Which iPad should you buy and what’s the best value?

Which iPad should you buy

Apple has introduced new iPads, while keeping a number of existing models in the lineup. Looking at the WiFi-only models, you have a choice between 5 different models. Pricing for the base models remains the same, with storage capacities remaining at 16GB. Like the iPhone 6, both the iPad 2 and iPad mini 3 do away with the 32GB storage option, replacing it with 64GB of storage. So which iPad offers the best value? If You Are Buying An iPad mini, What's The Best Value If You Need Cheap There are three iPad minis. The original iPad mini is the least expensive at $249. It's still a capable tablet, one that can be upgraded to iOS 8. It doesn't have a retina display and most of the internals were parts found in the iPad 2. That tablet was … [Read more...]

Should Apple bother scheduling an iPad Special Event?

Apple event

So the event this week was big and I'd say the hype was warranted. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have seen pre-sale orders that are record breaking and the Apple Watch will have people buzzing for months. Coming out of Tuesday's event, the Apple Watch was the most talked about announcement. That's since shifted to the iPhone, as people get pumped about their yearly upgrade. So, what's the follow-up? Specifically, in years past, next up would be the iPad. Last year, they were able to reboot the full-size iPad with the iPad Air. Sharing the stage was the iPad mini with retina display, essentially creating tablet perfection personified. That brings us to this year. Should Tim Cook and company hit the stage again this year to announce new … [Read more...]

Retina iPad mini Unboxing Video, Photo Gallery and First Impressions

retina ipad mini unboxing

In what's been a wild day, Apple proved they are still capable of surprises, releasing the retina iPad mini last night. Initially available for purchase online only, the option for personal pickup started to become a reality sometime around mid-day, forcing many into a scramble in the mad dash to acquire a launch day retina iPad mini. I was caught up in that dash, traveling to the 5th Avenue store in NYC to pick-up a 16GB iPad mini. As you'll see in the unboxing video, my first impressions were that it is very much like the first generation iPad mini. It's thin, light and can easily be held with one hand. Comparing directly to the first generation iPad mini, the addition of retina adds an ever so slight amount of weight. It weighs … [Read more...]

Reports Of Problematic iPad Air Personal Pickups

iPad mini lines

When news spread that Apple would offer personal pickup service for the iPad Air, many jumped at the chance to secure their iPad Air online. Personal pickup offers the convenience of avoiding early morning lines and worse, the risk of not getting your device on launch day. We've seen a number of reports of poor experiences with personal pickup, specific to the iPad Air launch, which seems out of the norm. … [Read more...]

You Probably Cannot Repair Your iPad Air If It Breaks

iPad Air repair

With each new iPhone or iPad, we do our ceremonial unboxing, but the guys at iFixit go a tad further. Unboxing need little more than a steak knife to crack the plastic. The tear-downs conducted by iFixit have a slightly higher tool and skill set. These teardowns are helpful in a number of ways. It confirms some of the specifications we know and some that we don't. They also provide us with information on who easy or hard it may be to repair a device. If under warranty, the Apple Store is always your best course of action. As devices go out of warranty, it's natural to want to take action into your own hands. From the looks of this teardown, an iPad Air repair is not a consumer friendly DIY project. A few things of note. First of all, … [Read more...]

iPad Air: Hands-on video, photos and first impressions

iPad Air vs iPad mini

The iPad Air went on sale today at the Apple Store and at a number of large retail stores. Earlier today, but not too early, I made my way to Best Buy. If not for the five employees surrounding the iPad counter, one holding an event balloon, you wouldn't know this was a launch event. In all fairness, customers usually flock to an Apple Store and there were lines at these locations around the world. I have a feeling that today's lines were more a product of ritual, than concern over limited supply. The Best Buy location I visited this morning had plenty in stock and in my town. Our local Apple Store always seems to have more inventory and it's typically the best bet for getting a product that's short in supply. This leads me to believe that … [Read more...]

5 Cheap Case Options for the iPad Air

Cheap iPad Air cases

Do you have plans on picking up an iPad Air? The thought of dropping $500 plus on the new iPad might have you a bit leery about spending another $50 plus on a case, which is what Apple gets for their Smart Case. A less expensive Smart Cover can be had for $39, which does little in the way of protection. … [Read more...]

Apple’s iPad Pricing Reflects Confidence In Products, Customers Willingness To Pay Premiums

Big iPad

Apple's 2013 special event has come and gone, with no real surprises when it comes to iPad hardware. As expected, the focus was bringing the full-sized iPad front and center. The new slimmed down version gets a new name, the iPad Air, in hopes that customers won't immediately dismiss it in favor of the iPad mini. The iPad Air is now closer in weight to the iPad mini than with the iPad 4. Apple had to make big moves with the 9.7-inch iPad or risk it moving further into obscurity. As these events unfold, the focus is almost always on how Apple improved upon the previous generation, be it the iPad or iPad mini. The other major headlines coming out the Yerba Buena Center was the assault on paid software, with iLife and iWork apps now being … [Read more...]

Great Expectations: Looking Forward to the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

iPad mini 2

Nearly one year to the date (last year's event took place on October 23rd), Apple's next big event takes place tomorrow, where the focus once again be on the iPad. It's the time of year where rumors are confirmed or smashed and dreams of next generation technology becomes reality. The invite reads, 'We still have a lot to cover.' While last month's event was all about the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7, this event is expected to reach well beyond iOS devices. Based on everything we've heard, here's what you can expect from tomorrow's event with respect to new iPads. … [Read more...]

The perfectly imperfect iPad mini

iPad mini

Apple’s iPad mini is cute, capable and it’s compatible with over 275,000 apps designed for iPad. There is plenty to like about the iPad mini, which is why I gave it a rating of 8/10 in my iPad mini review. It’s going to sell millions and I still stand by my opinion that it will be the fastest selling iPad of all time. The more time I spent with iPad mini, or more notably the time spent with iPad 4, the more I lament the path chosen by Apple. It’s a slow road, one that starts with an older processor, a passable screen and exterior hardware that mirrors the iPod touch. Apple calls it ‘every inch an iPad’, which would be correct if that iPad were the iPad 2. Apple didn’t build this iPad mini for everyone. It’s a very good tablet, but not … [Read more...]