iOS 6 showing up in App Store developer usage logs

Less then a month away from WWDC and what many believe with be the release of iOS 6 beta, there are increasing more leaks surround the update. The latest comes from 9to5Mac who have received a tip from a dev which shows a small number of users of the app running iOS 6. The hits started showing up in late April according to one unnamed developer and continued into last week. One could presume Apple is testing a number of high profile apps for compatibility with iOS 6. Granted many developers will likely need to modify their codebase in some fashion to support the newest version of iOS, but it’s not uncommon for testing of this sort to occur before a new beta release.

iOS 6 logs

Several sources suggest Apple will use iOS 6 to introduce their own mapping application, thus ending the long relationship with Google. Since the advent of the iPhone, Maps had always been powered by Google Maps. Recent acquisitions of mapping companies signified that a change would happen at some point and it appears that will be in iOS 6. With so many applications developed to interact with Google Maps, it will be interesting to see how much legwork developers will have to do in order to become fully compatible with iOS 6.

Source: 9to5mac

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