Is Google Voice Coming Back To The App Store?

With the relaxing of the Apple App Store regulations, rumors are flying thick and fast about what the changes will mean for apps previously expunged or disallowed. One of the most interesting things we’re hearing about, is that Google Voice apps might finally make their way back to the App Store. TechCrunch talked to the developer of GV Mobile, an app that was pulled from the store last year, and there are some hopes yet.

He enquired to the App Store, as his app doesn’t violate any of the current crop of regulations, and was told that he was welcome to resubmit, a change from the previous stonewall he got from the store.

It doesn’t sound like Google is getting in on the action, saying “we currently offer Google Voice mobile apps for Blackberry and Android, and we offer an HTML5 web app for the iPhone. We have nothing further to announce at this time.” Perhaps if GV Mobile gets in, they’ll follow suit.