Should I buy the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5?

iPhone 5c vs iPhone 5

With pre-orders having gone live for the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s launching next week, that leaves the iPhone 5 as the odd-phone out. It was released in September 2012, so its early exit from the market, is very early by Apple iPhone standards. The older phones usually linger around, finding new life on the sales shelves at wireless carriers and retails stores. The iPhone 3GS was a dinosaur by cellphone standards, but managed to stick around for years after its release. Now that we've found out that Apple's cheap iPhone isn't so cheap ($99 with new 2-year contract, $549 unlocked), buyers are faced with a new dilemma. Should I buy the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5? … [Read more...]

iPhone 5c Pre-Orders: Why we aren’t seeing sell-outs

iPhone 5c

This was the year of not one, but two iPhones, the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Despite there being two new models, this year was atypical, there was only one iPhone up for pre-order days before the anticipated release. The stage was set for the colorful new entry-level iPhone 5c, with pre-orders starting last night at 12:00 PST. Would blue be the hot color and sell-out before others? Maybe there will be a big push for white, so people can indulge in creating a gazillion color combinations with those new cases. Sellouts are the norm, but this isn't a normal release. So why was I able to get a full night's sleep, spend time having a fortified breakfast (for me that's two cups of coffee) and still find a rainbow of available iPhones this morning? … [Read more...]

What the iPhone 5c looks like with a white front panel

iPhone 5c white front

Apple's announced the iPhone 5c, bringing an assortment of vibrant colors to what essentially is an iPhone 5 in a plastic casing. It's a smart move by Apple that will benefit them and customers. They get to save a few dollars by cutting costs by shedding the plastic shell, market it as a new product and customers get a great sub-$100 iPhone. One move that has me a bit surprised is the decision to go with the black front panel or at a minimum, offer a few color choices with white as an option. … [Read more...]

Farewell Marimba


Marimba, the default ringtone that has been standard on all iPhones since 2007 is gone, but not forgotten. In an era of cheesy midi ringtones, Apple raised the bar with the first iPhone. So distinct, so recognizable and patently iPhone. During the early days of iPhone, hearing this tone would cause people to look up and gaze with appreciation at the gorgeous slab of cellular technology. Over the years, the tone has become synonymous with the iPhone, but that's all changing with iOS 7. We knew they would strip every stitch of skeuomorphic linen fabric, but not our beloved Marimba ringtone. When iOS 7 is released next Wednesday, September 18th, the default ringtone will 'Opening'. The title Marimba is based on the musical instrument, … [Read more...]

iPhone Storage: You Don’t Need To Buy The One With The Bigger GeeBees

iPhone storage

Now that there are not one, but two new iPhones, the story shifts to purchase decisions. Should you upgrade, what color looks best and the all important decision of iPhone storage capacity. When a new 128GB edition of the iPad was released earlier this year, there was a thought that Apple would offer higher storage capacities with the iPhone 5s. We had even seen rumors a new 128GB iPhone 5s might be coming that was exclusive to the gold model. That would have been wrong on so many levels and as it turns out, there is no 128GB model. What we did get from Apple was the status quo. Whether you are picking up the new low-cost iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s, the storage choices should seem familiar. The iPhone 5s offered in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB varieties … [Read more...]

iPhone 5c case: Proof That Apple Does Make Some Poor Design Decisions

iPhone 5c case

In addition to the onslaught of hardware announcements, Apple also made a significant accessory push for both new iPhones. For company often lauded for the their design decisions, today we were provided proof that with all of the great moves, Apple can still push out a clunker. The iPhone 5c case has got to be one of the worst product designs in recent history. … [Read more...]

Apple’s iPhone 5c is an iPhone 5 In Colorful Sheep’s Clothing

iPhone 5c

Apple today unveiled what many had hoped would be a cheap iPhone. We're now realizing that such an animal doesn't existing. The iPhone 5c as it's called, really does stand for 'colorful'. Underneath the hood are specs that are not much different from the now-jettisoned iPhone 5. Both the now old iPhone 5 and new iPhone 5c are powered by Apple's A6 processor. A 4-inch retina display, also a fixture on both models with a resolution of 136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi. Both have an 8MP iSight camera with panorama, f/2.4 aperture, LED flash and a backside illumination sensor. The front-facing FaceTime Camera, also the same, with a 1.2MP shooter that can shoot 720p HD video recording. Both support LTE and 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi … [Read more...]

A Big iPhone: Apple Can’t or Won’t

Big iPhone

Apple has been reluctant to to manufacture a big iPhone, leaving many wondering if it's a case of can't or won't go big. Next week we'll see not one, but two iPhones, but neither will be the iPhone many, but certainly not all users want from Apple. If prognosticators are correct, they will announce the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, a low-cost model that will be a win for both Apple and consumers. For many, the focus will once again be on Apple's flagship. The existing customer base doesn't care about cheap iPhones. For them, it's all about the form factor, materials, display, processor and the list goes on. What makes this iPhone better than the last and why should I upgrade? Ultimately, customers are looking for reasons to upgrade and Apple … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Need a Gold iPhone 5S

gold iPhone 5S

As we’ve already reported, there are rumors of Apple’s plans to create a gold iPhone 5S. While we won’t be the ones to judge whether or not this is a smart move by Apple, we can give you 5 ridiculous reasons why you may feel the need to make this your next iPhone purchase. … [Read more...]

4 Unconventional Ways to Upgrade to the iPhone 5S

Upgrade to iPhone 5S

Have you heard? Apple is getting ready to introduce a shiny new iPhone or two this fall. It's iPhone season, which means we all start lusting for the latest and greatest iPhone. While our current iPhones have served us well, in one fell swoop, it instantly becomes the old iPhone or worse yet, the really old iPhone. But you're under contract, so what's a person to do? You can follow the conventional method of selling your old iPhone or maybe you enjoy the convenience of Apple's new iPhone trade-in program, allowing you to walk-in with old and leave with new. All viable options, but not the only options available to those of you looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5S. Borrow a family member's upgrade You crave the latest in technology … [Read more...]