Mailbox Redesigns Your Inbox, But You’ll Need A Reservation To Do So

In December, we told you about Mailbox, an app from Orchestra that was vying to dethrone the stock Mail app as the best option on iOS. Sparrow gave it a go, but feel pray to a lack of support for push and the eventual buyout by Google. Mailbox is now in the ring in the form of a free download available in the app Store, but a mere download of the app won’t let you try the next big app. Once you download the app, you’ll be able to take part in their reservation system.

With a beautiful interface in tow that’s reminiscent of Clear app is a completely redesigned inbox, that makes setting a goal of inbox zero achievable. It helps you accomplish this by allowing you to push the snooze button on emails. Mailbox is all about providing you with a way to focus on what’s important.

Mailbox supports GMail accounts initially, but they promise support for other email platforms is coming soon. Demand for this app is high, so if you have any interest in making a change when it comes to email management, I’d highly recommend you download Mailbox today to reserve your spot in line. At the time of writing, I’ve got only 260,289 people in front of me.


  1. Eric says

    I decided to give it a go, as soon as I read this, and the wait has already ballooned to a whopping 308,829 ahead of me

  2. Gene says

    A little over 550,000 ahead of me. At least it was counting down the folks in front… of… me… one… at… a… time… and… at… that… rate… I’ll… get… my… chance… in… three… years… or… more…

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