WSJ: iWatch Has 10 Sensors, Will Come In Multiple Screen Sizes


According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple's upcoming 'iWatch' wearable device will feature no less than 10 sensors, allowing it to track health and fitness data. Reuters had reported that mass production of the iWatch was reportedly starting in July at Quanta Computer, Inc. in Taiwan. Sources speaking to the WSJ say that trial production runs are starting next month that will ramp up in two to three months. Both news outlets suggest the iWatch could launch as early as October, with Apple expected to ship up to 15 million units by years end. Apple's first foray into wearable devices will likely come in multiple screen sizes, though specifications for the iWatch have yet to be finalized. … [Read more...]

iOS 8 To Allow Manual Camera Controls In Third Party Apps

iPhone 5s camera

Apple is making a major change in iOS 8, offering developers new APIs which enable access to manual camera controls. This move will allow for expansive manual control through third party applications that would let users to change ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance and exposure. The new AVCaptureDevice APIs allow developer access to previously hidden controls. … [Read more...]

Apple iWatch Launch Early As October, features 2.5-inch display, wireless charging, pulse sensor

iWatch concept

According to a report today from Reuters, Apple's iWatch launch as early as October, with mass production of the wearable starting in July. Apple will reportedly tap Quanta Computer, Inc for the manufacturing. Quanta currently works with Apple on building laptops and iPods. In addition to a release timeframe, sources have shared details regarding the specifications of Apple's wearable device that has been dubbed the iWatch. … [Read more...]

Apple To Make iCloud Photo Storage Affordable With iOS 8

iCloud storage prices

Photo sharing site Flickr lists the iPhone 5/5s/4s/4 as the most popular cameras for taking and uploading pictures. They are flanked by the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. This isn't terribly surprising. For one, the old adage that the best camera is the one with you applies here, but there's more. With each new iPhone, we've seen improvements in the image quality coming from our phones. Not only is it incredibly convenient, since you always have it with you, but your iPhone can produce amazing results. I won't even touch on the seemingly endless number of fantastic photo apps and filters in the App Store. iPhoneography has exploded and that should continue to flourish with the iPhone 6. As we find ourselves taking more and more pictures, storage and … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Says Select Music Streaming Services Won’t Run Up Your Data Usage

iTunes Radio

With so many streaming music services, it's yet another way for customers to run up their data usage. Although T-Mobile offers unlimted data, a portion of that data is offered at 4G LTE speeds. So while having 'unlimited', users are still left to manage their usage if they wish to maximize their return. That's going to get a bit easier, thanks to changes in T-Mobile's handling of some streaming music services. … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Test Drive Lets You Try iPhone 5s For 7 Days

T-Mobile Test Drive

As part of their UN-Carrier 5 event, T-Mobile tonight announced Test Drive, a new program that will let customers test an iPhone 5s for 7 days. By allowing prospective customers to experience T-Mobile's network, they wireless carrier hopes to convert fence sitters from AT&T and Verizon. During the 7-day period, customers will be allowed unlimited calls, texts, posts, likes, streams and downloads. Should you decide that T-Mobile isn't right for you, you simply return the iPhone 5s to your nearest T-Mobile retail store. … [Read more...]

Amazon Fire Phone Introduced With Bevy Of Services

Amazon Fire Phone video

Rumored for years, Amazon today announced their first smartphone, aptly titled the Amazon Fire Phone. The black slab design looks familiar, but also follows the design cues of the Fire TV which launched earlier this year. Taking place in Seattle, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos took the stage and focused on services, more so than specifications. With their massive online retail store, cloud services, streaming video and music services, Amazon is looking at their own hardware to help users leverage those services. … [Read more...]

MagiCam Promises Amazing Photos, Minimal Fuss


For over four years, Camera+ has been one of the most popular photography apps among iPhone users. It combined a camera app with powerful editing and sharing tools that has seen it become a fixture in the Top Paid Apps for Photo & Video. The developers at Tap Tap Tap are back with MagiCam, a camera app that promises great photos with minimal fuss. … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Slingshot Brings Forced Interaction To Messaging

Facebook Slingshot

After a false start out of the gate, Facebook has officially launched Slingshot, which many bill as an app intended to compete with Snapchat. At its core, Slingshot is about sharing photos and videos. That's where is differs somewhat from Facebook, the official app and Facebook Messenger. In what seems like a bit of a risky move, Slingshot has an interesting twist that will either drive user engagement or drive people away. … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 8 Beta 2

iOS 8 beta 5

Apple has released iOS 8 beta 2. The developer only release is the first major update to iOS 8. The changelog, available after the break, is one of the most extensive we've seen. Developers can access the new iOS 8 beta 2 either over the air or by downloading directly from Apple's developer portal. If you've yet to install iOS 8, we've outlined the process in our short guide on how to download and install iOS 8. You can discuss changes in this forum thread. … [Read more...]