iPad mini pricing to start at $329?

On Tuesday, Apple will hold an event where it’s widely expected we’ll see the announcement of a new, smaller iPad. Often called the iPad mini or iPad Air, this will be a smaller and less expensive option to the $499 16GB iPad 3. Reports today have the iPad mini pricing starting at $329, likely for a 16GB WiFi only version. As you expand storage, you can tack on an additional $100. Here’s how it lines up:

  • 16GB iPad mini WiFi only : $329
  • 32GB iPad mini WiFi only: $429
  • 64GB iPad mini WiFi only: $529

It’s interesting when you look at the numbers within the existing product lines.

  • 32GB iPod touch: $299
  • 16GB iPad mini WiFi only : $329
  • 64GB iPod touch: $399
  • 32GB iPad mini WiFi only: $429
  • 16GB iPad 3 WiFi only (with retina display): $499
  • 64GB iPad mini WiFi only: $529
  • 32GB iPad 3 WiFi only (with retina display): $599

It’s been suggested that the iPad mini will not have a retina display. These numbers certainly fit within the pricing structure of their product portfolio. At the low end, a customer can select between a higher storage, retina display iPod for $299 or move up to a larger non-retina iPad with half the storage. At the top end, consumers can opt for a smaller non-retina display with more storage for $529 compared to a 32gb retina display iPad 3 for $599.

So much for the sub-$200 iPad and even the sub-$300 iPad. Regardless, the $129 premium over other products (Kindle Fire, Nexus 7) will be justified in most consumers eyes. Next year, they can drop the price on the non-retina and transition the iPad mini to retina, while keeping the $329 entry-level pricing.

We’ll find more on Tuesday.

Source: 9to5Mac


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      They sell the 16GB WiFi iPad 2 for $399, so this seems plausible. Interesting that all of the lower cost refurbished iPad 2’s are no longer available in the Apple Store. The iPad 2 was selling for $319. I really thought $299 for the mini.

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    I have an iPad3 which I really like. I also have an iPhone5 and the display is outrageous. I know they will sell a ton of Minis but the lack of a retina display really turns me off.

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