Optical Image Stabilization Reportedly Limited to 5.5-inch iPhone 6

Optical Image Stabilization

If there is one area of photography that Apple's iPhone cameras have lagged, it's incorporating OIS (optical image stability). There have been rumors that the iPhone 6 would incorporate OIS. Shares of InvenSense, makers of Optical Image Stabilization for mobile phones, rose in early March buoyed by rumors they would be supplying hardware to Apple for this very purpose. Pacific Crest Securities analysts John Vinh and Kevin Chen are predicticting that Apple will use OIS in the larger, 5.5-inch iPhone 6. … [Read more...]

Will iOS 8 and A Bigger Display Bring Android Users Back To iPhone?

128GB iPhone 6

Strange as this might sound, but people do leave the iPhone for other phones, namely those running Google's Android operating system. Peruse our forums and for the longest time, complaints have been about the smallish display of the iPhone. When Apple bumped the size from 3.5-inches to 4.0-inches, devices from HTC and Samsung were pushing out phones with 4.7-inch displays. The display size creep continued with behemoths like the Note, which effectively created a new Phablet category. If you wanted a phone with a larger display, there were no shortage of offerings from 4.3-inches and upward. Apple to date, has stuck with the 4.0-inch screen for the past two years. History shows us that even if Apple wanted to 'go big', last year was an 's' … [Read more...]

Bloomberg: Apple To Start Mass Production of 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Models In July

iPhone 6

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple suppliers will begin production of two new iPhone 6 models in July. It had been previously rumored supply issues would keep the larger of the two models from entering production until later in the summer, possibly impacting launch availability. Sources familiar with the situation expect both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models to be made available at the same time. This despite lower production efficiency affecting the larger of the two, a problem Apple intends to solve before manufacturing volume can be increased. … [Read more...]

iOS 8 To Allow Manual Camera Controls In Third Party Apps

iPhone 5s camera

Apple is making a major change in iOS 8, offering developers new APIs which enable access to manual camera controls. This move will allow for expansive manual control through third party applications that would let users to change ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance and exposure. The new AVCaptureDevice APIs allow developer access to previously hidden controls. … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Says Select Music Streaming Services Won’t Run Up Your Data Usage

iTunes Radio

With so many streaming music services, it's yet another way for customers to run up their data usage. Although T-Mobile offers unlimted data, a portion of that data is offered at 4G LTE speeds. So while having 'unlimited', users are still left to manage their usage if they wish to maximize their return. That's going to get a bit easier, thanks to changes in T-Mobile's handling of some streaming music services. … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Test Drive Lets You Try iPhone 5s For 7 Days

T-Mobile Test Drive

As part of their UN-Carrier 5 event, T-Mobile tonight announced Test Drive, a new program that will let customers test an iPhone 5s for 7 days. By allowing prospective customers to experience T-Mobile's network, they wireless carrier hopes to convert fence sitters from AT&T and Verizon. During the 7-day period, customers will be allowed unlimited calls, texts, posts, likes, streams and downloads. Should you decide that T-Mobile isn't right for you, you simply return the iPhone 5s to your nearest T-Mobile retail store. … [Read more...]

Amazon Fire Phone Introduced With Bevy Of Services

Amazon Fire Phone video

Rumored for years, Amazon today announced their first smartphone, aptly titled the Amazon Fire Phone. The black slab design looks familiar, but also follows the design cues of the Fire TV which launched earlier this year. Taking place in Seattle, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos took the stage and focused on services, more so than specifications. With their massive online retail store, cloud services, streaming video and music services, Amazon is looking at their own hardware to help users leverage those services. … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Photos Of 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch models

iPhone 6 gold

The steady stream of photos alledgedly depicting the iPhone 6, continued today with images shared by Sonny Dickson. These show both the 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch models of the iPhone 6, side by side. Unfortunately, we don't get a comparison of the current iPhone 5s with these new models, which would provide a better perspective of the increase in size. … [Read more...]

U.S. iTunes Store Experiencing Widespread Outages?

Item not available

There are numerous reports on social medai that Apple's iTunes Store is experiencing outages. Users are reporting an error message when trying to access portions of the store. The message reads, "The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store." These messages are typically specific to individual products or apps that have been removed, so it's odd to find this message pushed for entire sections.Apple's System Status reports on various services and outages. As of 2:30PM EST, there is no sign of any issues, despite the reports.Update: Apple has issued a short statement to re/code indicating the issue has been resolved.Have you been able to access the iTunes Store? … [Read more...]

Starbucks To Offer Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging

Duracell Powermat Starbucks

Starbucks and Duracell today announced the national rollout of Duracell Powermat Wireless charging in all of their locations beginning with the San Francisco Bay Area. Major markets will see Powermat in 2015 with a full rollout expected over time. The company announced pilot programs in Europe and Asia are also taking place this year. Starting today, a number of Starbucks location in Boston and San Jose have Powermats installed. … [Read more...]