Remember the old Helicopter game?  Maybe not, but if you do – think of Jetpack as an iOS enhanced version of  that classic.  Jetpack is a free universal game meaning that it will work on both your iPhone and iPad. It is addicting not just for its fun gameplay, but also for its simplicity.  The controls?  Push the screen or don’t push the screen.  Avoid electric fences and collect coins and upgrades.  That is about it.  Of course – there are upgrades, goals, missions, and other ad-ons that make this game fun for more than just a few minutes.  Join us after the break for the full Jetpack Joyride review.

There is not much Setup needed in Jetpack Joyride.  In fact, if you wanted to, you could just fire it up and start playing.  The only real setup you could do is set yourself up to play with Gamecenter, but that’s not really anything manual.

As mentioned earlier, the gameplay is quiet simple.  Pressing anywhere on the screen will fire the jetpack and up you go.  Letting go of the screen will cause your rider to slowly fall.  Along the way there are electric fences which will end your round.  There are also coins for collecting in order to buy upgrades.  Different attachments show themselves once in a while to let you take new forms.  There are a few different attachments including a dragon you ride (like Falcor), bird suit, stomper, low rider bike, and a few others.  The ultimate goal is to go as far as possible without your round ending.  Once in an attachment, an electric fence will bring you back to your jetpack outfit, but allow you to keep moving.  There are also floating spin icons that when collected, will allow you to spin a slot machine at the end of the round.  Each spin icon you collect wins you another spin on the machine.  You can win coin multipliers, an amount of coins, an ingame booster, or a rocket to start your next round 750 meters ahead from the start.

Rewards / In App Purchasing
Coins are the currency of Jetpack Joyride.  Referred to as your stash, your coin pile will let you purchase Clothing, Jetpacks, Vehicle Upgrades, and Utilities.  They are pretty expensive, but if you play enough, coins tally up quickly.  Of course, you always have the option to buy your way ahead in the game.  You will find I am generally against this methodology.  I guess I never understood the reasoning behind buying a game, and buying the path to beating it?  Anyways, you can see the coin costs below.

Device Experience
The majority of universal apps are a little more easy to use on the iPad due to the simply larger screen it provides.  Jetpack Joyride is no exception there.  Especially because of the fast paced movement on the screen, the iPad provides a larger view of whats coming up in front of you and therefore allows you to react more quickly.  I have found I do much better on my iPad than my iPad in gameplay.

Jetpack Joyride is exactly that, a joyride.  Providing hours of addicting gameplay, this simple game will turn minutes into hours if you are really bored and looking to pass some time.  Its a great bargain, being free and all.  I would recommend everyone give it a shot.

Jetpack Joyride (free) is available for download from the App Store.