Next generation Apple TV won’t launch until 2015

Despite rumors to the contrary, the next generation Apple TV won’t make its way to living rooms until sometime in 2015. According to The Information (subscription), Apple’s plans to include access to broadcast content required deals with major cable companies, who thus far have yet to show interest in hammering out a deal.

4th gen Apple TV

Earlier this year, reports had Time Warner negotiating with Apple on such a deal. Shortly after, the cable company was acquired by Comcast, which could have impacted the status of the negotiations.

Changes to the fourth generation Apple TV are said to include a new upgraded interface that would make for easy navigation between TV shows, movies and content channels. Broadcast TV would be a new feature, in addition to the ever-increasing streaming channels offered. Little in the way of UI changes have found their way to the Apple TV, despite consistent iOS updates being delivered.

The current 3rd generation Apple was first introduced in March, 2012, with a minor update in January, 2013. Despite its age, Apple has shown a renewed interest in its hobby, highlighting it on the Apple Store. Recent competition from Amazon Fire and the aggressive price points of the Roku have not seen a response from Cupertino.

The Information reports that Apple now has 2015 as their release timeline, provided they are able to finalize the all-important content deals needed to offer broadcast streaming.

Source: The Information

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