NY Times Joins Others, Says New Smaller iPad Coming

NY Times Joins Others, Says New Smaller iPad Coming
Not to be left out, the NY Times this weekend joined the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reporting that Apple is developing a new smaller iPad which will sell for significantly less than the new iPad (third generation).

The Times cites “people with knowledge of the product” who say it will indeed be a 7.85-inch display. The release date, coupled with an announcement are scheduled for later this year.

Much has been made about Apple’s determination to compete with the Kindle Fire, which is priced at just $199. Sales of said tablet have never been released, making it difficult to award the product any label of success that would necessitate the need for Apple to consider a smaller sized iPad. Google’s Nexus 7 is the latest entry into the low-cost, smaller tablet market and along with comes plenty of fanfare. Their ability to get the Nexus 7 into brick and mortar stores such as Staples could help bolster sales, but again it’s hard to say if they will see success at the magnitude of the iPad.

What Apple could be doing is competing with the sum of all these various products. Rather then build a smaller tablet to compete with the Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 or [insert name of next so-called low-cost iPad killer], they release a moderate priced iPad that puts a virtual end to discussion that Apple will have a problem competing in the low-end or value tablet market. It’s also a great opportunity to get people locked into the ecosystem. There are plenty of people on the sidelines who haven’t purchased a tablet due to cost. Look no further then what happened when HP lowered the price of the TouchPad. There is an increased demand when the price point is lowered. If Apple enters with a sub-$250 tablet, coupled with the App Store ecosystem, it would leave very little room for competitors to compete.

Source: NY Times

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