T-Mobile Offering WiFi Pricing On LTE Enabled iPads With Plan

T-Mobile tablet savings

T-Mobile is on a self-imposed three day tear of initiatives related to their 'un-carrier' program intended to distance themselves from what consumers expect from a carrier. Today they have announced an interesting program specific to tablets and the iPad. T-Mobile wants your business and they are willing to offer new customers an LTE capable iPad at the price of WiFi only models. Apple's iPad pricing requires a $129 up-charge for LTE compatibility, which leaves many customers wondering if it's worth it. T-Mobile is hoping this new pricing structure removes that hurdle, but does require a customer activate a 1GB or more mobile plan. As we've come to expect from T-Mobile, the Internet plans for tablets don't require an annual service … [Read more...]

Apple Re-releases iPad 4 With Retina Display from $399

iPad 4 Review

As rumored yesterday, Apple has re-released the 16GB iPad 4. The new iPad with retina display takes the place of the aging iPad 2, with prices starting at $399 for 16GB model. It is identical to the fourth generation iPad 4 we reviewed in October, 2012. All currently shipping products sold by Apple feature the new Lightning dock connection standard. … [Read more...]

Apple Might EOL iPad 2 In Favor Of Refreshed iPad 4


Tomorrow might see two changes in Apple's product line. In addition to earlier reports of a new 8GB iPhone 5c, this model might not be joined by a 16GB iPad 4 that includes Apple's new Lightning connector. The move would mean the end of life for the iPad 2, which is currently the only product Apple sells with the older 3o-pin dock connector and has been previously rumored to be discontinued. … [Read more...]

Apple Reportedly Planning To Discontinue iPad 2

iPad 2

The iPad 2 was first announced on March 2nd, 2011 and launched shortly thererafter on March 11th. Since then, Apple has released and discontinued both the 3rd and 4th generation iPads, yet still offered the second generation iPad as an option for consumers looking for a full-sized, value option. According to a report from Apple Insider, its days are numbered, with Apple planning to discontinue the iPad 2 in the 'near future'. … [Read more...]

Apple Planning Larger iPhone for May 2014, 12.9-inch iPad for October


According to a new report this morning from DigiTimes, Apple is planning on releasing a 12.9-inch iPad in October, 2014. Last month, we had heard that Apple had selected Quanta Computer as their manufacturing partner, with mass production to begin sometime during the second half of 2014. This would seem to jibe with today's report. Also of note are rumors of the iPhone 6, which some expect to offer a new larger 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch displays, which would be a major change considering the current 4.-inch display used on the iPhone 5/5s and iPod touch (5th generation). Some of those being tested reportedly use a curved screen. … [Read more...]

iPad Air Sees 51 Percent Increase In Sales During Black Friday Weekend

iPad Air sales

The brisk shopping season that includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, but there already reports on what devices are being sold at retail. Of the latest tablets and smartphones, the iPad Air was the clear winner showing a week over week sales increase of 51 percent. The next closest devices were also from Apple. Both the iPad mini and iPhone 5c saw 26 percent gains. As for competing devices, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch saw a 23 percent increase and Samsung's Galaxy S4 saw a 20 percent gain. … [Read more...]

Apple Selects Quanta To Manufacture Larger iPad

iPad Pro

According to a new report, Apple has selected Quanta Computer to manufacture a larger iPad, set for mass production in second half of 2014. Apple has recently looked to split orders across multiple manufacturers, with the bulk of the orders going through Foxconn. There is competition between Quanta and Foxconn for the rumored iWatch. … [Read more...]

iPad mini Retina Displays Suffering From Image Retention

retina ipad mini image retention

Concerns over image retention issues following problems which plagued the 15-inch MacBook Pro last year, Instapaper's Marco Arment put his iPad mini retina through a similar test. The process includes allowing the iPad mini to view a checkboard pattern for ten minutes and switching to a solid gray. When Arment ran his test, there were faint, yet clear signs of the checkerboard pattern remaining on the display. This is not a real world example and even if your device fails the test, it might not be anything which would impact your every day usage. Being inside of your 15 day return window and if this is concerning, you could certainly return it. With supplies limited, exchanges could be problematic due to limited supplies. While Apple … [Read more...]

Retina iPad mini Unboxing Video, Photo Gallery and First Impressions

retina ipad mini unboxing

In what's been a wild day, Apple proved they are still capable of surprises, releasing the retina iPad mini last night. Initially available for purchase online only, the option for personal pickup started to become a reality sometime around mid-day, forcing many into a scramble in the mad dash to acquire a launch day retina iPad mini. I was caught up in that dash, traveling to the 5th Avenue store in NYC to pick-up a 16GB iPad mini. As you'll see in the unboxing video, my first impressions were that it is very much like the first generation iPad mini. It's thin, light and can easily be held with one hand. Comparing directly to the first generation iPad mini, the addition of retina adds an ever so slight amount of weight. It weighs … [Read more...]