning

Maps iOS 7 black iPhone

Apple's WWDC 2014 featured over two hours of presentations on new software features for iOS and Mac OS X. It was a keynote filled with changes celebrated by developers and consumers, who welcomed Apple's shift to a more open iOS. Many of the rumored features were announced, including a big health initiative, that could gain traction later this year if Apple launches the much anticipated wearable device. Despite all of the positive news coming out the Moscone Center, there was little said about the Maps application, other than new vector maps and improvements in China. So what happened and why are we still waiting for the world-class map experience promised by Tim Cook? … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Tweet Seeker, Sky Force, Oscilab and more!

Apps of the week

WWDC dominated the week, but developers learning about all of the cool new stuff from Cupertino didn't take a break from release great new apps for the iPhone and iPad. We turn Tetris on its head, engage in destruction that only Sky Force can deliver, make some serious awesome music with Oscilab and so much more. It is time for the apps of the week for June 6th, 2014. … [Read more...]

Apple Acquires Social Search Engine Spotsetter


Apple has acquired Spotsetter, a company who has developed a social search engine that provides users with personalized recommendations on places to go. Its capabilities include layering of social data on maps. As Apple continues to build out their own Maps app, one could easily see the importance of extending that experience by layering social data. Places is one such place for improvement, making Spotsetter a target for Apple. … [Read more...]

Apple Eyes October Launch For Wearable Device


Multiple sources have confirmed that Apple is planning the launch of their new wearable device for October, which will dovetail with the new health monitoring features found in Earlier today, Nikkei reported that Apple is in the process of finalizing specs for a new watch-like wearable device that will run iOS 8, with devices hitting the market in October. John Paczkowski reporting for re/code confirmed the October target date. … [Read more...]

Philips Hue Widget Concept Shows Access From Notification Center

Philips Hue widget

Developers from Philips are already hard at work developing for iOS 8 and decided to provide us with a concept prototype for accessing your Philips Hue lighting system from iPhone. The image shows a Hue widget on the 'Today' screen in Notification Center. For now, there are only four light scenes. Presumably, Philips could allow more that would either get stacked or in a best case, would be accessible by scrolling. For those with a Philips Hue lights, you are all to familiar with how lights get controlled under iOS 7. It requires unlocking your iOS device, opening the app and selecting your scene. If you have a busy home screen, hunting for the app adds time, which isn't great when you are only trying to change a scene or turn off your … [Read more...]

iOS Basics: How to mark reminders as completed on iPhone and hide them

Create reminders iPhone

The Reminders app is a handy way to manage your to-do lists. As you start to create new lists and add reminders, it becomes just as important to delete them. It's easy to add items, but getting things done requires checking off those important tasks. While creating scheduled reminders can certainly help, it's a good idea to visit your lists daily and update your lists. Here's how to mark reminders as completed and hide them in your lists. A basic, yet incredibly important tip for individuals serious about getting the most from the Reminders app. … [Read more...]

iOS 8 Should Make Third-Party Browser Apps Faster

Alternative browsers to Safari

Apple's Nitro JavaScript engine is one of the primary reasons why Safari has been able to outpace alternative web browsers for iOS, but that's about to change. With iOS 8, Apple is no longer restricting use of the engine, letting developers seize upon the opportunity to speed up their browsers. iOS 7 had API restrictions in place, but one developer noted these were removed in iOS 8. … [Read more...]