New iOS 9 feature may kill off your favorite websites

punch to the gut

Information has surfaced regarding a new feature in iOS 9 that brings content blocking extensions to iOS. Based on this information, it appears that iOS developers could write extensions that would allow users to easily block ads when using mobile Safari. For Apple's part, they don't describe this new feature as specific to ads. Instead, they refer to it as a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups and other content. Ad blockers aren't new on the desktop, both for Mac and PC. Their pitch is to remove ads, so you can focus on enjoying the content you want and spend time waiting for it. With traffic decidedly moving to mobile, the introduction of ad-blockers are iOS could severely cripple and in some cases, kill … [Read more...]

The ultimate iOS 9 wish list

ios 9 wish list

iOS 9 is expected to be introduced at Apple's yearly worldwide developer conference, which takes place between June X and June X. It's the one time of year where the focus is solely on software. Don't worry, there will be plenty of time in September and the fall to introduce the iPhone 6S and new iPads. What's great about Apple is how with each new iOS release, they manage to support a good number of older models. Often you don't need a new iPhone to experience the new features found in the latest and greatest versions of iOS. It's like getting a new iPhone, but without the contract or $200 price tag. This year we've seen Apple push as many as three major point releases, with yet another in beta. But the time for iOS 8 too shall pass and in … [Read more...]

Apple Seeds iOS 8.4 Beta To Developers, Features Revamped Music App

Apple today released a new beta to developers. iOS 8.4 beta was released to developers. The new release features major changes to the Music app, headlined by an all-new design. You can personalize playlists by adding your own images and description. Albums can be played right from the album list. Recently added music is automatically placed at the top of your library. It features a streamlined iTunes Radio and a number of new features. Apple is expected to launch a new streaming service that features Beats, so this is likely changes in advance of that service. The full changelog can be found at Apple. … [Read more...]

Apple releases iOS 8.3 featuring new emoji and more!

Apple today released iOS 8.3 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new release brings hundreds of new emojis. There are a ton of bug fixes and performance improvements. To upgrade OTA, you'll need a WiFi connection. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. Improved performance for: App launch App responsiveness Messages Wi-Fi Control Center Safari tabs Third-party keyboards Keyboard shortcuts Simplified Chinese keyboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fixes Fixes an issue where you could be continuously prompted for login credentials Addresses an issue where some devices disconnect intermittently from Wi-Fi networks Fixes an issue where hands-free phone calls could become disconnected Fixes an … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 8.2, Introduces Support for Apple Watch

iOS 8.2

Apple has releases iOS 8.2, available for download OTA or via iTunes. The upgrade is a significant one, at least according to the accompanying change log. The iOS 8.2 release is a requirement to use your iPhone with the upcoming Apple Watch, which ships April 24th. It will come with a new Apple Watch app, which allows you to pair and sync watch settings. There is also a new Activity app, which is for viewing fitness and data achievements from the Apple Watch. These features require an iPhone 5 or later. If you are jailbroken, you'll want to avoid this release. … [Read more...]

Has Apple’s software quality declined?

Today marks the start of CES, the yearly consumer electronics show that features most every prominent electronics, computer and phone manufacturer. I say most, because Apple doesn't attend this show. In years past, despite not being in attendance, they've managed to disrupt the steady of stream of CES headlines, with news often breaking regarding real or rumored products. With CES 2014 kicking off today, Apple is once again grabbing headlines, but not for the reasons one would expect. Marco Arment, the accomplished developer behind Instapaper and now Overcast, published an article outlining his discontent with Apple's software quality, suggesting that marketing has become a higher priority. This has set into motion a media frenzy that has … [Read more...]

Why Managing Mail in iOS 8 Is Faster, More Efficient

Mail in iOS 8

When Apple releases a major software update, as they do yearly, new functionality often extends to the stock applications. The core applications that ship with each and every iOS device play a key role in how we use our iPhones and iPads, so changes to these apps is big news. Last year brought significant changes, due to the transition to iOS 7 that demanded cosmetic changes in keeping with the new design aesthetic. To be fair, some apps lost functionality, which hindered folks hoping for a happy transition to iOS 7. With iOS 7 now in the rear view mirror, Apple seems poised to tackle stock apps, improving up their functionality. Messages will see new features that rival Snapchat and WhatsApp. Also on the agenda for iOS 8 will be … [Read more...]

Apple To Make iCloud Photo Storage Affordable With iOS 8

iCloud storage prices

Photo sharing site Flickr lists the iPhone 5/5s/4s/4 as the most popular cameras for taking and uploading pictures. They are flanked by the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. This isn't terribly surprising. For one, the old adage that the best camera is the one with you applies here, but there's more. With each new iPhone, we've seen improvements in the image quality coming from our phones. Not only is it incredibly convenient, since you always have it with you, but your iPhone can produce amazing results. I won't even touch on the seemingly endless number of fantastic photo apps and filters in the App Store. iPhoneography has exploded and that should continue to flourish with the iPhone 6. As we find ourselves taking more and more pictures, storage and … [Read more...]

New Accessibility Options in iOS 8 Include Grayscale, Zoom, Speak Screen

iOS 8 grayscale

Apple has continued their efforts to make iOS more accessible and their efforts can be seen in iOS 8. Many of the features from iOS 7 have been carried over including options to reduce motion, use button shapes, bold text and change to a larger text size. The vision section of Accessibility in iOS 8 have options to will help those who have serious vision impairment. Among those new options are grayscale, assorted new zoom controls and a speech section that enables a new speak screen feature. … [Read more...]

Apple’s iOS 8 Shows Open Can Thrive In A Walled Garden

iOS install base

When iOS is referred to as a 'walled garden', it's often derogatory, used to refer to Apple's unwillingness to open up their operating system. Since the first iPhone, software control started and ended with Apple, allowing them to control the iOS experience. More importantly, this has helped provide end users with a safe and secure platform, one that sees the vast majority of its user base upgrading on a yearly basis. As Tim Cook mentioned during the WWDC 14' keynote, Google's Android platform remains incredibly fractured, with only 9% of its users running KitKat, as compared to 89% of iOS owners running iOS 7. Android also owns a staggering 99 percent of the mobile malware market. That's not the market you want to dominate. But Google's … [Read more...]