Microsoft Office Coming To The iPad

According to The Daily, Microsoft is prepping their well known Office suite for the iPad. Microsoft has a number of popular apps in the App Store and millions of Mac/PC owners currently use Office. Expectations are that the release would join a new desktop version, presumable Office 2012 for Mac, with increased support for Lion. The current Office for Mac 2011 was plagued with a number of issues upon the release of Lion.

Office for iPad

The app would likely work with Office 365 and the price point could be similar to Apple’s iWork suite, bringing the cost to roughly $10 per app.

This seems like a smart move for Microsoft, considering Apple’s current market share in tablets at over 80 percent. For iPad users looking to edit Office documents, alternative apps such as Documents To Go are available today in the App Store. If Microsoft Office for iPad gets released, it would open up a new revenue stream for the Redmond based company.

Source: The Daily via The Verge

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