Mother’s Day 2012 takes place on May 13th this year, so it’s time to start thinking about what gifts are ideal to celebrate our Mom’s. Gone are the days when flowers, perfume or jewelry were the only safe bets. Regardless of age, there are more and more mothers who are tech savvy or enjoy the ease of use of iOS devices. So if you are looking for suggestions as to what to get your Mom, read our Mother’s Day iPhone and iPad Gift Guide for tips. But hurry, Sunday is right around the corner.

Mother's Day iPhone and iPad Gift Guide

Letting Mom know you care doesn’t always have to be costly. Greeting cards are old school, so amp up the love with a personalized greeting card from Apple. Using the free Cards app, you can insert a special photo along with a message. Having used Cards on a number of occasions, I can say from personal experience that they are big hits. I use Cards to send photos of their granddaughter, which invariably end up as a staple on their refrigerator. For $2.99, there is no better value or way to express your gratitude to Mom for all she’s done.

Apple Cards

iTunes Gift Cards
The iTunes Store has so much to offer and gift cards are the gateway to new music, apps, movies or TV shows. This way, Mom can pick her favorites, be it the new Adele record or a camera app. An iTunes Gift Card puts Mom in charge, as it should be.

iTunes Gift Cards

Personalized iPhone Case
Best Buy, Apple and even our very own everythingiCafe Store offers a slew of iPhone cases. Plenty of them are very good and would be nice to receive as a gift. There are a number of websites that offer custom personalized iPhone cases. Like Cards, this allows you to personalize your gift. My incredibly thoughtful nieces created a custom case for my wife using a photo of our then 4 month old baby Ava. This year she’ll qualify as a Mom. Her response upon receiving this gift, “This is the best case ever, the best gift ever”. There’s no reason to think that your Mom won’t enjoy it. You can order them from Case-Mate, with delivery in time for Mother’s Day. They offer a choice between three popular designs: Barely There Case, Tough Case or ID Case. You can upload your photo directly from your computer or a favorite photo service.

Custom iPhone case

Get Mom a new iPhone
If you are the manager of cellphones for your family, then you can pull off the delicate maneuver of upgrading Mom to new iPhone 4S. The new iPhone 5 is still months away and Mom will love the incredible high quality photos that remove the need for a point and shoot camera. Mom’s work harder than anyone, so why not give them a personal assistant and Siri is up for the task.

new iPhone

iPad 2 or iPad 3
In the past, normally I would recommend the latest model when it comes to technology. While the retina display on the iPad 3 is stunning, there is significant value and quality in the iPad 2, which makes it worthy of consideration. Depending on your budget and these are certainly on the high side, a new iPad will put a smile on Mom that is sure to last well beyond the lifespan of flowers.

new iPad

We owe a debt of gratitude to our Mom’s and we should celebrate them throughout the year. On this Sunday, we hope you’ll use this gift guide to get the perfect gift that special mom in your life.