New HTC Phones Delayed In Customs Due To Previous Apple Patent Infringement

HTC sent out a short note to media outlets last night informing them of delays to shipments of the HTC One X for AT&T and the HTC 4G LTE for Sprint. The delay is related to a case last year where HTC was found to be guilty of patent infringement related to the iPhone. The result of which had the US International Trade Commission ruling that all future phones found in violation to be block from entering the US. HTC for their part believe they have a software workaround that no longer violates Apple’s patents. This was implemented in both of these phones. It’s unclear if Apple believes HTC’s fix is sufficient enough to no longer be in violation of their patent.

US Customs

The HTC One X has already been released and was available in the US, but stock was limited. The EVO 4G LTE was due to hit stores on May 18th. Both are now shown as out of stock and will be until this can get resolved.

“The US availability of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to a standard U.S. Customs review of shipments that is required after an ITC exclusion order. We believe we are in compliance with the ruling and HTC is working closely with Customs to secure approval. The HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE have been received enthusiastically by customers and we appreciate their patience as we work to get these products into their hands as soon as possible.”

The HTC One X was announced months back, had been available in Europe, so it should have be clear to all parties if HTC were still in violation. This could be a simple misunderstanding or something much more.

Source: Phonescoop via Everything Android

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