With the latest movie craze, The Hunger Games, being released this past weekend, people are always looking for a good review, and trustworthy set of ratings. With regular people like you or I rating and reviewing movies, I have found movies with good reviews on IMDB are almost always good.  Vise-versa seems to hold true as well. So just how good is this service in app form? Read on for our IMDb review for iPhone and iPad.

IMDB includes sections for movies in theaters, DVD and Bluray, and every movie, actor, and actress you can think of.  The database started as a website in 1990 and was acquired by Amazon in 1998.  With an ever-growing user base and following, especially in the mobile sector, it continues to impress.

In Theaters
Not only can you see how movies currently in theaters are rated, within the app you can see showtimes at theaters near you and even buy tickets if you wish.  The movie information is layed out in an organized, neat manner and allows you to select the section for further information.  For example, a movie may only show a small bit of the cast.  A simple click will take you to the full list.  This idea works exactly the same throughout the rest of the app.  It’s really quite intuitive and needs no explanation on how to use.

Curious what the top movies on IMDB are?  Maybe you haven’t heard of them before.  Perhaps you have yet to see them.  Clicking Charts will show you the top 250, Best Picture Winners, and Bottom 100 Films.  I have a found a few gems in the top 250.

DVD and Blu-ray
This section will show Bestsellers, New Releases, and Future Releases.  For those who like to know what’s new and just released, this is a great feature to checkout.  Remember, regardless of how you find the movie, the ratings and movie information page remains the same.  This consistency makes it easy to use the app wherever you are within.

Even though the name suggests only movies, television series and shows are also covered within IMDB.  Again, the information about the thread is all there, but in addition, you can even see what’s ‘On Tonight.’  Another section entitled Episode Recaps exists under the Television section.  This section contains exactly what it sounds like, including a section with spoilers clearly marked.

Many of the television shows and movies on IMDB have Previews attached.  This makes it increasingly easy to make the decision to watch or not to watch a movie or television show on IMDB.  I find myself using this feature quite a bit.  The preview quality is almost always HD (especially for the newer movies).

Actors and Actresses
An entirely separate side of IMDB contains information about the actors and actresses of all the movies you lookup.  In fact, these actresses and actors tie movies and other actresses and actors together – hence the name database.  It’s easy to spend a lot of time reading about an actor or actress you are fond of, moving on to another, and another, and so on.

I have been a longtime fan of IMDB and having a well layed out and organized iPad and iPhone app makes it all that much easier to checkup on potential movie viewings.  Whether it’s a movie I am deciding to rent from redbox, or a new movie playing in theaters, I usually like to hear what others have to say first, and IMDB is the perfect place for that.  IMDB gets a 9/10 for its great ability to aggregate user ratings and give me good movie and television show suggestions.

IMDB is available as a universal app for free from the App Store.