Is The iPad Meant To Have A Camera?

Two completely unlinked news pieces popped up today, both lending some credence to view that the iPad is ready for a camera, even if one doesn’t exist.

Repair company Mission: Repair got hold of their first batch of parts for the iPad, so that they can fix it after you drop onto concrete for the first time. Low and behold, the frame has a camera sized slot built into it.

img_8034That’s the iPad frame at the top, compared to a camera pulled out of a MacBook. It fits perfectly, with the lens and LEDs lining up exactly.

The second hint, comes from eagle-eyed watchers of the iPad presentation. In the official Apple stream, at around 1:23:40, the light hits the iPad in just such a way, that a small artifact can be seen, just where the camera would sit.

ipadcamRemember, during the presentation, not a single thing was mentioned about cameras, neither presence nor absence. Is this just a trick of the light? Was Jobs handling a pre-production model? Or is it just the ambient light sensor, which shows up when the light hits it just right?

Frankly, that screengrab doesn’t show much, but the hole in the frame? Extremely telling. Apple obviously planned to have a camera at one stage in the design process. Maybe it’ll roll out with generation 2. Maybe aftermarket modders will be able to add one. Some people even think Apple might just secretly ship with a camera, when no one is looking. I doubt that, but this does raise some interesting questions.