When you create a calendar using the Calendars app, it becomes accessible on all of your iOS devices, a PC or Mac and the Internet. This means that access is not restricted to owning an iPhone, iPad or an Apple product for that matter. Any web browser will do, provided they have an iCloud account (free) and that allows for more robust sharing options beyond friends and family who carry iOS devices. If you are dealing with a small group, whether your family or colleagues, it makes sense to use the method we described for sharing a calendar. It’s easy enough for folks to understand and subscribe, but the process isn’t geared for larger groups. If the information is something you feel comfortable sharing, why not publish it to iCloud? Here’s how to make a calendar public in iOS.

mmake a calendar public in iOS

For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s assume you’ve already created the calendar. Now let’s make it public!

  1. Open the Calendar app and tap on the Calendars link in the middle of the bar at the bottom.
  2. Scroll down to the calendar you would like to make public.
  3. Tap on the “i”
  4. Scroll to the bottom and toggle Public Calendar to on (green)

Calendar public iPhone

Your calendar is now published on the Internet, but you need to let folks know how to access it. Tap on ‘Share Link…’ and you can send the link via text message or email. They’ll receive a nondescript looking email with the verbiage, Subscribe to my [name of calendar at]: and an extremely long link. One click and they’ll have added a new subscription to your public calendar.

Share public cal link

Using the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad makes it easy to create a public calendar and to invite individuals or groups. With an iCloud account, anyone can access your public calendar from an iOS device, PC/Mac or the Internet.