Apple Reportedly Considering Big Changes to iTunes, Offering High Resolution Music

iTunes Radio

Apple's iTunes Radio has not gotten off to the fast start many had expected when it was introduced as one of the bigger features in iOS 7. It was heralded as an opportunity for Apple to reverse the fortunes of iTunes, which has seen a steady decline in sales over the past decade. Instead it has seen little in the way of sales, with industry sources saying only under 2 percent of users buy music as a result of using the Apple's free streaming radio service. When faced with declines of 15 percent yearly, Billboard reports that Apple is considering a major overhaul of iTunes and some rumors indicate a move to HD tracks could be part of it. … [Read more...]

Apple Considering iTunes Music App for Android, On Demand Streaming Service

iTunes Radio

Apple is looking for ways to increase sales of music in iTunes in an effort to reverse a trend of decreasing downloads. A shift in strategy could including bringing the iTunes Store to mobile phones other than the iPhone. According to Billboard, Apple is considering an iTunes Music Store app for Android phones that would be available for download in the Google Play Store. Other efforts to boost lagging sales of music downloads includes expanding their streaming music efforts to become a direct competitor with Beats, Spotify and Rdio. … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iTunes 11.1.5, Fixes Bugs And Improves iBooks Compatibility

iTunes 11.1.5 update

Apple today released a minor update to iTunes, only a day after the release of the larger OS X Mavericks update 10.9.2. iTunes 11.1.5 addresses a bug that would cause iTunes to quit unexpectedly when a device is connected, an issue that has certainly caused a bit of frustration for some users. Mavericks introduced support for iBooks on Mac. This release improves compability with iBooks for Mac on Mac OS X Mavericks. … [Read more...]

Apple’s iTunes Store Now Allows Gifting From iBooks Store

Gift This Book

Just in time for the holidays, Apple has expanded 'gifting' to include iBooks from the iBooks Store Gifting from the iTunes Store has previously been limited to music, movies and apps. It's expected that 2013 will be an iPad Christmas, so it would make sense that a number of folks would like to gift books to loved ones. The iPad, in particular those with retina displays, offer super-sharp text which translates to making them good reading devices. If you have someone close to you who loves reading and has an iPad, now you can digitally send them an iBook. Here are all the details relevant to gifting from the iBooks Store. … [Read more...]

Inside Apple’s iTunes Radio Deal With Records Labels

iTunes Radio

The Wall Street Journal reports that details of Apple's licensing agreement with labels for iTunes Radio, their new music streaming service, were made available to independent record labels. The terms call for Apple to pay labels $0.13 for each song played, plus 15% of advertising revenue. These numbers increase after the first year of the contract to $0.14 per song and 19% of revenue. These numbers by themselves are higher than Pandora, who pays $0.12 to the labels. … [Read more...]

iTunes 11 Announced


Just in time for iOS 6, Apple's Eddy Cue has also revealed some major changes to iTunes. iTunes for iOS has been given a major redesign, with large icons and a carousal at the top. Facebook likes will be integrated with every entry in the App Store, and you can preview songs while browsing. That'll be introduced September 19 with iOS 6. iTunes 11 was also announced, with a majorly overhauled "dramatically simpler" interface. It's a grid of icons, and when you click on an artist or album, that entry expands. Artists can share photos with users, and you can easily jump over to the store to buy more music by the same artist. iTunes 11 has also overhauled playlists for easier drag and drop, and a dropdown menu showing what's coming … [Read more...]

Beatles Ringtones Head Exclusively To iTunes

Screen Shot 2012-02-22 at 12.27.39 PM

Remember what a big deal it was when the Beatles hit iTunes? In another first, the Fab Four will be officially releasing ringtones for the first time, and it'll be on iTunes. From what we can gather, you can only download the tones through the iOS version of iTunes, and there will be 27 tracks available, for $1.29 each. This marks the first ever official Beatles Ringtones. … [Read more...]

iTunes 10.5 Released

Screen Shot 2011-10-11 at 1.09.45 PM

iTunes 10.5 is now live through Software Update, though it doesn't seem to have been seeded through the official website or iTunes' "Check For Updates...". Unleashed in anticipation for the upcoming iOS 5 release, this is the version that brings all those wonderful little features that we've been waiting for — namely iTunes in the cloud, automatic syncing of downloaded content and WiFi syncing. Of course, much of these are useless without iOS 5, but we don't have long to wait for that, do we? Full changelog after the jump. … [Read more...]

Tim Cook Talks Numbers At The iPhone Event


Tim Cook took the stage at today's iPhone announcement, but before getting to all the juicy stuff, he hit some other interesting points. Tim Cook's started today's Apple event by taking a brief look at Apple's new Chinese stores, including one in Shangai which saw 100,000 visitors in the opening weekend. The Hong Kong store sold more Macs on opening day than any other Apple store in the world. He then proceeded to look at all four components of Apple's product platforms, starting with the Macintosh, and the incredible reviews that Lion has received, and the six million downloads its gotten. Last year ending in June, the Mac market outgrew the PC by sixfold, and has outpaced the PC world every quarter for 5 years. In the US, Macs … [Read more...]