iPhone 6 Might Feature Bezel-Free Display

The iPhone 6 is rumored to include a bigger display, with Apple testing devices with 4.7-inch and 5.5 inch displays. Apple is reportedly testing a new iPhone that features a bezel-free display. Keeping the size of the physical phone to a minimum could help with usability. According to the Korean Herald, Samsung is also planning a bezel-free phone when they rollout their Galaxy S5, which is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress on February 24th. Samsung will alledged debut their fingerprint scanning technology as well.

iPhone 6 bezel free

Little else is offered in the report regarding the iPhone 6. Last year, we heard from Bloomberg that Apple was testing several designs, some of which would employ a curved screen. The displays tested would have enhanced sensors that could detect different levels of pressure. Today’s report from the Korean Herald speaks of Samsung’s panel offering similar functionality.

“With the help of increased sensitivity on the panel, users will be able to swipe and tap on the screen with their gloves on,” the source said.

Apple typically reserves major hardware changes for every other year. The ‘off’ years are reserved the ‘s’ models, often including upgrades to the chipset, camera and internals. The ‘s’ year iPhones never feature any major changes the look and feel of the device. Coming off the iPhone 5s, all signs point to new hardware with the iPhone 6. Removing or even reducing the bezel would create a dramatic look. When coupled with a larger display, it could have the appearance of being even larger. For those worried about usability, Motorola was able to deliver a highly-comfortable phone with the Moto X, which shipped with a 4.7-inch display. It’s likely that Apple’s move to bigger displays has been in planning for quite some time. It would be surprising if it looked like a ‘pumped-up’ version of the existing model.

Source: KoreanHerald Concept courtesy Nikola Cirkovic

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