iChat Mobile

Engadget has published a photo of the rumored iPhone with speculation of a WWDC release. If this is real, the iPhone would be called the iChat Mobile.

iChat Mobile

This latest photo goes against previous rumors which focused on Apple securing rights to certain touch screen technologies. A closer look at the poster reveals poor design sensibility, leading us to believe it’s nothing more than the latest Photoshop handy work.

The photo appears to be a combination of previous Apple products. You can see the iPod shuffle influence, combined with a flat touchscreen for dialing and calls. The concept, if Apple were to ever go this route, would be to focus primarily on bring iPod functionality to a phone. The display is small, even when compared to smartphones. There also seems to be a legitimate iPod nano influence.

There are so many things wrong with this conceptually. No one is going to look at this image, look at the phone pictured and believe that it’s going to provide you with everything you expect from a Mac.

It still seems unclear if Apple is going to release a phone. Earlier this year, we had manufacturers claiming it was common knowledge in Taiwanese manufacturing circles. WWDC is usually the location for a big announcement, so as we get closer to that date, we’ll keep our ear to the ground for a new mobile device. iChat mobile does not appear to be that device.

via Engadget