Is this the back of the iPad mini 2?

Photos appearing on Chinese iPhone enthusiast forum WeiPhone show a number of photos claiming to be the iPad mini 2. If authentic, it appears the second generation iPad mini will see an increase in thickness. This isn’t suprising given the change in dimensions of the full-sized iPad from the second to third generation.

iPad mini 2 shell

A thicker shell could accomodate a larger battery and ultimately a move to retina for the iPad mini. MacRumors points out that appearance of increase thickness could “simply a bit of an optical illusion due to the fact that the edges of the shell have not yet been chamfered as they are in the final product.

iPad mini 2 back

It’s unclear as to the authenticy of these photos, but it brings up an interesting dilemman. When we reviewed the iPad mini back in October, the only sticking point was the lack of a retina display. Since then, there have been no shortage of folks leaving their retina display iPads on the shelf in favor of the incredibly thin iPad mini. If the second generation iPad mini returns with retina and a slighlty thicker profile, would you make the switch? Let us know in the comments.

Source: WeiPhone via Mobiles Pie via MacRumors


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