Microsoft apparently wants to help pay for your Apple iPhone 3G S, or iPhone 3G for that matter. One of our iPhone forum members discovered that AT&T is a willing participant in Microsoft’s BING Cashback program. Once you join (and it’s free), you can receive 35% cashback on purchases at AT&T. We went through the process and it appears to be on the up and up. We’re just waiting to confirm that our 35%  cashback award will get deposited after purchasing a $399 iPhone 3G S. That would mean a cashback bonus of $139.50, meaning the iPhone 3G S will be a more affordable $259.50. Of course, if you are a new customer, that number will be even less. Details on how to take part are after the break. You can check in this forum thread to see how others fare, but it certainly appears as if Microsoft is willing to help cover the cost of your iPhone purchase.

Save on iPhone 3G S with Bing

We offer no guarantees, but it certainly sounds good to us.

Steps to joining BING’s cashback program, purchasing an iPhone and receiving cashback.

  1. Visit Bing and sign up for a Cashback account. You’ll need a Windows Live ID, we used our Hotmail account.
  2. Once you have an account, login and then proceed to
  3. Search for ATT.
  4. Click on the Sponsored Search Result that denotes the Bing Cashback.
  5. Enter your Bing email address and you will be redirected to AT&T wireless.
  6. If you have an existing account, login and proceed with your purchase. If you are a new customer, then proceed to order the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S.
  7. Complete your purchase.
  8. Login to your BING Cashback account in 1-2 days. You should see the cashback bonus in your account.


Again, we make no guarantees on how this will work out. If you were planning on purchasing the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S, this certainly cannot hurt.

Let us know how you make in the How To Save 35% on the new iPhone thread  in our iPhone forums. Looks as if one member has already seen a pending cashback as a result of his iPhone purchase. We’ll also provide you with an update when we check our Bing Cashback account on Saturday.