Subscriptions can be a great thing, provided you continue to read either a Newsstand publication or app like the NY Post that delivers you a steady stream of content for a monthly fee. The trouble with any subscription is when it goes unread, leaving you with nothing but a monthly bill. They make it easy to subscribe, but how do you cancel a recurring subscriptions on the iPhone or iPad?

iTunes subscriptions

The process is virtually the same for managing existing subscriptions, so those looking to retain their subscriptions can follow along to manage them. This includes changing your renewal options and turning auto-renewal on or off. The tutorial works for both Mac/PC users and assumes you have a fairly recently version of iTunes. You can download the latest version of iTunes from Apple.

Manage subscriptions

  1. Open iTunes
  2. At the top right, you’ll see the email address that you use to purchase items from iTunes.
  3. Select it and tap on ‘Account’
  4. You’ll be prompted to enter your password
  5. Scroll down to Settings
  6. Next to Subscriptions, you’ll see the current number of subscriptions.
  7. Select ‘Manage’ and select the subscription you’d like to edt
  8. To cancel, change your auto-renewal to ‘Off’

Cancel recurring subscriptions

At this point, you should see a note about your current subscription with an ending date. Your renewal options are now ‘live’ again, meaning you can always go back and select them to re-up your subscription. Select ‘Done’ to finish.

The AppStore makes it easy to sign up for subscriptions, which overall is a good thing. While the process of managing and canceling recurring subscriptions are also easy, Apple tucks them away in your account settings. If you subscribe to a number of Newsstand periodicals or apps, it might be worth visiting and managing your subscription on a regular basis. You might save yourself a few dollars by disabling auto-renew on subscriptions that you no longer find useful.