iPhone 5 Hit By Touchscreen Delays Says Digitimes

Digitimes, that source of rumors and discussion around supply-lines, has released a report saying the iPhone 5 may face shortages due to screen defects.

A defect has presented in some iPhone 5 touch panels produced by Wintek which may affect the ability to meet initial shipment targets for the launch which is expected in October, according to iPhone supply chain makers.

In response, Wintek simply indicated that all of its products are being delivered on schedule.

The defect, “delayed bubble”, is difficult to avoid during panel production, particularly when the defect is not detected during the process of laminating touch panels, and only later found during assembly, the sources said. Since the manufacturing process of touch panels used in iPhone 5 is of the same as that for iPhone 4, Wintek is expected to remedy the defect quickly, the sources indicated.

Digitimes also believes that Apple is gearing up to produce more than 25 million iPhone 5 units for this year. Personally, I’m a little paranoid about how hard it’s going to be to get the iPhone 5. Any sort of slowdown in production becomes magnified under the intense hype for the next iPhone. I think everyone remembers how both the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 announcements caused Apple servers to crash under the weight of public interest. The iPhone 5 promises to be an even bigger phenomenon, and could be even harder to find around launch.

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