More Evidence That Apple Is Making Their Own iOS Map

Despite recent confirmation from Google that they’re sticking with providing maps for iOS, the old rumor that Apple will make their own GPS/Mapping app has reared its ugly head again. This time it comes via the folks at MacRumors who have sifted through the legalese for iOS 5, and found reference to a number of other mapping companies. Tucked away in a new section called “map data”, were references to the following GPS and mapping companies:

• CoreLogic offers Parcel data which marks boundaries for of properties to provide positional accuracy in location-based solutions.
• Getchee provides location and market data on China, India and Southeast Asia.
• Increment P Corp provides location and traffic data for Japan.
• Localeze provides local business listings.
• MapData Sciences Pty Ltd. Inc provides mapping data for Australia and New Zealand.
• DMTI provides postal code data for Canada.
• TomTom offers global TeleAtlas mapping data which is also licensed by Google for their map solution.
• Urban Mapping provides in-depth neighborhood data such as crime, demographics, school performance, economic indicators and more.
• Waze offers real-time maps and traffic information based on crowd sourced data.

This doesn’t mean for sure that Apple will be looking at any of these other companies to help them move away from Google, but it does raise an eyebrow.

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