In addition to the onslaught of hardware announcements, Apple also made a significant accessory push for both new iPhones. For company often lauded for the their design decisions, today we were provided proof that with all of the great moves, Apple can still push out a clunker. The iPhone 5c case has got to be one of the worst product designs in recent history.

iPhone 5c case

The plastic casing of the iPhone 5c looks as if it might be somewhat slippery, so it makes perfect sense to release a color-matched case that is a bit more grippy. That should have been it. Design a straight-forward silicone case, color-matched and designed for a perfect fit. Instead, this case has a bizarre pattern of Crocs-inspired circular cutouts on the back. Forget for a moment that it completely exposes areas of the iPhone 5c. In a few weeks, it wouldn’t be surprising if owners had a vintage collection of pocket lint populating those circles. Forgetting that, who though this was a good design move? The iPhone logo is reduced to ‘non’, with random bits of the FCC information popping out of the various circles.


The product description reads:

Take personal expression to the next level with a colorful iPhone 5c Case. It comes in six hues with a design that allows the color underneath to show through, creating 30 fun possibilities. Do you prefer basic black on white? Impossible-to-ignore pink on yellow? The choice is entirely yours.

In other words, we’ll let you decide which branches on the ugly tree this case will hit before it hits your iPhone 5c. If someone doesn’t make a Apple parody video with the iPhone 5c case, it will be an opportunity lost.

Am I being too harsh or perhaps I’m out of touch? Did you pick-up one of Apple’s iPhone 5c cases? How’s it working for you?