iCade Core and iCade Jr. Introduced at CES 2012

The iCade, which transforms any iPad into a mini retro arcade cabinet, has been out since April of last year. The Bluetooth iPad accessory offers support for the Atari Greatest Hits app, which offers 99 classic games from yesteryear, plus a number of new games putting the number at over 200 games. It also supports the recently released, but pulled iMame for iPhone. ION has announced two new gaming accessories, the iCade Core and iCade Jr.

iCade Core and iCade Jr.

iCade Core is a streamlined version of ION’s acclaimed arcade cabinet that equips the iPad with authentic, arcade-style joystick and buttons that are ready for fierce non-stop gaming. iCade Core allows iPad users to challenge their friends, throw retro-gaming parties and achieve their highest scores yet. The Core model offers an incredible arcade experience, bringing all the fun of classic arcade gaming to the iPad in a compact form factor.

While not part of the official press release, the company is also prepping a new iPhone accessory dubbed the iCade Jr. This device allows you to pop in your iPhone and create a Sony PSP-like portable gaming console.

No word on pricing as of yet. While the Core will be available sometime in 2012, the company has yet to announce availability of the iCade Jr.

Source: Engadget


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    As sombeody who has played twitchy bullet hell shooters (think Ikaruga) and precise platformers for his entire life, I just have to disagree on your assessment that there is anything on iOS that is even close to the games available on consoles with hardware buttons. I don’t think it’s possible to create such games for touchscreens.I agree that racers work well on recent iOS devices with gyroscopes, though, even better than on d-pads.

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