iPad Air Sees 51 Percent Increase In Sales During Black Friday Weekend

The brisk shopping season that includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, but there already reports on what devices are being sold at retail. Of the latest tablets and smartphones, the iPad Air was the clear winner showing a week over week sales increase of 51 percent. The next closest devices were also from Apple. Both the iPad mini and iPhone 5c saw 26 percent gains. As for competing devices, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch saw a 23 percent increase and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 saw a 20 percent gain.

iPad Air sales

Localytics conducted the research. Using over 50 billion data points monthly, the company analyzes web and mobile apps. If a number of these devices are being purchased as gifts, it’s not clear if Localytics methodology would incorporate those devices.

The increases are impressive and suggest a big sales period for Apple, not terribly surprising given the array of new products and consumer interest in tablets and smartphones. Apple products were also the subject of major promotions at retailers including Target, Best Buy and Walmart. All three offered discounted prices and in some cases, gift cards valued up to $100. The iPad Air offered the biggest discounts and was the only current generation iPad included in the promotions. The iPad mini with retina display is still constrained by supply issues and was not discounted. One surprising data point appears to be the iPhone 5c which saw double the sales of the iPhone 5s.

These numbers point to an iPad Christmas in 2013. So were you among those who help double sales of the iPad Air?

Source: Localytics

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