With the holiday season in full swing, there are a number of great free iPhone apps that will bring you the best in festive, holiday music. Here are a few of our favorites this holiday season. Within minutes, you’ll be streaming holiday classics, comptemporary holiday hits or artists and songs you can customize.

Holiday Music iPhone apps


Pandora: Free
With a free account, setting up Pandora is a breeze. Select ‘New Station‘ and ‘Holiday‘, then you’ll have an assortment of channels.


  • Christmas
  • Classic Christmas
  • R&B and Pop Holidays
  • Country Christmas
  • Rockin’ Holidays
  • Swingin’ Christmas
  • Family Christmas
  • Christian Contemporary
  • Indie Holidays
  • Jazz Holidays
  • Peaceful Holidays
  • Electronic Holidays
  • Navidad Latina
  • Christmas Blues
  • Folk Holidays
  • Hanukkah
  • Today’s Christmas
  • Gospel Christmas
  • Soulful Holidays

Select any of the above and holiday hits will stream festivity to your iPhone. If you select ‘Edit‘, Pandora allows you to search and add specific songs and/or artists to further refine your holiday music.

Holiday iPhone apps

Slacker Radio: Free
Similar to Pandora, Slacker Radio allows you to create your own Radio Station. Select ‘Seasonal” and you’ll find a list that includes:

Custom holiday iPhone app

  • Holiday Classics
  • Holiday Party
  • Contemporary Holiday
  • Country Holiday
  • R&B/Soul Holiday
  • Rock/Alt. Holiday
  • Classical Holiday
  • Jazz Holiday
  • Dysfunctional Holiday

When selecting a category, Slacker Radio allows you to select artists within that category. As you see below, my Christmas 2011 station has a nice eclectic mix of Bing Crosby, Elvis, Ryan Adams, Radiohead and more.

Holiday music artists

TuneIn Radio: Free
This app doesn’t allow for creation of your own station, but you can select from a list of radio stations based on genre. Select ‘Music’ and then ‘Christmas’ for stations offering 24/7 streaming of holiday hits.

TuneIn Radio

Download one or download them all. Pandora scores points for being the easiest to setup and they present a nice selection of holiday hits that will be a sure fire hit for any holiday party. If you have an Apple TV, all of these apps allow you to use AirPlay to send your station to your TV. These are all useful apps, but our favorite is Slacker Radio. The ability to refine our favorite genre of Christmas tracks by artist makes this app a hit this holiday season.