Apple Music and the iTunes Nuclear Option

iTunes nuclear

In the span of a few weeks, I've gone from doubting Apple Music to going all in and then some. The biggest hurdle to adopting any music service is being to actually use said service. My family uses Sonos and we absolutely love it. We also do most of our listening at home. Although Beats was quick to offer Sonos support, Apple Music wasn't available at launch, but it is coming soon. Using an ancient AirPort Express, I've managed to get Apple Music working on Sonos. Using a Family Plan, my wife and I have already begun digging deeper into the recesses of the service. Apple isn't always first to a product or service category, but more often than not, they manage to simplify things for the everyday user. It just works. I've seen complaints of … [Read more...]

Some Former iTunes Match Subscribers Unable To Subscribe to Apple Music

apple music problems

Earlier this week, Apple Music made its long awaited debut on iOS devices, PCs and Macs. Coupled with Beats 1, a 24-hour streaming radio service and a completely redesigned iOS app, it was a big coming out party for Apple's streaming music service which has launched to positive reviews. For those who installed iOS 8.4.1, they have an opportunity to take advantage of an extensive trial period of 3-months. The new Music app has a number features that require subscribing to their new service. There have been reports of users experiencing problems signing up to Apple Music and there appears to be a correlation between subscription problems and being a former subscriber of Apple's iTunes Match service. … [Read more...]

Everything that happened at WWDC 2015: iOS 9, WatchOS 2, El Capitan and Apple Music

Spotlight El Capitan

Apple today held their yearly worldwide developer conference. Though it's technically for developers, consumers look to WWDC as the biggest Apple event of the year. It's where Apple lays the groundwork software updates to iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Macs. Prior to the event, speculation was that we'd see a renewed focus on stability. That being said, there were an extensive number of new features introduced on all the three major platforms – OS X, iOS and watchOS. The event wrapped up with the long awaited introduction of Apple Music, a refreshed Music app that integrates a Beats powered streaming music service. You can watch WWDC later now and it will be available to download through iTunes. We've compiled a list of everything that … [Read more...]

Apple Music will not be available on Sonos at launch

Sonos Apple Music

Apple Music was introduced today with the service scheduled to start on June 30th. Pricing starts at $9.99 for an individual and $14.99 for families or up to six users. Apple will also be offering a 3-month trial. The service brings much of what people loved about Beats Music, specifically curated playlists. Apple has announced that an Android app will be available this fall. Apple has yet to commit to supporting Sonos. For their part, Sonos would like to support Apple Music, but have confirmed that it won't be supported when Apple Music launches later this fall. Sonos support provided this official statement. Although it will not be available at launch, we'd love to bring the service to Sonos as soon as Apple is ready. For their … [Read more...]

Does the iPhone need more RAM?


Apple has typically been a company whose focus has been on the user experience and that's largely the same today, at least when marketing to their base. Their yearly events tell a different story, often using those to inform the tech industry of serious performance gains, all of which are warranted. The A8 processor is a beast of a processor and one that offers impressive performance gains over the previous generation. The iPhone 6 checks plenty of boxes. It's the first true big screen iPhone, follows their tradition of stellar hardware build and continues to ship with upgrades abound. In a year that saw so many upgrades, why are they continuing to ship iPhones with a paltry 1GB of RAM? … [Read more...]

New Apple Web Tool Lets You Deregister Phone Number From iMessage

Deregister iMessage

There have been no shortage of iMessage horror stories from folks who migrated to something other than an iPhone. This comes on the heels of widespread compliants and a class-action lawsuit. Earlier this year, Apple promised that a software fix was in the works. Noticed by a user on Reddit (via The Verge), Apple has published an online tool to dergister iMessage. … [Read more...]

The Apple Pay off and why some retailers are betting on the wrong horse

Apple Pay

A collection of retailers including Rite-Aid and CVS have decided to disable NFC at their payment terminals. As a result, they have disabled Apple Pay functionality, along with Google Wallet (which also allows payments through NFC) as a beneficiary of the decision. They are part of Merchant Customer Exchange, who are working on their own payment system that uses CurrentC, an app currently available in the App Store. If you want to actually use it, you'll need to wait for an invitation. That hasn't prevented it from getting review torched by disenfranchised Apple enthusiasts, unhappy with the Apple Pay being turned off. The list of merchants supporting CurrentC is actually quite extensive with well known retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, … [Read more...]

Saying My Goodbyes To One-Handed Usability

One-handed usability

I've been using the iPhone 6 Plus extensively over the past week. It's got a heavy duty case on it, because I'm deathly afraid of dropping it. For all of the improvements, if you drop an iPhone, there's a good chance that beautiful screen will shatter. Unlike in previous years, the cost to repair is $129, significantly less now that Apple had the facilities to do them on location. I have not been able to use the iPhone 6 Plus with one hand, at all. It's strictly a two handed device. That's the trade-off for having a bigger than bigger phone. As for the iPhone 6, it feels incredibly small when I switch to that phone. My wife got the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone 6. I definitely feel a bit more comfortable navigating with one hand. With either … [Read more...]

Apple: Only 9 Customer Complaints of Bent iPhone 6

In response to the growing concerns over bent iPhones, Apple today issue a short statement to CNBC on the subject. According to Apple, only 9 customers have complained to the company about bent iPhones. They also noted that the new iPhones "feature steel/titanium inserts to reinforce stress locations and use the strongest glass in the industry." After a few, isolated reports of the larger iPhone 6 Plus bending, the story became national news. Not helping matters were YouTube torture test videos. These showcased the bending of iPhones using pressure well beyond what anyone would consider reasonabily normal. If there was one takeaway from the videos, it did show the iPhone 6 to be more difficult to bend. Here's the full context of … [Read more...]