NetShare iPhone Tethering App Removed From iPhone App Store

In what could only be termed as bizarre, Nullriver’s NetShare application has been removed once from the iPhone App Store, only to reappear and then disappear again. Apple has not released a statement as to why it’s been pulled, but one can only speculate that it in some way violates the SDK or perhaps Apple has put the app back into review.

The NetShare app allowed iPhone owners to tether the iPhone to a laptop. In basic terms, you can surf the web with your laptop using the iPhone’s internet connection. The app would only support Safari, but the company promised PC compatibility with an upcoming release. Although, there have been some users having success with Windows XP.

Using a laptop would of course mean that you would be using more bandwidth and this could be the source of the removal. Again, no official confirmation from any party of the reason for the removal. If the app was pulled, where does this leave people who purchased the app and would be looking for updates? If Apple pulls the app, it puts both owners of the app and the developer in an very awkward position.


via MacRumors