New iPhone: Bigger Screen, Thinner and includes new dock connector

A report today from iLounge whose sources have offered up a few details surrounding the upcoming iPhone. This being the 6th generation iPhone, which some have dubbed the iPhone 5, might end up following in the footsteps of the iPad when it comes to naming conventions. The new iPhone, as it might be dubbed, will see some major changes.

new iPhone

They indicate the new iPhone will be longer and thinner, with approximate sizes at about 125mm by 58.5mm. The width of the new iPhone will remain the same. The proposed tear drop rumor is just that – with Apple instead retaining the flat design. Added to the back will be a metal panel, so they would be doing away with the glass.

On the front of the device, Apple will move to Gorilla Glass 2, at least partially. This allows for similar strength and it will be thinner.

new iPhone dock

Finally, as originally reported by iMore, Apple will make a change to the dock connector. Gone will be the familiar 30-pin dock that has been a staple in iOS devices. The new dock will be smaller and rounded.

Source: iLounge


  1. Christopher Meinck says

    The Skyrocket is a 4.5 inch display. I could see that being a nice size. My thinking was that Apple would move to something in the area of a 4-inch display to allow for one-handed operation. That seems lost these days among other manufacturers. I have a Samsung Focus which is a nicely sized phone.

  2. iamtko says

    i hope the mockup isn’t true to the design. the mockup looks really skinny. i do want a bigger phone, however i would also like it to be wider and to be honest i dont feel like that is even a big enough difference from the current iphone to make a difference.. i think people want bigger now, whereas in the 90’s it was all about smaller.

    there has to be a perfect size but i am not convinced that this is it.

    oh and i hate the new dock connector. too small can make problems for iphone stands and such because it wont offer much in the way of support. the current connector helps keep the phone from wavering.

  3. Pixelologist says

    I agree. It certainly looks as if there’s enough space – at least on the face of it – to rejigger things and fit a larger screen there without increasing the height of the phone so much. I really think the current version is big enough – larger and it starts to get troublesome to fit into pockets.

    I’m also not very fond of the two-tone back…and the fact that in this mockup the metal backplate doesn’t line up (top and bottom) with the screen on the front leads me to believe this isn’t the way it’s going to look. Apple pays a LOT of attention to details like that.

    I’ll likely be getting the next iphone no matter what it looks like as my wife’s is dying and she wants to inherit mine. But I do hope that the one pictured here isn’t what we end up with.

  4. Michael Baturin says

    I don’t know about the smaller dock connector. It completely goes against what apple is all about – building a high quality and high performing ecosystem. If you change the dock connector, you give people a reason not to buy an iPad/iPod Touch etc..

  5. says

    Changing the dock connector is definitely a problem for old accessories, but seeing as they’re changing the overall form factor — at least slightly — it makes sense to do it now, as a lot of old cases and docks won’t fit anyway. And yeah, seeing a magsafe version would be fantastic.

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