iResize fills a very specific need and is an app that I have found extremely helpful.  There are literally hundreds of apps dealing with editing photos, most recently iPhoto which is Apples premier photo editing app.  However, I found myself needing to resize images on the iPad in order to upload on wesbites, email, or just to save file space.  Usually, I do not just want to resize 1 image, but multiples at a time.  Most apps require each image to be opened, resized, and saved.  I find this tedious and time consuming.  iResize allows batch resizing of images based on a preselected default.  Read on for details of how it works in our iResize review for iPhone and iPad.

On launch you will select a button called ‘Set Up Quick Resize”.  From here you will enter the requested output size of your photos as well as even selecting the DPI settings if needed.  Once done, you click Commit Changes and head over to the Begin Quick Resize Button.

Using iResize
After you setup your default size request, head over to the Begin Quick Resize button.  This will pull up all of your photo folders and albums.  Open one which has a bunch of photos, and simply click them, at rapid pace if desired.  All of the clicked photos will be saved automatically back to your camera roll at your defaulted size.  For anyone who wants to save some space on their iPhone or iPad and doesn’t need every screenshot or photo to be at full HD resolution, this is an extremely easy and fast solution.  Every large resolution photo I have used this for has worked without issues.  The reviews for the app do mention some crashing with the first iPad, but on the new iPad, the user experience has been flawless.

For those familiar with batch editing of photos in the extremely popular and extremely expensive Photoshop software, this handles that same task with much more ease of use and speed of service.

Note that this is a standalone app and specifically designed for this purpose.  While it does include extras such as rotation and sending photos directly to friend’s emails, these features are available in standard iOS and should not be considered in any part as a reason to download this app. The power here lies in the batch resizing of photos quickly and efficiently.

Utility apps that fill specific needs seem to be a dying breed.  So many app developers attempt to make their apps all-in-one types and usually find themselves with a product that does a lot of tasks in a mediocre fashion.  iResize currently focuses on 1 need and handles it wonderfully.  For $0.99 this may seem like a bad deal, but anyone familiar with common methods used for batch resizing will appreciate the simplicity of iResize.  In handling the task it promises, I give iResize a 10/10 and look forward to using it more going forward.

iResize Retails for $0.99 and is available as a Universal App for iPad and iPhone from the App Store.