Apple’s announced the iPhone 5c, bringing an assortment of vibrant colors to what essentially is an iPhone 5 in a plastic casing. It’s a smart move by Apple that will benefit them and customers. They get to save a few dollars by cutting costs by shedding the plastic shell, market it as a new product and customers get a great sub-$100 iPhone. One move that has me a bit surprised is the decision to go with the black front panel or at a minimum, offer a few color choices with white as an option.

Blue white iPhone 5c

Apple’s last foray into marketing color as an options was the iPod touch. When the 5g iPod touch was first introduced, there was nothing but a white front panel, regardless of color choice. They’ve since adding a 16GB version that is classically sliver/black, giving it a retro look and feel.

iPhone 5c white front panel

At WWDC 13′, all of the iOS 7 demonstrations were done with a white/sliver iPhone. It left some to wonder if possibly iOS 7, with all it’s pastel colors, simply bounces better of a white front panel. If you check out the summer iOS 7 preview that’s been up on their site since June, there is no black/slate model to be found. It prompted us to create this gallery of how iOS 7 looks like on a black iPhone. As with selecting a color, opinions on what looks better will certainly vary. Apple’s marketing team certainly seems to favor one look over the other. Additionally, there is always a segment of folks who believe black is best for framing content, a bigger issue for those who use their iPhone for watching movies, videos and so on.

iPhone 5C

Remember when the iPhone 4 came out? You could only buy it in black. People actually put off purchasing an iPhone in anticipation of white. Not you can buy an iPhone 5c in white, pink, yellow, blue or green. Is anyone wishing you had a choice to have a white front panel? Maybe it’s Apple’s way of creating further product differentiation between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c? Is cost a factor?

I’m still buying one next week, but I’d much rather have a blue or green iPhone 5c with a white front housing. What do you think looks better?