U.S. iTunes Store Experiencing Widespread Outages?

Item not available

There are numerous reports on social medai that Apple's iTunes Store is experiencing outages. Users are reporting an error message when trying to access portions of the store. The message reads, "The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store." These messages are typically specific to individual products or apps that have been removed, so it's odd to find this message pushed for entire sections.Apple's System Status reports on various services and outages. As of 2:30PM EST, there is no sign of any issues, despite the reports.Update: Apple has issued a short statement to re/code indicating the issue has been resolved.Have you been able to access the iTunes Store? … [Read more...]

Starbucks To Offer Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging

Duracell Powermat Starbucks

Starbucks and Duracell today announced the national rollout of Duracell Powermat Wireless charging in all of their locations beginning with the San Francisco Bay Area. Major markets will see Powermat in 2015 with a full rollout expected over time. The company announced pilot programs in Europe and Asia are also taking place this year. Starting today, a number of Starbucks location in Boston and San Jose have Powermats installed. … [Read more...]

iOS Basics: How to mark reminders as completed on iPhone and hide them

Create reminders iPhone

The Reminders app is a handy way to manage your to-do lists. As you start to create new lists and add reminders, it becomes just as important to delete them. It's easy to add items, but getting things done requires checking off those important tasks. While creating scheduled reminders can certainly help, it's a good idea to visit your lists daily and update your lists. Here's how to mark reminders as completed and hide them in your lists. A basic, yet incredibly important tip for individuals serious about getting the most from the Reminders app. … [Read more...]

Apple MFi Specs To Allow Lightning Cable Headphones

Beats Lightning

Apple has reportedly made changes to the specifications in the MFi (Made for iPhone) program to all for headphones that are connected using Apple's proprietary Lightning connector. The new specifications provided to manufacturers paves the way for a new breed of headphones, one that could render the 3.5mm headphone jack useless. The new feature will require support that is reportedly coming in and update to iOS 7.1. … [Read more...]

How to download and install iOS 8 beta

Install iOS 8 beta

Formally introduced at WWDC, iOS 8 beta was made available to developers immediately following the keynote. It joins Mac OS X Yosemite as two exciting new beta software releases that will transform your desktop and mobile computing experience. Mac OS X Yosemite will be available as a public beta, but what if you want to test drive iOS 8. Apple does not offer a public beta, nor will they anytime soon.  You should know that beta software is still very raw, sometimes buggy and can result in an iOS device that isn't very stable. It can also wreak havoc with third party apps. Remember, the developers attending WWDC have yet to install iOS 8 themselves, let alone do any extensive testing. If you are still brave enough to want to dive into the … [Read more...]

Apple Event Channel Live on Apple TV To Live Stream WWDC

WWDC 14 Keynote Live Stream

We are just a precious few hours away from WWDC 2014, where Apple will introduce iOS 8, Mac OS X 10.10 and perhaps some new hardware. As reportedly previously, this years WWDC will be available as a live stream, accessible via Safari. For those of you looking to enjoy the event on your big screen TV, you can do so provided you have an Apple TV (second or third generation). This morning, the Apple Event channel went live. You'll find it on the second row of channels. … [Read more...]

iOS 8 and Mac OS X ‘Yosemite’ Banners Going Up At Moscone


Two huge banners were hung today inside the Moscone Center, a mere two days before Tim Cook and company take the stage for the annual keynote. While we were expecting iOS 8 and Mac OS X, the banners are the first actual confirmation. The two don't provide much in the way of what we expect on Monday. The iOS 8 banner shows the number 8 both below and above water.The Mac OS X banner shows what appears to be Yosemite National Park. Apple started using California landmarks with the last major OS X release, a departure from their use of big cats. Mavericks was named for the popular surfing destination. If it is indeed Yosemite, that will be the second time Apple has used the name. It was a codename for the blue and white Power Macintosh … [Read more...]

Details of Apple’s Smart Home Plans Emerge

In advance of WWDC, details regarding Apple's smart phone plans are starting to emerge. The Financial Times reported earlier this week, that Apple was allegedly looking to make a big move into home automation, creating a platform that would remove the need for third party apps. Sources familiar with the project have provided GigaOM with specifics which are less ambitious. Apple won't be the hub for your smart home, at least not yet. The program is more focused on certifying smart devices under the Made for iPhone program, so consumers will feel comfortable purchasing and knowing they can control it from their iOS devices. … [Read more...]