Which iPad should you buy and what’s the best value?

Which iPad should you buy

Apple has introduced new iPads, while keeping a number of existing models in the lineup. Looking at the WiFi-only models, you have a choice between 5 different models. Pricing for the base models remains the same, with storage capacities remaining at 16GB. Like the iPhone 6, both the iPad 2 and iPad mini 3 do away with the 32GB storage option, replacing it with 64GB of storage. So which iPad offers the best value? If You Are Buying An iPad mini, What's The Best Value If You Need Cheap There are three iPad minis. The original iPad mini is the least expensive at $249. It's still a capable tablet, one that can be upgraded to iOS 8. It doesn't have a retina display and most of the internals were parts found in the iPad 2. That tablet was … [Read more...]

Apple SIM In New iPads Lets You Easily Switch Carriers

Apple SIM cards

Apple made significant changes to their iPad line-up that includes the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Both of these new iPads come in a cellular version, but no longer do you have any level of commitment when choosing a carrier. A new Apple SIM card comes pre-installed in the new iPads, making it easy to switch between carriers. … [Read more...]

New Thinner, Powerful iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 With Touch ID, Gold Option

iPad Air 2

Apple's October Special Event saw CEO Tim Cook introduce iPad updates. The highlight centered around the iPad Air 2, which saw improvements to the design and significant upgrades. Among those upgrades is the addition of Touch ID. Apple's fingerprint scanner is the only feature change to the retina mini, which is being sold as the iPad mini 3. Apple's product line will include all three different iPad mini models – now marketed as 1, 2, 3, along with the original Air and today's iPad Air 2. Yes, there are 5 iPads in total across a slew of price points. iPad Air 2: What's New The iPad Air represented a major reboot of the full-sized iPad that included a slimming down to a ridiculously thin 7.5mm to 6.1mm. Last year's presentation saw … [Read more...]

Should Apple bother scheduling an iPad Special Event?

Apple event

So the event this week was big and I'd say the hype was warranted. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have seen pre-sale orders that are record breaking and the Apple Watch will have people buzzing for months. Coming out of Tuesday's event, the Apple Watch was the most talked about announcement. That's since shifted to the iPhone, as people get pumped about their yearly upgrade. So, what's the follow-up? Specifically, in years past, next up would be the iPad. Last year, they were able to reboot the full-size iPad with the iPad Air. Sharing the stage was the iPad mini with retina display, essentially creating tablet perfection personified. That brings us to this year. Should Tim Cook and company hit the stage again this year to announce new … [Read more...]

Bloomberg: Apple Preparing 12.9-inch iPad for 2015

iPad Pro

With Apple expected to introduce a much larger iPhone next month, the rumors have rightly shifted to the iPad. Amidst reports of sluggish tablet sales, Apple is reportedly prepared to have its suppliers begin production on a 12.9-inch iPad. Continuing the trend of going big, this new larger iPad is slated for an early 2015 release, according to Bloomberg sources. … [Read more...]

Apple Suppliers Start Production of New iPads With Anti-Reflective Coating

new iPads anti-reflective

Apple has reportedly had their suppliers begin mass production of their next generation full-size iPad. The 9.7-inch iPad will likely get introduced by year's end, according to unnamed sources speaking to Bloomberg. One of the new features is said to be an anti-reflective coating, which could pose manufacturing problems. The new display is intended to make reading easier in sunlight. Apple's executive team have been particularly vocal about the companies upcoming products, professing it to be the strongest in years. At the re/code conference in May, Apple SVP Eddy Cue was excited about the new products. “Later this year, we’ve got the best product pipeline I’ve seen at Apple, my 25 years at Apple." Earlier in the year, Cook … [Read more...]

Tim Cook Does 80 Percent Of His Work On iPad


On the heels of the announcement of the new partnership with IBM and Apple, Tim Cook was quoted as saying he does 80 percent of his work on an iPad. The two companies forged a new relationship that aims to bring a "new class" of business apps specifically for mobile, with more than 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions built from the ground-up. Apple wants to make a big push into enterprise. What better way to illustrate the power and capability of iOS, than to hear that the CEO of the 15th largest public company uses it as his primary device to get things done. Cook has a vision, to make enterprise apps as simple to use as consumer apps. … [Read more...]

Video Provides Look at Dummy iPad Air 2 With Touch ID

iPad Air 2

It's largely expected that Apple will refresh the iPad line later this year, in advance of what is always a brisk holiday shopping season and significant sales period for Apple. Last year, Apple effectively rebooted the larger model as the iPad Air. It was significantly thinner, lighter – noticeable changes that helped it competed against the diminutive iPad mini with retina. We are approaching the yearly refresh, so what's expected with the iPad Air 2. Dummy models have leaked for the iPad Air 2. Video shot by TLDToday breaks down the changes. … [Read more...]

Video Shows iPad Split-Screen Multitasking

iPad Split-Screen Multitasking

Prior to WWDC 14', there were rumors that iOS 8 would introduce split-screen multitasking, effectively allowing iPad users to run two programs at once. The feature has been widely popularized by Microsoft's Surface tablet. Though it was not announced, developer Steve Stroughton-Smith has uncovered code that allows for split-screen multi-tasking and provides us with video simulating the feature. … [Read more...]

Best Buy Offering iPad mini for $199

Best Buy iPad mini deal

Nothing like a price drop from one retailer to stoke the fires of competition. This week, we saw Target drop the price of the iPad mini to $199. It was a temporary price cut and the retailer isn't aggressively pushing it as part of their larger Father's Day promotions. The iPad mini with retina and iPad Air are featured, but discounts are minimal with each offering discounts on Microsoft Office Personal 365. That's the yearly subscription that grants access to the entire Office suite for one PC and one tablet. As for the deep discounted deal on the iPad mini, that's unheralded to see a sub-$200 iPad. With the Target price drop getting plenty of attention from bloggers and smart customers who can appreciate good value, Best Buy has price … [Read more...]