Leaked iPhone 6 Sapphire Screen Looks Legit Says Noted Expert

iPhone 6 display

Rumors of the iPhone 6 have recently seen a surge of late, thanks to leaked parts that are alledgedly actual Apple components. Earlier this week, we shared video of one such part, a sapphire iPhone 6 glass display cover. Given its superior resistance to bending and scratches after a thorough torture test, the cover showed no signs of any damage. But was the part the real deal? According to Professor Neil Alford, an expert on these sorts of materials, it "could well be" legitimate.Alford works at the department of materials at Imperial College in London. What's more, Apple reached out to him 18 months ago to discuss the idea of utilizing sapphire in the iPhone. The current iPhone makes use of sapphire crystal for the Touch ID cover … [Read more...]

TSMC Begins Shipping Processors To Apple For Use In iPhones, iPads


Apple has taken another step in reducing their reliance on Samsung by starting to accept shipments of processors from chip manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). The shipments were part of a deal struck between Apple and TSMC last year, one that ends a reliance on Samsung who had been the single source of chips used in both iPhones and iPads. The agreement between the two companies is expected to include work on next generation chips, which could include the A9. … [Read more...]

Photos and Video Of Alledged iPhone 6 Rear Shell

iPhone 6 shell

It appears that we have safely navigated from the steady stream of mockups of the next generation iPhone to part leaks for Apple's new iPhone 6. The latest comes from Russian retailer Feld & Volk (via MacRumors), who provide high resolution photos of the back shell of the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The all-metal design has a cut-out for the Apple logo, along with headphone and lightning ports at the bottom. … [Read more...]

Video: Purported Sapphire iPhone 6 Display Shows Amazing Durability

iPhone 6 display

Following the steady stream of iPhone 6 mock-ups, which were recreations using non-Apple parts, we are starting to see more in the way of puported part leaks. Earlier today, we had a first look at the alleged glass display cover for the iPhone 6. That video showed how the display part responded to bending. A new video, this one published by Marques Brownlee, puts the purported sapphire iPhone 6 display through a much more comprehensive battery of tests to test its durability. … [Read more...]

Video: Alleged Sapphire iPhone 6 Glass Survives Bending

Sapphire iPhone 6 glass

A new video has been released by noted leaker Sonny Dickson that purportedly shows a sapphire iPhone 6 glass cover. The 30 second video which is titled Sapphire iPhone 6 Glass bending shows little more than just that. Dickson has not elaborated on the part, his sources and what leads him to believe that it is constructed using sapphire.Apple of course has been investing heavily in sapphire, agreeing to a deal with GT Advanced, allowing them to operate a facility in Arizona. This facility will be producing sapphire parts. Back in February, shipments of Intego Sirius Sapphire Display Inspection Tools led to speculation that Apple was indeed planning to use the manufacturing facility to produce the glass covers.Previous videos … [Read more...]

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Personalize Your iPhone

Set iPhone wallpaper

We all share the excitement that comes with a new phone. The unboxing, the fresh scent of new tech and all of the fun stuff that comes with a new iPhone. All too often, the excitement dies down. You're left with an iPhone that looks no different from everyone else in your office or school; a technological companion that while functional, is no longer the Apple of your eye. If I had to guess, I'd say that I pick up my iPhone 180 times per day. Okay, I may not be average, but suffice to say that you are probably picking up and looking at your iPhone quite often throughout the day. Yet so often, we do very little to make it our own, other than jamming it with all of our stuff. There are easy things you can do right now to personalize your … [Read more...]

Video Shows iPhone 6 Front Panel Compared to iPhone 5s

iPhone 6 display part

In recent weeks and months, there have been no shortage of iPhone 6 mockups, based on the purported leaked schematics. Recent reports suggest the dummy units suffer from low build quality and are not accurate,specifically the 'stripes' that grace the back of the device. Today we are seeing what appears to be an actual part leak of the iPhone 6. Chinese website iFanr provides us with a video look at the alledged glass display of the iPhone 6 in comparison with the current iPhone 5s. … [Read more...]