Apple Should Offer iPhone 6 With Wood, Color Customization Options

iPhone 6 wood back

We're still months away from an iPhone 6 release date. While the focus has been on the bigger display that has been the subject of many rumors, there are no indications yet that Apple's going to do much differently when it comes to color and customization options. Last year's iPhone 5s added gold as a color option, but why stop there? In a landscape dominated by black and white smartphones, veering off that path might be a good idea. … [Read more...]

Are Safari Push Notifications Too Invasive?

Safari Push Notifications

Apple's Mavericks update released earlier this year saw a host of new features, including an update price (free) that couldn't be beat. As the iOS-ification of Apple's desktop operating system continues, one feature is starting to draw the ire of users. Safari notifications is a new feature that can have desktop notifications appear when a website has updated their content. It's sorta, kinda like an RSS update, but via notifications that appear in the right hand slide-out column on your Mac. For this to work, a website must enable Safari notifications. In doing so, they are required to push a pop-up asking for permission and it's these pop-ups that are generating their fair share of criticism. … [Read more...]

Seven Year Anniversary of iPhone Announcement

iPhone introduction

Today is the 7th anniversary of the iPhone introduction and I cannot believe it was that long ago. I remember the day well, almost in disbelief that it was actually happening. Our site was built a good eight months before Jobs took the stage, but it was more wishful thinking. As an old-school Apple fan, the mere thought of an Apple phone was exciting. Having it actually happen was beyond words. … [Read more...]

Some Users Experiencing Grayed Out WiFi on iPhone 4S After iOS 7 Update

Grayed out WiFi

Upon upgrading to iOS 7, a significant number of iPhone 4S users have been experiencing WiFi settings that are grayed out. The grayed out WiFi removes the option to enable WiFi. Using Control Center, the toggle is present, but it won't actually enable WiFi. Apple has made recommendations on a possible fix, but for many, it doesn't appear to correct the problem. Probably the most bizarre part of the story is the workaround to get Wi-Fi working again on an iPhone 4s that includes either using a hair dryer or your freezer. … [Read more...]

WSJ: China Mobile, World’s Largest Carrier Signs Deal With Apple To Offer iPhone

China Mobile iPhones

After much speculation, the Wall Street Journal tonight confirms that China Mobile Ltd. has signed a deal with Apple to offer iPhones. The agreement represents a major opportunity for Apple, having the iPhone available on the world's largest mobile carrier.  With the deal finalized, customers of China Mobile could see the iPhone available sometime later this month. Sources suggest that a December 18th China Mobile conference would likely be a venue for revealing details of the offering. … [Read more...]

Apple Granted Facial Recognition Patent For Computing Device Control

Facial recognition

Apple today was awarded a patent today related to controlling a computing device using facial recognition, a technology that could be used on iPhones, iPads, Macs or devices they have yet to announce. Apple could use this technology for security and offering a more convenient method of accessing their devices. Patent No. 8,600,120 entitled 'Personal Computing Device Control Using Face Detection and Recognition' allows for detection of at least one user who could then perform a number of device operations without having to any active user input. The application describes two different processes, one being detection and the other facial recognition. The latter is key as it will either allow for or deny operations. In practice, the … [Read more...]

Should I buy the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5?

iPhone 5c vs iPhone 5

With pre-orders having gone live for the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s launching next week, that leaves the iPhone 5 as the odd-phone out. It was released in September 2012, so its early exit from the market, is very early by Apple iPhone standards. The older phones usually linger around, finding new life on the sales shelves at wireless carriers and retails stores. The iPhone 3GS was a dinosaur by cellphone standards, but managed to stick around for years after its release. Now that we've found out that Apple's cheap iPhone isn't so cheap ($99 with new 2-year contract, $549 unlocked), buyers are faced with a new dilemma. Should I buy the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5? … [Read more...]

iPhone 5c Pre-Orders: Why we aren’t seeing sell-outs

iPhone 5c

This was the year of not one, but two iPhones, the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Despite there being two new models, this year was atypical, there was only one iPhone up for pre-order days before the anticipated release. The stage was set for the colorful new entry-level iPhone 5c, with pre-orders starting last night at 12:00 PST. Would blue be the hot color and sell-out before others? Maybe there will be a big push for white, so people can indulge in creating a gazillion color combinations with those new cases. Sellouts are the norm, but this isn't a normal release. So why was I able to get a full night's sleep, spend time having a fortified breakfast (for me that's two cups of coffee) and still find a rainbow of available iPhones this morning? … [Read more...]

What the iPhone 5c looks like with a white front panel

iPhone 5c white front

Apple's announced the iPhone 5c, bringing an assortment of vibrant colors to what essentially is an iPhone 5 in a plastic casing. It's a smart move by Apple that will benefit them and customers. They get to save a few dollars by cutting costs by shedding the plastic shell, market it as a new product and customers get a great sub-$100 iPhone. One move that has me a bit surprised is the decision to go with the black front panel or at a minimum, offer a few color choices with white as an option. … [Read more...]

Farewell Marimba


Marimba, the default ringtone that has been standard on all iPhones since 2007 is gone, but not forgotten. In an era of cheesy midi ringtones, Apple raised the bar with the first iPhone. So distinct, so recognizable and patently iPhone. During the early days of iPhone, hearing this tone would cause people to look up and gaze with appreciation at the gorgeous slab of cellular technology. Over the years, the tone has become synonymous with the iPhone, but that's all changing with iOS 7. We knew they would strip every stitch of skeuomorphic linen fabric, but not our beloved Marimba ringtone. When iOS 7 is released next Wednesday, September 18th, the default ringtone will 'Opening'. The title Marimba is based on the musical instrument, … [Read more...]