Women ’round the world are giddy with excitement over the long-awaited arrival of the Sex and the City movie sequel released this week, as men ’round the world simultaneously wring their hands at the thought of sitting through another two hours of the hijinks of Carrie Bradshaw and friends. We would try to offer up some solutions, iPhone-style, for the guys being dragged along to the theater this weekend, but we’re pretty much at a loss on this one (try playing Plants and Zombies with the sound off, perhaps?).

So instead, we thought we would satisfy a random query that came to us recently:

What kinds of apps would Carrie Bradshaw have on her iPhone?

Well, this is assuming that she would overcome her technology handicaps and finally get one. The movie distorts the reality of New York City living quite a bit, so we deserve a little flexibility here, too.


See which apps we think Carrie Bradshaw would have on her iPhone after the jump

Price: $0.99

Anyone who has seen the TV show knows how much Carrie and the gang love their cocktails, cosmopolitans in particular. Since they usually save cosmopolitans for nights out at the bar, we’re guessing Carrie would need and appreciate an app that had a video tutorial on how to make her favorite drink. Or if she wanted to branch out a little, she might try the free Mixology: Drink Recipes app to get recipes on virtually any drink she wants (and for free, too).

Price: $0.99

Though it’s for a fictional newspaper in New York City, Carrie makes her living as a weekly sex columnist, dishing out relationship advice to the masses. She once in a while came upon a dry spell for ideas for her column, and this app could be the perfect thing to break her writer’s block. Users can submit their favorite corny pick-up lines, dating tips, and advice for how to flirt. Most of the content really is as corny as you think it would be, so there’s a good chance Carrie could get some ideas of what not to do in the dating world from this one.

Should I Have Sex?
Price: $0.99

Even though she’s a sex columnist in the fictional “Sex and the City,” Carrie repeatedly deals with consequences from bad late-night sessions, which also pretty much fuel her column ideas. (Take the good with the bad, we guess?) So she might benefit from an advice app like this, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Price: FREE

Every true New Yorker with an iPhone is guaranteed to have this app on their homescreen, and Carrie is no exception. The girl frequently proclaims her love for both the city and for the New York Times’s wedding announcements page. That love could easily turn into an obsession with this, such easy access.

Closet – Clothing Organized
Price: $2.99

Never mind the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker’s infamous character lives in a complete unrealistic apartment in Manhattan. The girl’s closet is chock full of designer duds (on a journalist’s salary? Puh-lease), and it’s also probably twice the size of what a normal New York City studio would look like. Nevertheless, her closet is meticulously organized, so she would probably live and die by this closet organizer app that keeps track of all of your clothing items with photos, and also helps build and plan outfits by mixing and matching the photos. And that’s how Carrie Bradshaw developed her iPhone addiction.

Today’s Shoe
Price: FREE

Speaking of addictions…the pun-happy protagonist really does have a shoe problem. Her footwear addiction would probably be supplemented and supported by an app like this one from Bergdorf Goodman that gives users instant access to purchase new and exclusive shoes directly from the app.

Rocket Taxi
Price: $1.99

How is it that female characters in movies and TV shows in New York City always seem to have so much trouble catching a cab in that town? Carrie is no exception, as she can be heard yelling “Taxi!” at least once per episode. She’d do well to have this handy app on her iPhone listing cab companies nearby her current location to call for a taxi, and also get a fare estimate for her long trip home when she’s stuck in Brooklyn at Miranda’s new place late at night.

Pocket Mirror!
Price: FREE

We’re pretty sure Carrie never leaves home without a compact mirror in her bag for touch-ups throughout her evenings out. She could do well to save room in her tiny clutches by getting this free app that “turns your iPhone into a mirror.” (Full disclosure: Despite whatever any “mirror” app says, it’s not a real mirror. The app just has a border around a black background so you can kind of see your reflection. However, it’s a safe bet Carrie would be as hopeful (and as gullible) as the rest of us who downloaded one of these apps in hopes it would really work.

Quit Smoking – Cold Turkey
Price: $0.99

Carrie continually battled with her other addiction throughout the show, quitting for periods then resorting back to it in times of stress: smoking. This app gives helpful reminders of how much money you’ve saved from quitting smoking and offers up tips, tricks, and support for kicking the habit for good. Fight the urge, smoky Carrie.

And while we’re at it, here are some apps any “Sex and the City” megafans or Carrie Bradshaw wannabes will appreciate in preparation for the sequel’s release.

Price: $0.99

Sex and the City Quiz
Price: $0.99

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell (Book)
Price: $14.99

Sex and the City Wisdom
Price: FREE


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