Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear Fit, Gear 2 – The Next Big Thing(s) Are Here, So What?

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has announced updates to their flagship smartphone and smartwatch, in addition to introducing a new fitness band. The company is hoping to get a jump on Apple who have appeared to shift their yearly cycle to September. With the Samsung Galaxy S5, they have opted to focus on evolutionary changes, which was similar to their strategy with the Galaxy S4 announced last April. Iterative changes might be sufficient to get their base excited, especially those due for an upgrade, but will it win new customers? … [Read more...]

Netflix Deal With Comcast Paves Way For Improved Service

Over the weekend, Netflix and Comcast announced a 'mutually beneficial interconnection agreement', which promised to provided high quality streaming of Netflix content. The move allows for more of a direct connection for Comcast customers who are streaming Netflix content. The terms of the agreement were not shared, with some outlets reporting that it will cost Netflix. From an outsiders perspective, this sounds like a bad precident, that could ultimately end up resulting in higher costs for consumers. If Netflix is forced to pay Comcast, Verizon and other ISPs, where does it end? … [Read more...]

App Store Scammers Turn $10 Into Thousands

App Store scam

With every success in the App Store, there are unscrupulous individuals who look to capitalize on the success of others using questionable methods. TechCrunch has a scathing report that details how two individuals have turned a $10 investment into tens of thousands of dollars. These two have used a $10 game template, apparently available on GameSalad. This site offers all sorts of copycat games that make it easy to create your own game without any significant coding background. Game templates that mirror popular apps like 'Flappy Bird' are available on the cheap. There are two apps in the App Store that use the $10 'Red Ball Template', one free and one paid. Both have seen a fair amount of success, but their ascent up the App Store charts … [Read more...]

An Update On The EverythingiCafe Forums App for iPhone and iPad


If you have attempted to use the everythingiCafe Forums app for iPhone and iPad at anytime since Friday, you would have received an error message that would have prevented you from connecting to our community. The issue stems from a decision to move our forums to a new website address. The forums are now accessible at Even a small change such as this one can create major issues for the app. … [Read more...]

Advertisers Claim Love, Hate Relationship With Apple and Amazon


AdAge offers some insight into why both Amazon and Apple's foray into selling advertising has not been met with the level of success many expected from two highly successful technology companies, both whom have an extremely desirable consumer base. It's no secret that Apple's iAd business, lauched in 2010, has not garnered much interest. Apple's minimum requirements to run campaigns on the mobile network have been repeatedly slashed from the minimum $1 million when it first launched to a paltry $50 per spend. According to today's report from AdAge, the disconnect between advertisers and Apple (along with Amazon) is each companies unwillingness to offer critical data about their customers. Both are in the ad business, but a share a general … [Read more...]

Apple Reportedly Updating iPad Air in 2014, With Retina iPad mini and 12.9-inch iPad Pushed to 2015

iPad Air review

Apple is reportedly preparing an update to the iPad Air, set for release sometime later this year. This according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a recently released research note to his clients. Kuo is of the belief that Apple's iPad Air will gain the Touch ID sensor, previously reserved for the iPhone 5s, providing customers with an added layer of security for their tablet. Additionally, the powerhouse tablet will get a performance boost in the form of the A8 processor. The shift in focus to the updated iPad Air means that other models won't be refreshed this year. The retina iPad mini won't be updated until sometime in 2015, as the company shifts development towards the rumored 12.9-inch iPad 'Pro'. He also mentions that Apple … [Read more...]

Where to find the cheapest iPhone 5s deals

iPhone 5s camera

Sure we're seeing rumors of the iPhone 6, but a release date is still very far out, with typical trends suggesting fall of 2014. So if you are in the market for a new smartphone, waiting might not be the best option. The iPhone 5s is fantastic phone and retailers are sweetening the pot with some amazing discounts. We'll update this over time, but as of now, here's where to find the cheapest iPhone 5s deals and plans. … [Read more...]

Leaked photos show possible first look at iPhone 6


Noted leaker Sonny Dickson has just dropped a number of images that are purportedly the back casing of the iPhone 6. The images are extremely blurry. It shows an extremely thin casing, which matches what recent rumored reports. The camera cutout is identical to the current generation iPhone. If Apple does upgrade the camera, they could certainly do so without increasing the size of the footprint needed for the sensor. Recent reports allege the iPhone 6 will retain the current 8 megapixel camera sensor and will focus on image stabilization. Apple doesn't need to increase megapixel counts in order to increase the quality of the camera, as we have seen with the iPhone 5s. That included larger pixels and achieved greater image quality in … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Might Feature Bezel-Free Display

iPhone 6 bezel free

The iPhone 6 is rumored to include a bigger display, with Apple testing devices with 4.7-inch and 5.5 inch displays. Apple is reportedly testing a new iPhone that features a bezel-free display. Keeping the size of the physical phone to a minimum could help with usability. According to the Korean Herald, Samsung is also planning a bezel-free phone when they rollout their Galaxy S5, which is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress on February 24th. Samsung will alledged debut their fingerprint scanning technology as well. … [Read more...]