New iPad Apps Massively Swell In Size

With the introduction of the Retina Display for the new iPad, we knew apps were going to get bigger, but just how much? That same Vietnamese site that brought us an early view of the new iPad has shared some screenshots from the new device, but also revealed how big updated apps are, and they’re huge.

These applications are developed by Apple has been upgraded to support the Retina screen, for example with Keynote (iWork software sets), this application previously only content of 115MB but its latest version is 327MB. Numbers from 109MB or 283MB up to, from 95MB to 269MB Pages, iMovie from 70MB to 404MB. On average, these applications increased 2.5 to 3 times the older versions mostly to support the Retina Display resolution, besides adding some new features.

That’s not the only source for this information. iPadInsight is reporting similar growth, but with different specific numbers:

– Tweetbot: 22.2MB before the retina display update – 40.9MB after update

– Numbers: 207MB before – 401MB after

– Pages: 153MB before – 364MB after

While the precise numbers may be up for discussion, it looks like apps are at least doubling in size, and possible even tripling. That’s a huge size increase, and one that should be taken into consideration when thinking about how big of storage you’ll want on your new iPad.

[via MacRumors]


  1. says

    Magazines are definitely going to be interesting. So many of them are already huge, and just seem to be a render of each page at the correct size. Once you bump that up to Retina Display level? It’s going to be enormous. Hopefully it’ll force companies to transition to HTML5 or something similar, so stories can render at whatever resolution is appropriate, regardless of device.

  2. Bazza1 says

    So with Apple (and, one assumes, 3rd Party) Apps doubling or tripling in size to accommodate the retina display, in essence the buyer of the ‘new and improved’ iPad is getting 1/2 to 2/3rds less user storage (with no new ports for up’ing that) for the same old price?

    Glad I have no plans of ‘upgrading’ from my iPad2.

  3. RayCon says

    Well, my iPad 2 is 64GB and already so maxed out that I’ve had to decide between what I really want/need on it and what I would just like to have on it. I’ll have to remove most of the music and rely on my iPhone and iPod touch for that. Apple’s apps my be relegated to my iMac and MacBook Air. Apps that provide similar functionality will need serious scrutiny to decide who stays and who goes. I could probably remove half of the games? Oh, geez, would it have been that hard to offer a 128GB version?

  4. says

    Moving movies to the cloud seems to be one way apple recognized and solved for the increased app size. I used to store all my workout videos on my iPad. Now I can just have them ready to go "from the cloud". Questions are 1. Do your own uploaded movies go into cloud and 2. Can movies be downloaded via 4G LTE from the cloud?

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