Kickstarter: Galileo, The iOS Controlled iPhone Mount

How’s this for a cool Kickstarter? The Galileo will be a remote controlled iPhone mount that can be steered via another iOS device. It can rotate in all directions, allowing whoever is on the other end of a connection to point and aim the camera. The project is already funded, but you can still get in at this point, and pick up a Galileo for $95. Full list of features (and a video) after the jump.

Infinite 360° panning and tilting rotation. 200° per second pan-and-tilt speeds.
Remotely controlled from your iPad, iPhone, or web browser. Swipe your finger across the screen or move your mouse to control the movement of the Galileo and your device.
SDK (software developers kit) for app development. Freedom to integrate Galileo functionality into existing apps or to create entirely new apps built around the movement capabilities of Galileo. Or build software to integrate the Galileo with other hardware (e.g. camera rails).
Outfitted with a standard tripod screw, the Galileo can be mounted on any tripod.
Fabulous charging station for your iPhone or iPod. Charges your device while plugged in (USB cable included).
Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery lets you use your Galileo anywhere.

[via Chase Jarvis]

  • Michael Baturin

    Funny this is up – I backed this a week or so ago!

  • Tim Barribeau

    Hahaha, just saw it in my photography news feeds today, I must have missed it when it first went around.

  • Michael Baturin

    Yeah really excited to get mine.

  • ZipZap

    Ah….its not funded.