In the midst of the NHL Playoffs, iOS and the NHL are here to make your game watching entertainment even better.  The NHL GameCenter 2011-2012 app gives you access to videos, schedules, statistics, news and much more.  If you’re a hockey fan and watching the NHL Playoffs, get to the app store and download this app now.

NHL GameCenter iPhone review

So Much App, So Little Time
This app is fully loaded, and that’s putting it gently.  Main navigation includes the following screens; Playoffs, Games, Schedules, Videos, and News.  From each screen there are sub-screens, sub-screens within them, and so on.  Rather than discuss where things are, lets talk about what’s available.  With the playoffs only lasting a couple months, you’ll need to get in there now and learn to use this app.  Let me help.

Playoff Screen
The playoff screen will show a featured video along with current series – split up by Eastern and Western Divisions.  Clicking on one of these will bring you into a deeper level, showing the details of the series including the scheduled dates of each game.  Clicking on a game in progress will bring you to a GameCast view where the ice, score, clock, and goal progress are shown.

Game Screen
At this point you’re in the “Games” section.  There’s a lot going on in the screen here, but it’s organized well and lends itself to being easily understood.   Clicking on either teams logo will bring you to a whole new “Team” section where Rosters, Stats, Schedules, Merchandise, Arenas, and Tickets can be viewed.

Schedules Screen
Simply enough, this screen will show all currently scheduled series, which at the moment is pretty limited.  Clicking on any of them will bring you back into the Game Screen discussed above.

Video Screen
The video screen will give a selection of video based on the League or specific Teams.  The League Videos are broken up into “Quick Picks”, “Best Of”, “NHL Interview and Analysis”, “Condensed Games”, “Discover-Day with the Cup”, and “Cisco NHL Live (Free)”.  In order to watch Video Highlights and Condensed games, you will need to upgrade to a GameCenter Premium account which can be done through the Settings screen.  The Team Videos are broken up into “Locker Room Access”, “Coach’s Corner”, and “Off the Ice.”  These can be watched without the upgrade.  This is a nice way to watch your NHL Videos in one place.

Other Features
Within the app, a few icons in the top right will allow you to see League Leaders and Standings, Listen to live audio, Watch Live Video, or change some settings.  For the playoffs, the video option is disabled as the networks own full rights to the games.  From the Settings page, you can Login to your NHL GameCenter Premium account if you have one.   If not, as mentioned above, this is a one-time $4.99 in-app purchase. 

With most features being free, this app is completely supplemental to your normal viewing experience on the television.  Allowing you to checkup on schedules, scores, and stats, NHL GameCenter 2011 – 2012 can do nothing but make your NHL Playoffs better.  Because of this, there is nothing to complain about and a lot to be happy for.  This app gets a 9/10.

NHL GameCenter 2011-2012 is a free app available for download from the app store now.