Instapaper On The iPad Looks Like A Must Have

Instapaper is coming to the iPad, and it may even be available at launch — at least according to a blog post by the developer Marco Arment. Instapaper lets you save websites to read later, strips them down to plaintext, and then syncs the results with your iPhone. Well, up till now that’s what it did, but now it’s preparing for the shift to the iPad.


Arment tried just using a scaled version of the regular app, but “it sucked, and it was completely unusable by my standards. I don’t think I’ll want to run any pixel-doubled apps on my iPad in practice.” So he redesigned his app subtly to make it work natively on the iPad.


Not only that, but he’s making the new version compatible on both devices — the iPhone and the iPad. One app, syncs across both devices.

Given that people are calling this “the first killer app“, and that it “will sell a lot of iPads“, that’s some crazy good buzz floating around this app.

  • kbalch

    Bravo! Let’s hope most developers adopt this practice of making their apps universal and not charging existing owners of the iPhone versions to upgrade.

    Can’t wait for my 64gb 3G iPad…