Mac Pro Available For Purchase, Ship Dates Slip To February

If you were up late last night, you witnessed Apple’s Online Store close temporarily while they updated the store to include the new Mac Pro. While not the overwhelming excitement that accompanies an iPhone or iPad release, years of waiting for Apple to update the Mac Pro coupled with its stunning new Darth Vader inspired design have plenty of folks interested in the new desktop computer. The new Mac Pro is assembled in Austin, Texas, here in the good ole’ US of A. While it’s unclear just how many were made available for purchase, we are already starting to see demand outstripping supply. Apple’s Online Store shows a ship date of February and this is for stock configurations.

Mac Pro ship dates

The Mac Pro is available in one of two configurations. The Quad-Core and Dual GPU models start at $2999. The 6-Core and Dual GPU models bump up the price by $1k and will set you back $3999. This before any customization, like adding RAM, changing the processor, bumping up the storage or amping up the graphics card. Prices for the base model don’t seem that insane given the specs, but you can certainly drive up the price to insane levels. As we’ve said before, this is serious production machines and will have widespread appeal to video professionals who tend to be overly demanding of their desktop computers. If you want a 4K display (the Mac Pro supports up to three), Apple now offers the Sharp 32″ PN-K321 – 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor for $3595.

If you woke up this morning, itching to drop ten grand on a new Mac Pro setup, that opportunity still exists. Unfortunately, your wait for the cylindrical powerhouse will have to wait until February.

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