Incipio as of now has been the only company I have entrusted with protecting my investment. For many of iPhone fans, the iPhone is just an accessory they use on a daily basis. I for one only have limited funds and must protect my money as well as possible. Like some avid iPhone users, I do jailbreak and unlock phones for sale on ebay. So with every new iPhone that hits the market, I must ensure that my phone will stay in tip top condition before I unload the phone for sale prior to the next iPhone release. With explaining my financial situations, you know get a glimpse of how much effort went into finding a well balanced case that will stand the test of time.  Read on for our full Incipio Silicrylic case review for the iPhone.

Incipio has always intrigued me when it came to cases. I am not a fan of cases that do not make use of silicone in their cases. I have seen in the past many incase slider cases and other plastic core cases scratch and maim what used to be a beautiful phone. For me, silicone was a no brainer. I was an earlier adopter of the Feather case that Incipio put out, so the quality of their silicone case was not nothing new to me. While the feather did not make use of the polycarbonate plastic shell as does the Silicrylic, it was a fine case. Now enough about my own little quest about my past iPhone cases and financial downfalls, lets get into the nitty gritty on why I am an avid user of the Silicrylic case from Incipio.

Shock Absorbing Silicone Core

I love silicone, have I mentioned that before? What is great about the Silicrylic case is how snug it is on the iPhone. It isn’t too tight to where you will struggle getting it on, but it allows no holes for dust/dirt particles to find their way into the back. What that means is that your case will shut out all the grime/dirt from getting in and keep your phone free from scratches and normal wear and tear. The silicone doesn’t feel to thick when holding it in your hand. One thing that I like to see in cases, is that it doesn’t take away from the thin design of the iPhone. I understand some of you may be looking for that in a case, but if I wanted a larger phone I would of went with a Blackberry Storm. The silicone also doesn’t stick to your fingers. It slides in and out as well as you could ask for. One thing I have figured out is if you need to clean the silicone, warm water with light soap will do the trick. Just make sure to let it dry over night before you slide it back on your phone. Also don’t try to speed up the drying process with a hair dryer, it will break down the bond and possibly destroy/crack the case.

Acrylic Shell

This was one thing about the case I was a bit skeptical about. My biggest concern was how snug it is against your phone and the silicone. It doesn’t just slide on with ease. You have to bend it back a bit to get it to fit on the phone. I was very worried at first it would scratch or damage the chrome finish on the edge of the iPhone case. Being the nitpicker I am, I have been checking every day to see the phone has shown any wear and tear from the shell being encased around it so snugly. I have yet to find any evidence of any sorts of that. I think with the silicone case being as sturdy as it is, the acrylic shell has no opportunity to do so. So with all my doubts at ease, I was very pleased to see the shell doesn’t add a ton of weight or take away with the look of the case. It actually adds quite a bit to the look, especially for the vein people out there like myself. It is flush with the silicone case, so there isn’t any gaps between the cases or any sliding going on. Also one thing I noticed with the shell, it holds the silicone case more snug with the phone. It maximizes the chance of not allowing dust or any sort of particles to find its way in. I also did a drop test to see how sturdy the Silicrylic is from a four foot drop onto a wood floor. I know some of you are like, “Why would you do such a thing?”. Well because this wouldn’t be a good review without any real world relevance in it, would it? So about the fall, the case did everything it had advertised. It protected the case from any “accidental happenings”, so that is always a good sign. The initial contact with the floor was pretty dramatic to where I was a bit worried. Wood isn’t a forgiving surface to be dropping such a delicate 3GS on. Afer the loud thud had occurred and then the detailed overlook of damage, nothing was found to be wrong with the phone or the case. Not one scratch was found on the case nor the phone, so I couldn’t be dissatisfied with its performance. All in all, I am very pleased with the addition of the shell for extra protection. You get a bit more piece of mind, without a ton of extra added bulk added to the phone’s exterior.

Final Overview

All in all, I am pretty impressed with what Incipio has been putting out as for iPhone cases. Price wise for a two pack case, it was only about thirty dollars. That isn’t much for a bit of piece of mind, but there are quite a few similar cases around the same price. For me the deal maker was that is was silicone with an added acrylic shell. Not only do I get the silicone to protect against scratches and normal wear and tear, I have been given a case that can stand up to a four foot drop on a wooden floor. If your looking for a case that isn’t too bulky and gives similar protection to something as bulky as an incase slider, feel free to give the Silicrylic case from Incipio a spin. Not only does it have a great feel and look to it, but you can now relax about giving your phone any unwanted damage.