Jessica Alba: The new spokesperson for Windows Phone uses an iPhone

Meet the new spokesperson for Windows Phone 8: Jessica Alba, who in real life uses an iPhone.

Jessica Alba using iPhone

They should do a better job of vetting these celebrities before paying for their endorsement.

  • Warren Bedoya

    she used to use an iphone, they talk about it at the press release, do you have a date of this picture?

    • Troy Shields

      If you paid me I would use one too.

  • Warren Bedoya

    Jessica used to use an iPhone, but if you payed attention you would know that pics have surfaced with her using a Nokia Lumia 920 ( and then today at the Windows Phone press release they talk about how she’s been a long time iPhone user and switched to Windows Phone 8 and they show off her phone as she talks about all the features she loves about it as a mother and business woman.

    • truth

      damage control

  • Michaël Retovona

    Sorry, Jessica switch to the Lumia… See the last presentation of Windows phone 8…

  • menard gardosé