Lightning Accessories Sell Out Amidst Claims Of Free Adapters With iPhone Purchase

By far one of the most controversial aspects of the iPhone 5 is the switch to the new Lightning port from the old 30-pin dock. It’s been called an “enormous insult”, and it’s been hard to gather what the adapters to handle the new port can actually do.

However, that hasn’t stopped their being a run on the Lightning related accessories, pushing back their availability. The Lightning to 30-pin Adapter has already sold out, and won’t ship until October, and likewise the Lightning to USB Cable will take 2-3 weeks to head out.

During the massive pre-order rush last night, some users were seeing that Apple was claiming to include a free adapter with the iPhone — which would be an awesome move on Apple’s behalf. Unfortunately, under the cold light of day, that appears to not be the case, and it was just Apple making a mistake.

The Lightning port’s capabilities are still something of a mystery, and we’ve heard official reports that it’ll support HDMI and VGA via further adapters in the coming months. According to the occasionally accurate Japanese blog Macotakara, Lightning is capable of “hosting USB devices”. We’ll see what that means, and if it offers more than just being able to drag images off your camera like you can with the iPad’s Camera Connection Kit.


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    It comes with a cable. I’m not sure what the big deal is. Looks like we have some #firstworldproblems where you might have to carry the cable with you when you get in the car to use as a charger there or somewhere else.

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