iPhone 6 Display Manufacturing To Start In May With 4.7-inch Screen

According to supply chain sources, Reuters is reporting that suppliers for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 6 will begin manufacturing 4.7-inch screens as early as May. The rumored iPhone 6 will reportedly ship later this year in two sizes, both significantly larger than the current and previous generations. The current iPhone 5s/5c models feature a 4-inch display. The new iPhone 6 would come in two sizes, boasting large 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays.

iPhone 6 concept

Apple is splitting the manufacturing across three companies – Japan Display, Inc, Sharp and LG, all of whom refused comment. The smaller of the two, the 4.7-inch displays, would begin production as early as next month. The larger 5.5-inch display could start running off production lines much later. The new panels are said to utilize in-cell touch panel technology, the same used in the iPhone 5 and later. The delays surrounding the larger of the two displays is said to be due to difficulties associated with in-cell production on the larger screen.

The first iPhone 6 displays are said to begin at Japan Display, with other manufacturers starting up in June. This would presumably mean a fall release date for the iPhone 6. In recent years, Apple’s yearly cycle has shifted from the summer months to fall.

Source: Reuters

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