Photos Show Purported 5.5-inch iPhone 6L Front Panel, Battery

iPhone 6L

New photos showing various parts of the purported 5.5-inch iPhone 6L have showed up on Chinese website Apple Daily. The website claims that the larger of the two new iPhones will be called the iPhone 6L. The site has provided images of the front panel, battery and the supposed logic board. While we've seen a seemingly steady stream of part leaks for the 4.7-inch model, parts from the rumored 5.5-inch model have been sparse, calling into question the veracity of rumors that it would launch next month. The front display panel is shown next to the 4.7-inch model. It has the appearances of being narrow. The panel cover is shown being held and does not appear to look overly large, despite the phablet size. One of the more notable … [Read more...]

Apple Considering Sapphire Displays For iPhone 6

iPhone screen damage

Apple is reportedly considering using sapphire for displays on the its new iPhone due next month and the forthcoming wearable. Apple has been investing heavily in the material, working with GT Advanced Technologies, the company which runs operations at an Mesa, Arizona based manufacturing plant created by the two. Earlier this year, the two had equipped the facilities with the necessary equipment for large scale deployment of sapphire crystal parts. According to the Wall Street Journal, production of the new displays are expected to begin this month, possibly destined for the iPhone 6. … [Read more...]

How to accept or send a calendar invite on iPhone or iPad

Send Calendar invites on iPhone

The Calendar app on your iOS device can be used to share calendars between family members or collaborating with a workgroup for business. These two forms of group calendars can often lead to your receiving event invitations or wanting to send your own. The Calendars app can make for a truly collaborative hub for organizing events, meetings and more. Here's how to send or accept a calendar invite on iPhone or iPad using iOS 7/8. … [Read more...]

Extreme Close-Ups Of iPhone 6 Parts Show Tapered Display, New Buttons

iPhone 6 parts

Just weeks away from the official introduction of the next generation iPhone(s), new high resolution photos have emerged that provide a close-up look at the power button, mute switch, SIM card tray and display. Feld & Volk, a company that specializes in building custom designed iPhones, are the source of the new images. They have previously shared photos and video of the rear shell, which match up with the most recent iPhone 6 rear shell photos. The most revealing image is this close up of the display panel, which seems destined for the 4.7-inch model. It clearly shows the display having a tapered edge. Again, we're seeing parts for the smaller of the two iPhones, with no part leaks showing up for the rumored 5.5-inch iPhablet. The … [Read more...]

Best Look Yet At Purported iPhone 6 Rear Shell

iPhone 6 camera rear

New high resolution photos of the purported back shell of the iPhone 6 have been published on Twitter by reputed Apple leaker Sonny Dickson. The images were posted without comment, but follow a long trail of product mock-ups and part leaks, suggesting this may be the final design of the iPhone 6. Dickson's track record is quite good and with the anticipated launch happening next month, it wouldn't be surprising if it matched the design. The images show a back shell that looks extremely worn, scuffed and likely damaged. With security at Foxconn on high alert, perhaps the damage made it easier to acquire, but that's pure speculation. Looking at the rear shell, you can see that it has a camera that protrudes from the body. This had been … [Read more...]

How to edit and show birthdays on iPad and iPhone calendar

Birthdays iPhone

The Calendars can prove to be incredibly useful. In addition to helping to organize your busy schedule, the app can also help remind you of birthdays of family, friends and those in your life who are important. All of the information is stored in iCloud, so you'll have access from any of your iOS devices. By setting up birthdays in iCloud, you'll never forget to send good wishes to the ones you love. We'll show you how to enable the birthdays calendar, how to turn on Facebook birthdays and how to make edits in iOS 7. … [Read more...]

Apple Suppliers Start Production of New iPads With Anti-Reflective Coating

new iPads anti-reflective

Apple has reportedly had their suppliers begin mass production of their next generation full-size iPad. The 9.7-inch iPad will likely get introduced by year's end, according to unnamed sources speaking to Bloomberg. One of the new features is said to be an anti-reflective coating, which could pose manufacturing problems. The new display is intended to make reading easier in sunlight. Apple's executive team have been particularly vocal about the companies upcoming products, professing it to be the strongest in years. At the re/code conference in May, Apple SVP Eddy Cue was excited about the new products. “Later this year, we’ve got the best product pipeline I’ve seen at Apple, my 25 years at Apple." Earlier in the year, Cook … [Read more...]

Apple Stores Offering On-Site iPhone 5s Screen Replacements

iPhone screen damage

Apple Stores are reportedly beginning to offer iPhone 5s screen replacements on-site, with repairs being completed in under an hour. Customers are being offered to replace their damaged screens with an entirely new display. The service is being rolled out to stores across the US. Prior to this new on-site replacement service, Apple employees would have to send out a customers iPhone 5s for repair, which could take upwards of 5 days. … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone Event on September 9th

iPhone event

According to re/code, Apple will hold an iPhone event on September 9th. The scheduling has yet to be confirmed by the onslaught of invites received by members of the media, but that should come soon enough. Of course, this will likely bring announcements of the iPhone 6. Months of rumors suggest Apple will make major changes, both in the size and form factor. If the leaked schematics are correct, you can expect the new iPhone to be thinner and include rounded edges in keeping with the design of the iPod touch. Developing... … [Read more...]