iPad Mini Event To Be All About iBooks and Education?

Hold on to your horses, tomorrow’s the big day where the iPad Mini (or whatever it gets called) gets unveiled. But how’s Apple going to spin the announcement, what will they focus on? It appears that books and education may be getting top billing at tomorrow’s event.

Independently, Bloomberg and 9to5 are both reporting that Apple will be pushing education as a major part of the iPad Mini launch. With the device’s lower price, it’ll be far easier for schools to slip it in their budget, and 9to5 even believes that bulk educational discounts will shave around $20 off the price of the device.

The other side of this coin is that it might be emphasizing iBooks — both in education and for entertainment. Earlier this weekend, TNW reported on a french comic book found in the App Store (see below), which requires iBooks 3.0 to run. Earlier this month, they reported that iBooks would be a major feature of the event.

Education and books obviously go together extremely well, and the iPad Mini could appeal to both markets handily. I can definitely see people opting for the iPad Mini as it will doubtless be easier to read on than the full sized iPad.

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